Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is Considered Domestic Violence!!!!

I am angry, mad, out-raged and furious, I really don't know how I am feeling at the moment....what a start ....

I was trying to contact one of my friends for the past two weeks, I couldn't get hold of her no matter at what time I tried on both her cell phone and land line. Today after I gave up reaching her directly I contacted her sister, the news WAS her idiot husband (sorry to say that but he is a real jerk proven by actions) took her cell phone away from her and switched it off and also cut the land line dead.. BECAUSE she was communicating with her sister after she had a fight with him.. letting out some steam for her own sanity!! now how stupid is that????
Her parents are abroad, both of her brothers live abroad and the youngest brother and her sister are the only one staying in Libya.. I mean I heard after they fought he verbally abused her, and bad-mouthed her, her parents, he told her that she's replaceable and he really doesn't need her!!!!! NOW HOW DESPICABLE!!!!!

She's been isolated from us her friends since she got married, 2 years ago, he told her that her friends are not welcome at their home, she never visited us since he isolated her from the rest of the world to have control over her... whenever I called her before (and that is during the time he is at work or something) she's usually depressed and not as excited about life she used to be she was such a person to be around full of life and fun.. the problem is I BLAME HER FOR THE MOST PART... well I know she needs support from her family to help her thru this situation to take the next step and leave the jacka**, she's been in situation like this but less serious (even though it was serious enough for me) but her father wasn't much of a support, he took her back to her husband and told her not to leave again…. and I guess it is what's keeping her from leaving that ...!!!

ANYWAY enough is enough and HOPEFULLY her brothers are getting involved this time .. I believe that even if she didn't want to leave they should drag her out of that hole before she loses her mind.

I was thinking of stopping by her house and visit her just to make sure she's alright and he hadn't hit her or any thing but her sister told me off,, she's afraid I might make things worse.. GOSH she hasn't been in touch with her family since eid.. I am so worried and fuming.. ... I am kind of depressed too I pray that things get better for her... yester Allah


Monday, December 17, 2007

Eid Wishes & Blog Anniversary :o)

Eid Mubarak to you all, kul sana o into tyebeen

and yeeeyyy finally some days off :o)..

Tomorrow is my blog's 1st birthday!

Happy birthday Blog!

THANK YOU ALL for keeping it alive .. have a great Eid and inshallah bel sa7a we essalam to all of you and yours :o)

Well I am off tomorrow, and our internet at home is NOT working, so I'll be gone for a while :o)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DaGirls and Meral's Birthday Pictures

I promised to post some pictures of Meral's birthday.. well I could only post those!! :o)
7'amsa o 7'mesa 5 girls..lool Meral & DaGang (her cousins) sitting in Geddo's lap

On Meral's birthday..

Singing along...some song!

Saja .. so wants to have a piece of that cake.. that girl eats

Happy birthday to Merooo!

This pic was taken on Faffo's (the girl with the pink top) birthday 2 weeks before Meral's

My sister-in-law made them stand against the wall to get them all in one picture as you can see they were distracted by something else...:oD

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meral @ the AST Fall Festival

Here are some pictures were taken on Friday, Nov. 2nd at the American School of Tripoli Fall Festival, it started at noon and finished at 4.30 pm..

@ the playground
@ the playground .. again

Enjoying some cotton candy :o)

Sticky hand after eating cotton candy

Since Meral refused to have her face painted by a stranger she spent the afternoon sliding!! It was a nice sunny day, altho she was cranky and grumpy and wanted me to hold her up all the time because she was supposed to be napping at then..
For food they had BBQed burgers and hotdogs, two shawermas rolling, also spring rolls (I didn't like them they were to oily)...and different kinds of soft drinks, there also was a "Havana" booth for fresh fruits drinks..
There was a corner where you pick a pumpkin and decorate it.. some other crafts and games for elder children.. face painting as I mentioned..
Raffle tickets were for 2.50LYD each.. the big prizes were 2 KLM tickets to Amsterdam, a TV I don't remember if it was a Sony or something else (duh), lots of I-Pods.. Samsonite suitcase and a digital camera..

Some more pix :o)

The birthday photos will follow some time soon!! :oS

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to Normal!

Missin' you all! :o)

It's been really quiet around the Libyan blogs lately... hope every one is doing alright!

After Ramadan, Eid, my best friend's wedding.. every thing now is back to normal, same routine of wake up drive Meral to day care, go to work, pick Meral up, then go home have lunch and sleep.. even tho it's not a good idea I did it for the last week only and I couldn't do what I am supposed to do in the evening cuz the day ends more quickly if I sleep... and things needing to be done left without doing! so as of today no more napping in the afternoon :o)..

By now I was expecting to get the pictures of Meral's birthday party but I DIDN'T .. all that because my cam is down and we used my sister-in-law's camera so I have to take the memory card from her and load them to our computer...i am just being lazy eh..:o(

I know it's been a while now.. but I will share them.. I have to for my Sista and Mamma ;o).. the thing is I really enjoyed planning the b/day party, I took Meral out with me when preparing and buying every thing the kids loved the favors ... we had pizzas for dinner.. the kids had lots of fun and played games... duck duck goose (Libyan style), musical chairs.. and other games like dancing silly moves lol.. and I got to show my childish as I jumped along with them hehhe... so that was it about Meral's birthday!

