Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is Considered Domestic Violence!!!!

I am angry, mad, out-raged and furious, I really don't know how I am feeling at the moment....what a start ....

I was trying to contact one of my friends for the past two weeks, I couldn't get hold of her no matter at what time I tried on both her cell phone and land line. Today after I gave up reaching her directly I contacted her sister, the news WAS her idiot husband (sorry to say that but he is a real jerk proven by actions) took her cell phone away from her and switched it off and also cut the land line dead.. BECAUSE she was communicating with her sister after she had a fight with him.. letting out some steam for her own sanity!! now how stupid is that????
Her parents are abroad, both of her brothers live abroad and the youngest brother and her sister are the only one staying in Libya.. I mean I heard after they fought he verbally abused her, and bad-mouthed her, her parents, he told her that she's replaceable and he really doesn't need her!!!!! NOW HOW DESPICABLE!!!!!

She's been isolated from us her friends since she got married, 2 years ago, he told her that her friends are not welcome at their home, she never visited us since he isolated her from the rest of the world to have control over her... whenever I called her before (and that is during the time he is at work or something) she's usually depressed and not as excited about life she used to be she was such a person to be around full of life and fun.. the problem is I BLAME HER FOR THE MOST PART... well I know she needs support from her family to help her thru this situation to take the next step and leave the jacka**, she's been in situation like this but less serious (even though it was serious enough for me) but her father wasn't much of a support, he took her back to her husband and told her not to leave again…. and I guess it is what's keeping her from leaving that ...!!!

ANYWAY enough is enough and HOPEFULLY her brothers are getting involved this time .. I believe that even if she didn't want to leave they should drag her out of that hole before she loses her mind.

I was thinking of stopping by her house and visit her just to make sure she's alright and he hadn't hit her or any thing but her sister told me off,, she's afraid I might make things worse.. GOSH she hasn't been in touch with her family since eid.. I am so worried and fuming.. ... I am kind of depressed too I pray that things get better for her... yester Allah


Monday, December 17, 2007

Eid Wishes & Blog Anniversary :o)

Eid Mubarak to you all, kul sana o into tyebeen

and yeeeyyy finally some days off :o)..

Tomorrow is my blog's 1st birthday!

Happy birthday Blog!

THANK YOU ALL for keeping it alive .. have a great Eid and inshallah bel sa7a we essalam to all of you and yours :o)

Well I am off tomorrow, and our internet at home is NOT working, so I'll be gone for a while :o)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DaGirls and Meral's Birthday Pictures

I promised to post some pictures of Meral's birthday.. well I could only post those!! :o)
7'amsa o 7'mesa 5 girls..lool Meral & DaGang (her cousins) sitting in Geddo's lap

On Meral's birthday..

Singing along...some song!

Saja .. so wants to have a piece of that cake.. that girl eats

Happy birthday to Merooo!

This pic was taken on Faffo's (the girl with the pink top) birthday 2 weeks before Meral's

My sister-in-law made them stand against the wall to get them all in one picture as you can see they were distracted by something else...:oD