Monday, October 01, 2007


Ya naaaaaaaas I missed you all like hell!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for not giving up on me and for visiting my page :oD I won't let you down.. I am gonna be HERE ... believe me.. :oD... as you all know it is cooking time.. I will post later tonite and tell you how much I missed you.. ALL .. I didn't get the chance to visit all of your blogs.. I just got a proper connection at home yeaaahhhh I will be posting ;o)...

Luv ya all.. missing blogging and you so much...


DaMoon said...


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
Alhamduillilah - you are alive and well. I've missed you so much and have been checking your blog daily in hopes of finding out how you and your family have been. Looking forward to learning how you've been, inshallah.

MaySoon said...


IbeeB misssss you too... thanks sister... we're all doing fine alhamdolilah... how is your sweet Ameera???

piccolina said...

i miss soooo much ya 7elwa .. yalla post post GOD it's been ages , i guess since damoon'd wedding !!

a_akak said...

WOW u really r back :D and its good to see you online again as the blogs have never been the same since u did ur disappearance act

Ramadan mubarik to you and ur family and may allah bless u

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Piccoooo you've been missed gurl... :oD yah i'm gonna post.. oh well let me get done with what needs to be done i'll be back :op

Awweeee Ahmed bro wallahi lsanek egatr yah thanks man.. wallahi I miss you guys toooo I have been asking Damoon about each one of you!!!

dusk till dawn said...

salam sis
its so wonderful to see u back and full of happiness, hope ur having fun wt ramadan,and ur gorgeous princess doing well.its never to late ramadan mubarek,

Anglo-Libyan said...

mar7abtain bi Maysoon :o)

nice to see you back, hope husband and Meral are well and look forward to your posts and pictures.

Happymoi said...

alf al hamdullah 3ala al salama!

im glad you are alive and well!! been nagging at damoon all the time..

roooroooo reeeeeeeeeeeeeey..thats my libyan welcome style..lool...i dont know how to za3're6 but hey im trying! hows mirooo? missing her tons too..yallag finish ur cooking and update us sweety!

Welcome back:):):)

Anonymous said...

hey finnally ur back !
longing to read ur lovely posts as usual :D

MaySoon said...

peopleeeeeeee.. now you make me feel guilty that I didn't I miss beeing here.. but tell you the truth.. gotta go out now.. yah yah... gotta finish some stuff for Meral.. and I PROSMIE.. the moment Meral sleeps I'll be posting :oDD.. yalla talk to you all later..

Dusk till dawn,, Thanks alot :oD
Anglo, awww as usual you make me grin reading ur comments
HappyM.... thanks hun I was informed with your greetings and salamz... thanks hun
Emaaaa.. thank you 7abibity I'll post I will I will I will :oD

Anonymous said...


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