I am proud of Meral who is coming home with a new Surah, a song or a new alphabet and word every day.. But seriously disciplining a child at 3 and teaching her respect is some work, I am afraid if I screw one time things will be ruined, and then can't fix them :o( but alhamdolilah.. so far every thing is under control... it's just a question of how my reaction should be towards certain behaviours ... I am trying to read as much as I can about parenting issues but still sometimes especially when stressed I don't respond the way I am supposed to.. :o( yallah may Allah help me with this!!!

Other than that we've been doing nothing just hanging there living our every day life... and inshallah try to improve it..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Hey all it's been a while, hope all are doing well!

My best friend has entered the golden cage! She's the closest friend I have, alhamdolillah all went as planned , except for how tired we were from the late nights...Tuesday was Sahreya, so I took Wednesday off from work, Wednesday there was nothing but we had to finalize some stuff for the wedding party, so by Thursday we were tired, I had soar throat, headache and all that comes with the flu, but I enjoyed the party as much as I could it was a very light hearted wedding party.. She looked amazing mashallah...

I have mixed feelings about it, I am happy for her wallahi she deserves the best, however her moving to the states is making me feeling down :o(... .. God I am going to miss her A LOT...

Since I can't share wedding photos I am going to share a traditional symbol!

Srrir or gendil I am not sure what's it called, it is the thingy they do fel Najma

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Playground!

On 3rd day of Eid I decided to take Meral to a place called "Nadi al Tefl" it's next to Reyadyah, I've never been there before but couple of my friends (who have kids of course) told me about it. Meral, was so excited to go there and I have been promising her to take her to a nice play place for some time now

Note that it was Eid, the weather wasn't nice, this place is indoors playgrounds, add to that there is no such indoors playgrounds in Tripoli, therefore, it was the perfect spot for every one with children... yep it was za7maaa busy, balloon of people trying to get in at the door... they had to let one family in at a time when another family has left, an old man was screaming.. YA NAS WEN E6ABOOR... I don't think any body around him understood what he was

We left without going in after I made another promise to buy her a tea set and come back and play tomorrow... I guess she was happy and I was too that I didn't have to stand in that crowed!

So any way.. yesterday evening I took her to that nadi, and she had a great time.. I will add the pictures later.. the place is amazing a very good atmosphere with good policies to ensure children safety, it is all child proofed, there is 7 playgrounds for different ages, there is a staff member to take care of the children at each playground, and a sitting area where coffee and fast food are served, upstairs they have a birthday area... all carpeted and clean .. so this place is going to be a regular destination for us :o)... but next time I need either to grab one of my friends or grab a book :o)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid MubarKKKkkkKKK!! :o)

Salam all,

As known for most of you dear bloggers it's been craaaazy here...

Guess what people?!! Considering it is Ramadan and people hate to work in Ramadan, last week of Ramadan to be precise, and especially GPTC who was sitting there watching us struggle living with no means of connection since July, FINALLY yesterday they did the unexpected ... yes our phone lines and internet are back to life! Alhamdolilah.. I'm waiting for your congrats :op..

So.. the main reason I wrote this post is to wish you all Eid Mubark, and bel sa7a walsalama!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary,

Dearest Mom & Dad I wish you happy anniversary .. I don't think I can add more :o) you were there for each other for 30 years mashallah... emm I wonder what Dad's gift is this year!, if there is well I guess that doesn't really matter does it!?

Love you and thanks for every thing you gave us in life :o)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

News.. news .... and Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem once again ppl,,

Hope you all having a blessed Ramadan, enjoying the atmosphere of it :o)...

Here I am running around AS USUAL.. yah yah Meral started KG now :oD so morning starts by dropping her off to school, then me heading to work, leave at 2 to pick Mero up and go home, I take a nap for half an hr, then the cooking marathon well poeple I don't cook for the rest of the year so it's that my in-laws are in Omrah so there is only my lil bro-in-law staying with us.. so cooking for 4 that is the guard too..oh well 5 if we count Meral So I enjoy it actually I am try to come up with something new every yah sometimes I get those faces of what the hells it this.. I like to invent.. you never know what's coming when I'on if you ask them I am sure they'll say they loved it.. :o) that's what's important.. coz they know if they say other than that.. they will starve to death :op

One of the things I am happy about is I don't have to look for Eid clothes for Meral, mother-in-law got her some stuff when she were in the UK last time.. so alhamdolilah for that.. :oD the crowd is unbearable here in Tripoli especially after 11 p.m. after they all prayed taraweeh and had their after-iftar nap, and between-iftar-and-s7oor snak.. they're all out and about .. the story here goes, before ramadan.. supermarkets and every thing related to food is so damn crowded like people going to starv if they don't buy their supply before ramadan.. then ramadan starts, first week emm well first 10 days people are still adjusting, the city is still not as alive as the next days... after the 10th of ramadan people are rushing in and out of clothing stores, and you drop the idea of visiting some areas such as.. shara3 ejraba.. that a big NO NO NO in Ramadan.. wayyyyyyyyyy too za7ma.. I noticed that 7ay alandalus & seya7ya are not as busy as they used to be!!

Man it feels like I didn't write for ages so I am typing like crazy...hehe.. Soooo now back to Meral and her days in KG, first when I took her the principle told me she's going to be in nursery that she's not yet 3 yrs old.. but hey they changed their minds when they find her rushing to the class rooms sits and asks them to learn, her teacher told me that she sits in the class room and goes "nebe nagra" lol well I hope she still enjoys studying when she gets older!! she knows the colors, the alphabetic, some Quran and numbers even before she starts school... now you can see a big grin on my face when she says something new or hums a new songs while playing :oD I am a one proud mommy... :oD

Yalla I don't want to make it looooonger than this.. sorry guys :o) I am really longing to read all your blogs and try to catch up with what I have been missing.. yalla I'll leave you all comments :o)

Monday, October 01, 2007


Ya naaaaaaaas I missed you all like hell!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for not giving up on me and for visiting my page :oD I won't let you down.. I am gonna be HERE ... believe me.. :oD... as you all know it is cooking time.. I will post later tonite and tell you how much I missed you.. ALL .. I didn't get the chance to visit all of your blogs.. I just got a proper connection at home yeaaahhhh I will be posting ;o)...

Luv ya all.. missing blogging and you so much...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things from Here & There!

O2 the best pancake place in Tripoli with a Mediterranean view, well this is a free advertisement goes to Amu

I stayed over my parents' last night, this morning I dropped DaMoon at work and it was still early for me to go to work, as I always like to be on time or a little bit late, any thing but before So it was still 8.10 I decided to stop by O2 to have my breakfast... I ordered a pancake with peanut butter and honey.. and enjoyed the sea view and a quiet breezy morning!

So I got to the office and SURPRISE they've finally applied the asphalt layer on the street outside the office... So no more cleaning the car to park it the next day and find it all dusty in the afternoon :o)... 3ogbal shar3na!

My grandparents' house is FULL mashallah, every day my 4 aunts and their children (not children any more they're all teenagers now!) & uncle all gather at my grandparents', and you can imagine all the things happening around the house! my uncle who lives in the State and auntie, and her children of course, who live in Canada are all here for the summer vacation, it's been a long time since they all have gathered together, so you can imagine my grandfather is on cloud # 9 :o)

Mother-in-law is travelling, yah I know again!!..this time my sister-in-law has given birth to her # 2 baby girl :o) My other sister-in-law is back from Egypt so she's taking care of preparing the meals for the family as I have an excuse "my sister's wedding is around the corner"..therefore, Meral is joining the crowed at my grandparents'.. and I tell you she's enjoying herself, Mom took her to the beach twice last week, so every morning she wakes up asking if we're going to the beach today!!

Meral @ my Grandparents'

Well.. I haven't bought the dress for DaMoon's wedding yet, and we are less than 25 days away!!! ** tear drop **
Oh yah one more thing, today I'll receive my copy of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Thanks IBeeBarbie ;o)

Monday, July 09, 2007

I am 68% Addicted to Blogging!!

Checking Akram's Flying Birds, I got excited to know how addicted to blogging I am, So I took the challenge!

I came out 68% ONLY.. alhamdolilah..I still have a

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Com'on guys & gurls, answer the question :op

Out of topic: Is it only me or every one having a problem writing in the title box??

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yoooohoooo It's my birthday!!!

What a wonderful feeling to hear a birthday wish for the first time from my princess!

This morning when Meral woke up, Hubby told her.. go to Mommy and say "Happy Birthday to you" and it was so sweeeeeeeeet coming out of her I never enjoyed a birthday wish as I did today :o)

hmmmm I DO NOW believe that age is only a number :o) ..I feel like I am 20 NOT 27!!! Well I do look like I am 20 too ... I WISH!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Thank you all for keeping my blog alive while I was DISCONNECTED, thanks to GPTC and their tremendous services!

Thank you all for you your comments and your concerns.... :o)

Will post something soon ...

Have a great one y'all!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boring Background!!

Well Ahmed came up with this challenge to post our desktop backgrounds and see what others can tell about our personalities ... well mine is a pretty boring one! Does it really show any thing?? what do you see??!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shopping Fever!

Thank you all for your concerns and nice comments!

Yesterday evening I thought I needed something to change my mood, and I thought shopping might be IT! Guess what it didn't change my mood at all! I spent 4 hours trying to find something to buy, I don't know where from people get their clothes, maybe it's me who can't choose but it's crazy every store I go into I don't find what I like!! Maybe what they have isn't my cup of tea! I don't know what's wrong seriously, I ended up buying pair of jeans which I exactly promised myself not to buy, I wanted to buy something nice, I need a wardrobe make over, since mine is no longer fits my mood!

As I said for clothes I didn't find what I was looking for, on the way home I stopped by Naf Naf "the new store before zarqa elyamama" I liked couple of things there but it was already 10 p.m. and I wasn't in the mood for trying them on, so maybe I will go back today, other than that I didn't like any thing any where else!!! as for shoes, I did like couple of things in one store but the guy told me that they're displaying new collection on Tuesday, today, so I decided I'll wait and see...

I bought some make-up items... well well well thinking about it I am not a make-up person, why in hell did I buy 1 eye kohl, 4 lipsticks, 2 Mascaras, and 2 compact powders??????!!! what was I thinking spending 200 dinars on things I might not use!!! *SIGH*

I am really proud of Meral! We were out for 4 hours, and she kept herself dry, even though she drank lots of water, no running for the neares house to use the bathroom :o)

Meral and I got hungry, so decided to try Chicken El Bek, the new place in Hay Alandalus close to "Cook Door" emm well their wanna-be Whopper is fine but their chicken fillet sucked.. fries were OK..

ANYHOW, I went home feeling full alhamdolilah, hubby called on his way home checking if we needed any thing and most of all asking what dinner I told him "hey I got you a nice crispy chicken burger", but being married to him enough to knew what his answer would be!! yes he wanted his dearest "mbakbka", thank goodness for pressure

So today I am planning to go shopping maybe I will buy something more essential than make-up! *sigh*

Monday, June 25, 2007


I don't feel like writing I just want to say this....

I am freaking depressed I want to take time off and travel, I can't stand sitting here seeing the same faces any more and I don't want to take a vacation and waste it at home doing nothing but cooking and cleaning, I need a break, the problem is no body to travel with, I was planning to go to Turkey with Mom and now she can't go, hubby is so swapped with work he can't leave now he won't be able to travel until mid of August and if I stay til then I might go nuts, and it's not fun to go on my own.. :o(

I am a pain in the neck today, so let's hope no one pisses me off for the rest of the day!

Ast3'fr Allah wa Alhamdolilah 3al kul 7al...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Last Night! Share Your Stories!

I have one question to General Electricity Company, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Seems like people are so insignificant to you, and to the GEC Managers GOOD JOB keep up the good services..... no no 7aram I am sure you too face the same problems NOT maybe you have generators at home!!!! A**#$&#S... @o

I got into the car leaving from work to go home the car seat burnt my back!!!! I was holding the steering wheel with two fingers :oS, any way I was dreaming about the cool nice atmosphere of the house, then when I got home started to have my lunch and then boom electricity went off!

Around 5 p.m. it was on again but that's 2 hours of sweat,

So the night comes, after dinner I NEEDED A SHOWER SO BAD I was feeling all sweaty, sticky and smelling like food! yes you guessed it right, electricity went off again.. I tell you having a shower on a candle light is so romantic! lol but not sleeping without AC, it stayed off and I stayed up until 3 a.m. (Romana I guess I deserve yesterday I was like thank goodness I am not in Romana's shoes :op) hubby went to GEC, the technicians ya 7aram were working in a close by area and they were supposed to fix our area afterwards, he was standing in the balcony all night waiting for them where things are even worse cause the wind was like a blow-dryer, I was in and out of the bathroom putting my head under the water tab and took two more showers Meral was too irritated during the night and woke up to get her milk fix more than the regular 2 times,

Anyhow, I am a peaceful calm person, but when something happens that changes my routine I get so stressed out and start yelling at every one and about the slightest tinniest thing, I become a monster, you normally don't see that side of me until something triggers me, and what did that yesterday was the electricity failure after a long, exhausting, hot, full-of-kids-screaming-and-fighting (Meral and her cousins) day, I was at the edge of my sanity already! tshafret!

Ma3lina looking at the bright side, after 3 a.m. the electricity was on and I had the chance to sleep for 4 hours, which is not enough for me, 8 hrs are not 4 that's half the time I needed (that is because I never nap I have loads of things to do when I go home) it was tempting to take the day off but of course not allowed... I am so looking forward to my vacation, can't wait.

Speaking of vacations, at first I was thinking Dubai that was in April.. but now no thanks.. it's going to be hot as hell (nothing close to hell I know), then Egypt but seriously I went there last summer and the summer before (they say when you visit Egypt once you can't stop going back every year, I some how think it's true!) so I want to go some where else some place where I can enjoy a vacation and do some shopping, so Turkey came to my mind! Have you been there? Fill me in please! :oD

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Meral at the Beach!

Ok to start with I want to say damn it I left my Camera at home :o(

Yesterday was a pretty hot day, but at the beach the weather was amazing with a nice summer breeze, it was wonderful...

After one hour waking up my husband..Gosh, I hate to wake him up so much especially on Friday's cuz he keeps saying "it's Friday I am supposed to sleep in" but Alhamdolilah Meral did the job.. Well you can imagine every thing she did to wake him up... pinching tapping and tickling him until he woke up, she was so eager to go to the beach!

So after having our breakfast, and preparing thingies and some "tuna & harisa" we left at 10 a.m. , and the weather was hot already, we headed to Janzour Touristic Village ; I am glad to say the changes they have made to the beach are promising, seems like FINALLY they're taking care of it (I hold this place dear, we spent lots of summers there), they have installed those beach hay umbrellas, similar to the ones you find in Hurghada and Hammamet, which you can rent for 5 Dinars, also they have constructed a booth on the beach area that sells burgers, ice creams, soft drinks and light snacks, it's a good idea since all other shops and restaurants are at about 5-minute walking distance,

It was crowded but I was surprised that people were minding their own business and not staring at each others, there were a number of Libyans, and a lot of non Libyans too; Eastern Europeans and Middle Easterners.

Back to Meral, before we left the house she was so happy and literally screaming happy..but the moment she saw the sea she said "let's go home and come back tomorrow!!"..I told her it was too late... then little by little and after talking to her and convincing her, she agreed to sit where the waves can reach her feet only! You can say she swam but in the sand not in the sea!! She was frightened due to how big the sea looked comparing to the bathtub, she is used to the latter. Yet, it was fun watching her play with the sand knowing that she was enjoying it so much, she didn't want to go home after all!!

We went back home around 3 O'clock, the sun was unbearable by then, a hot summer day afternoon sun, tired and hungry Meral ate and slept for 2 hours, this morning when I was leaving to work she asked "when you come back from work, will you take me to the beach?" I didn't answer her, didn't want to promise her any thing, so she looked at me and said "say InshaAllah!" I couldn't help but laugh... and say InshaAllah!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Miss You All!

It's been a long time since I last wrote something, I have been checking other blogs, and for the last week (maybe it was 4 days but felt like a week) We had LTT connection and GPTC telephone line problems, I was disconnected and felt distanced from the world!!

It was fun to have you Dodo here, even though the 2 weeks flew by it was nice to have you here; the other day I was singing "Dora the explorer" song to Meral you know the one you and Meral have fun singing it, and Meral told me "no wrong not like that, mata3rfeesh" I told her "who does know how to sing it? "she said "Dodo" I am glad she knows you know and she thinks of you as the fun auntie :oD...Sis we're waiting for you again inshAllah next summer with your PhD "furtasa tetbaha be sha3r okhtha..lool"

It's been busy, and I was running around like a headless chicken, and I need to go get some work done before my Dad fires

I am in a good mood today, I love summer time,

wish you all a splendid summer :oD

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Here is what's going on with my life lately:

  1. Mother-in-law & father-in-law left to Egypt about 10 days ago, for health reasons, alhamdolilah all went well and they're coming back in couple of days inshallah.. so you know when my mother-in-law travels it means my life turns well kind of!
  2. Guess WHAT???? DODO & DAMOON are HERE... yes Dodo finally made it :o).. so Yesterday was a fun day; finally Meral got to meet her auntie and Dodo has started to spoil her already!!!! Meral did not want me to get her dressed she wanted Dodo to do so, she didn't want me to wash her face or feed her or any thing she wanted Dodo to do every thing!! It's gonna be fun, finally a reunion for the family! We the girls and Mom haven't met together for four years... alhamdolilah :oD missing the boys tho :o( "haya Sa3odi and Ahmed make it home soon"

  3. As I said Dodo & DaMoon are here so that leads to Baba.. he's here too.. I am more relaxed now.. I was freaking out at work, especially when I hate it when I get to work after work hours.. I am not a workaholic..I like to leave work at the end of the day and not talk about any thing related.. and that was NOT the case for the past 3 weeks :o( Alhamdolilah he's back,

  4. The weather is getting unbelievably HOT...... & I need a break soon :o

Well that's it for now.. if I remember any thing else I 'll post it later.. y'all have fun :oD

Monday, May 14, 2007

Shoes, Sfenz & Fish Market!

I think the blogging world can't get any As I am posting the picture of my shoes I am thinking what the hell am I doing!? So yah Meral's to follow!


Meral with her Dora Doll, it was a gift from my Dad on her 2nd Birthday...
I think Meral kind of looks like Dora :oD

Sfenzzzzzzzzzz any one? Ok so I am not fal7a.. I don't know how to make it at home, normally I don't like it but I was craving it for like 2 weeks, so on Friday I decided to get me some Sfenz :oD

After we picked up essfenz, we went to the fist market.. Masha'Allah all kinds of fresh fish, some of which were still moving!!

We got there around 7.30 a.m. it wasn't that busy, but as we were leaving the traffic out side was unbelievable!

I haven't been to the fist market in 4 years! It's now cleaner and more organized... :o)

Mom was invited over for lunch, which was couscous with fish, and grilled fish. I forgot to take pictures of that huh!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going thru my pictures!

So Lebeeya said it's time to update, and I am lazy to do so, and while checking "my pictures" folder I found those pictures so why not share :o)

This was taken in July 2006, at Regatta

Okay! so she wasn't looking at the right direction!

November 2006, at the Fall Festival at the American School of Tripoli

at the same event, Meral & I "under cover"

Mero having fun at the playground...

Fake smile!

The fake smile once again, Ayosh playing with Meral means lots of make up!!

lol yah I do it too :oD
That's all!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

DaMoon Baby-sitting Meral!

I had a wedding on Tuesday, so in the afternoon I dropped Meral at my Mom's for DaMoon to pick her up later to baby sit her, here's my review "DaMoon needs an intensive course in baby-sitting"
I called DaMoon later in the night to remind her to feed Meral, because my husband was going to pick her up on his way home from work, and most probably she'll fall asleep during the ride home, DaMoon said Meral already had some biscuits and milk! SISTER that's not dinner... she'd be waking up several time during the night to drink milk because she was still hungry!

So my sweet sister DaMoon fed my sweet Meral... what!? boiled BROCCOLI Meral loves it and she saw it and asked for it, DaMoon told me that Meral started eating it like a yah bad combination Milk & Broccoli, and then they decided to play... what could it be better than "Tyara" you know when someone lays on his/her back, put legs up, place the child on the bottom side of the feet and start flying the child while holding his/her hands.. well DaMoon did that to Meral after feeding No wonder Meral threw up!!!!!!!

Ok I was just "pulling your leg", seriously THANK YOU for baby sitting Mero :o)

"Thanks Auntie DaMoon"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hand Writing Competition :o)

I know it's readable for me, what do you think?!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meral & Her Cousins

It's been busy, and I was running around like a headless chicken. Downstairs at my in-laws full house 4 little girls, 3 of them a little more or less than 2 yrs old.... and all my excitement about Meral playing with her cousins now gone,

After creating a playground, expecting 2 year olds to share was just plain stupidity from so we ended up hiding the slide, the swing, the car, the tricycle, and the toys' box away.. Lots of fights, too many "mine" cries & shouts… and hair pulling all the time, I couldn't handle it any more,

Meral turned out to be a trouble maker, and actually bullying poor Saja, 2 yrs & 2 months old, and Rahaf, 22 months old (Meral has to go to pre-school really soon), Jana who's the youngest among them, 8 months old, is her friend, why?!! I have no idea!

On Thursday, I was sick of spending most of my times indoors, so I took Meral to a playground, we spent only 20 minutes there but it was fun and she enjoyed it, afterwards I called my Mom and we agreed on spending sometime at the beach it was a nice evening, so I picked her up and off to the beach we went “behind former 3en elzarga”, we kicked some ball with Meral ran here and there then went home.

Friday, was even busier we had people over for lunch! It was crazy 2 other children were added to the ones were already there! And the "piece of meat" issue came up again.. I couldn't hide my

Yesterday my Mom and I went to "soug ethulata", where they sell kitchen appliances, kitchenware, tableware, cooking ware, and every thing related, I don't like going to those places because I know I need so many things and leave without buying any thing, yallah En sha' Allah khair!

One more thing, I found this Tissot watch that I want to buy, I still need to save up to get it though,

what you think, isn't it nice???!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

So it wasn't that bad after all :o)

I thought I was going to stay in bed for four days or so, but I am not, I am going back to work tomorrow inshallah, the extraction was so easy, the dentist was AMAZING mash'allah he also called me this morning to check on me, alhamdolilah, I didn't think I was going to be fine and even EAT alhamdolilah!

Cofman, THANK YOU soooo much for the I am brave image, it was really sweet, hehhe in fact I am not that brave cuz I have chickened out couple of times before I finally went to get my wisdom teeth extracted!

So as I have said before I decided to do the right side upper and lower first, and I think the left ones going to be extracted as soon as these ones heal ... insha'Allah :o)

I thank you all for your comments, A akak, Anglo, Mani, Lebeeya, Ema thanks :o)....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'll Be Back!

I am off the computer, and away from my blog for a while...

See you soon insh2Allah!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Few Things!

Ok to say few things in points:

  1. I hate to shop for clothes in Libya, you all know why and I have said this before, things of bad quality and expensive, even though I enjoyed going out with my best friend Riha.
  2. I finished reading "In t he Country of Men" FINALLY gosh it took me 2 months to finish it, any one suggests something good to start reading?
  3. My in-laws' house will be crowded next week, my sisters-in-law are coming back for visits (one from the UK, and the other from Egypt) , it's going to be so much fun for Meral since both of them have daughters almost the same age as Meral :o), I am working on creating a playground for them at home since Meral has a swing and slide a car and a inflatable swimming pool which I am going to make a sand box out of it since it's not summer yet.
  4. People what's wrong with Allibeyah FM??? it's been off for couple of days now!?
  5. My husband is coming back today, he's been away for about 2 weeks, I missed him :oD
  6. Oh guess what I was asked about "ma feesh 7weja?" mentioned in Piccolina's here, today by a guy!! an ex-coworker!! it felt weird coming out from a male!! duh lol

Monday, March 19, 2007

Yeeha I am back!

Finally the phone line and therefore the internet is restored at the office, for the past week felt like I was trapped, and so disconnected from the world, especially with not much going on around at work I was literally sitting down here playing with my fingers and yah playing Solitaire.. I was checking form home but you know how the dial-up connection is like .. ssslllllloooowwww! Anyway GPTC needs to hire more technicians and pay them a decent salary so we don't need to stick up their.. necks and call them every day to come fix the lines.. anyway feels good to be back :o)

Now to our little meeting, Piccolina, Maiuna, Damoon and I, met on Saturday they're such lovely young ladies, we knew each other from before back when we used to go to the scouts "kshaf", what a small world, but we haven't heard from each other since 1996 or around that, I barely remember that time though.. so it's kind of a reunion.

Ah one more thing.. the surgery is not going to be on Thursday, yah Anglolibyan I chickened out I think I'll keep postponing it til forever :os ...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Monday, is it? ughhh

So I was hiding from my dentist, and checked another one, because I knew something needs to be done, the new dentist is great mashallah, he's practiced in Canada and that kind of calming me a bit.

So yesterday he took an x-ray, then told me a surgery is needed to extract the wisdom teeth, they're into the jaw bone and will not come out by themselves and the older I get the harder they become to extract them and the healing will take longer, so I booked an appointment :o(

SO THE BIG DAY is going to be Monday, he'll extract all of the four wisdom teeth at once, I am so NOT looking forward to that day, I am actually scared since he told me about it :o(.. I am so damn anxious, he keeps assuring me it's OK and I am in safe hands and so on and so forth but still, I can't relax I guess I am panicking...

I am not afraid of the surgery itself I just hate the healing afterwords...I hate what I am going to go through after the extraction... and thinking that I might not be able to sleep at night, and will not be able to eat, and will not be able to take care of Meral, makes me more frustrated add to all that my husband will travel two days after the surgery, I am anxious to the point I woke up with rapid heart beats this morning; happens to me all the time when I am anxious or stressed.

InshaAllah khair,


Update: Appointment postponed until next Thursday... I can relax for a while now.. :oS

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Typical Libyan Day!


My mother-in-law is back in Tripoli, and I am back to my normal routine, no more running around to drive Meral or pick her up, and no more thinking of what to cook for next day’s lunch.

Usually, I am the one responsible for dinner, before I start here is how the story of our typical Libyan lives goes… Our little apartment is right above my in-laws yes typical Libyan style (this temporary situation is 3 yrs & 1/2 old now!) so in the morning I drop Meral down stairs for me to leave to work this is really handy and really typical Libyan too :o), then since I am at work my mother-in-law does the cooking for lunch for the whole family, you know the typical Libyan lunch at 2.30 – 3.00 P.M., then I come back eat my share then go upstairs to continue with the house cleaning chores while Meral is napping , I think my little one has a typical Libyan in her too, after that, I manage to come up with a reason to go out, I hate staying home, yah I like to nassreff (go out a lot that is) so there is always something I need to buy, or some one I need to visit, I usually take my mom-in-law out with me, drop her at her sister’s or if she wants she can come along while doing my thing …don't want to say it's typical Libyan life style but IT IS!!

Anyway, what I prefer to have for dinner is something light, sandwiches & burgers are the best (I do that for me) but since hubby doesn’t come home for lunch and sandwiches are his lunh, he needs to eat what he calls “Real Food” and to him real food is “mbakbka” yah typical Libyan ;o) believe it or not he eats “bakboki” almost every night again typical Libyan shaboob I, I became an expert in making mbakbka so I am a typical Libyan woman. Well I say let him eat it while he can, that is before he gets diabetes, or cholesterol! b3eed elshar ;o)

One more thing, Meral has been potty trained by my Mom, yayyyy! I still have her in diapers for the night though; I am not ready for waking up in the middle of the night to take her to the bathroom, not yet :oS she has been potty trained but I am not yet trained for her potty training! However, for the day I just tell her she needs to keep the Barbie on her panties smiling because if she pees in it the Barbie will be crying, also Mom tells her if she wets herself then we're going to tell the seagull (she loves it) who's going to laugh at her… so she’s doing her best to keep it dry, I am proud of her, she's 2 years and almost 4 months now :o)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


After a rainy and windy weekend, today the weather is Masha'Allah, fresh and sunny. I am sitting here at my desk looking at the cars passing by and the sun rays reflecting on the buildings across the street, makes me feel like going out for a walk, which I can't, why? Tell you why..

Because some jerks driving by will start blowing their car horns and saying stuff that will make me angry and make me want to jump and chock them. As a matter of fact, I have always hated it when guys flirted or commented while walking by or even driving by, but just recently I learned it is actually considered harassment, and we are unaware of its emotional consequences.

So why they do it!!? Every time I try to find the reason why they act like that, I come to the same conclusion the fact that they are just irresponsible, and that is the best they have learned from hanging around the streets and occupying the corners. No matter how you are dressed, or how good-looking /unattractive you look if you are a female then you are going to get all that..... crap.

So anyway, I will just sit here do my work, and go for a walk later when I can find someone to accompany me.

A little bit about Meral, her passion is traffic lights now !! while we are driving around she'll be looking for them, saying repeatedly "Green go, Red stop" yah in English :o)

Hey Meral had a hair cut too, one thing off the long list ;o)

What do you think of my new look?

Getting ready to hit the roads, it's going to be a long ride home!

* The pictures are kind of blurry they were taken by DaMoon's cell phone cam.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Puppy

I want to get Meral a puppy. Yesterday we were checking with the physiotherapist for her new schedule at the Rehabilitation Center of Janzour, the weather was amazing, it was almost sunset, and there were four little puppies playing around on the green grass they looked so adorable and Meral loved them she was chasing them and calling them to come and play with her.

On the way there we stopped at every furniture store looking for bathroom cupboard, even looked at the kitchen & house ware stores, I can't find them any where, any suggestions? However, I stopped at this place in Siyahya where they costume make for you, and I guess that is going to be it!

What I hate the most about shopping is actually the prices are kind of high comparing to the "quality" of goods they are selling, that is not fair. I mean I can't get myself to buy any thing knowing that it didn't even cost half of the price they are offering, call me cheap, but it is just not right. Also you can find it with a different price if you went to more public areas.

And yeah the running around continues, my mom-in-law will be gone for another week. I got used to the routine though, and to be honest I am more organized now. I am always organized when I am busy and have no time to do any thing, it is the time I put my time management skills into action.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I finally had a hair cut yesterday afternoon and I LOVE IT! I didn't have a hair cut for four months now and I hate it when it gets to the point when I can have it as pony tail.

My hairdresser is just amazing, this is not an advertising for her or any thing, but she's gooooood, I have always had short hair, and before I started going to her I used to go into the hairdresser's shop scared, and leave unsatisfied. But that has changed since I started going to Diana, 8 years now, I sit and tell her to do whatever she wants.

I just loved it and wanted to share :o)

I also, finally, got curtains for the kitchen! One thing off the to-buy-list.

Few things about my little Angle; Meral is master her speech skills now, I can notice how she's trying to say the words exactly how we say them, specially words with the letter "R". I am thankful for the smart girl she is, Alhamdolillah. At age of 2 years and 3 months, she knows the alphabetic (Thank you Immunemania for Elmo's easy ABC's book & CD). She knows how to count form 1 - 10 in Arabic, English, and French. She memorizes some short Surah's such as, Al Fate7a, Al E7'las, Al Falaq, Al Nas, & Al Kawthar.

I think Spring is great time for her to join day care, which I haven't decided on yet!

Have a nice weekend every one!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Un poco cansada!

Buenos Dias, como estas hoy?
Bien, gracias. Estoy trabajando, quieres hablar?
Those words a friend of mine texts me every morning, trying to teach me Spanish, couple of words a day! I love Spanish Language but no time for it now.
ANYWAY, yesterday morning I had this conversation with my best friend (White Rose),
Riha: Hey how come you didn't call back last night?
Maysoon: I was going to but things kept happening..
Riha: well I am asking, but I am expecting an answer... things always keep happening...
Maysoon: Why aren't you expecting me to answer?
Riha: Ever since you got married you always say "I'll call you back" but you never did!!
Maysoon: REALLY?!! seriously girl things were happening I had to feed the men (husband, father-in-law, and guard), and get every thing done before I go to bed.
Riha: yah yah I understand I told you I wasn't expecting you to call, your "I'll call you back" sounds like a "bye" to me!
That was a moment for me! I didn't realize it before but it is true! Sorry Riha, you had to say that for me to start counting how many things and how many times I said I will do but I don't!
for instance, I need to adopt a healthy life style, not that I need to lose weight I am already too thin, I don't eat breakfast, I know I should, but how can you force yourself to eat when you wake up? I can't!. I sit too much at work, I need to exercise, (I exercised for one month then membership expired, and I didn't want to renew it because I didn't like to walk on a treadmill that is facing the wall!) I need to look for another gym. Add to that I need to cut down on the amount of coffee I am drinking, instead drink more water.
Those were examples of things concerning my health (still not every thing too though), don't want to start on the house and work lists!
TIRED of every thing, I need a change, I need to travel, I need a break, I need a ..... KIT KAT! Ewwww
What am I doing? I better go home!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meral & Mamoshka!

Since my mother-in-law is traveling, visiting her daughter in Egypt, it is my Mom's turn to baby-sit Meral, and so far Meral seems to be having so much fun enjoying the new places she's exploring with her granny, Meral's favourite place is the beach (it is habar for her) , where she get to see the birds (she calls it nawnas), they go there every morning Mom likes to have her coffee at the beach, and Meral is enjoying her cup of milk too.

This is the face Meral is making now when she knows someone is taking a photo


This is in Hay Alandalus, behind Almuntda

Anyways, it was kind of tyring especially yesterday was physiotherapy day for Meral I was running, running and running all day long, I was here and there, from work to home, then to Hay Alandalus, to Zawia Street to Janzour. In addition to preparing dinner & the next day's lunch and house chores and every thing related, at the end of the day I was like how did I do it!?!! Every thing else is postponed for the moment, until my life gets back to normal.

I know DaMoon, and Piccolina have mentioned vacations in their posts, I just can't help but mention it I AM TIRED I NEED A VACATION :oS , but Father made it clear it is not going to happen until May, ughhh!