Sunday, February 25, 2007


After a rainy and windy weekend, today the weather is Masha'Allah, fresh and sunny. I am sitting here at my desk looking at the cars passing by and the sun rays reflecting on the buildings across the street, makes me feel like going out for a walk, which I can't, why? Tell you why..

Because some jerks driving by will start blowing their car horns and saying stuff that will make me angry and make me want to jump and chock them. As a matter of fact, I have always hated it when guys flirted or commented while walking by or even driving by, but just recently I learned it is actually considered harassment, and we are unaware of its emotional consequences.

So why they do it!!? Every time I try to find the reason why they act like that, I come to the same conclusion the fact that they are just irresponsible, and that is the best they have learned from hanging around the streets and occupying the corners. No matter how you are dressed, or how good-looking /unattractive you look if you are a female then you are going to get all that..... crap.

So anyway, I will just sit here do my work, and go for a walk later when I can find someone to accompany me.

A little bit about Meral, her passion is traffic lights now !! while we are driving around she'll be looking for them, saying repeatedly "Green go, Red stop" yah in English :o)

Hey Meral had a hair cut too, one thing off the long list ;o)

What do you think of my new look?

Getting ready to hit the roads, it's going to be a long ride home!

* The pictures are kind of blurry they were taken by DaMoon's cell phone cam.


Anonymous said...

well Maysoon u know how I am with kids:s, but I like your little monkey:0P.

Dinooo said...

Maysoon, Miral is so cute mashallah she's growing fast just like ma7moud, ask DaMoon for pics and maybe we can hook them up together ;) btw DaMoon never took clear pictures with her crapy cell cam. it's always blurry! lol

MaySoon said...

lol A.S.D emm I do know how much you like her :op

Dinoooooo can I add some more o's? :op.. hey gurl what's up??? missing you here :o), yah Meral is growing up fast, well I guess that is how kids grow..;o)

A.Adam said...

why they do it?
I couldn't answer it, but no work, no respect to sisters too, other things some girl like that.
that's what I get when Asked why?

Nice hair cut Meral but mine more better and so cute :P

Rabena yakhliha leek

Anonymous said...

Maysoon you are right and this is one of the reasons why i don't like to walk inour libyan streets.

when i was younger i always wished that i was invisable or can disguise as a boy so i can enjoy a walk in the street without any irritation.

na3eeman for Meral, ohh i love her name, and each time i visit your blog i just keep repeating it lol

MaySoon said...

A.Adam, yah I guess if they think that their sisters are being in the same position they wouldn't act the same.. and thanks I am sure yours is still more has it grew a little? ;op

Ema, you are right, well when I was younger I didn't have to I looked like a boy "a tom boy" you can anyway, now I wish I can still do Thanks and Allah ekhalek sweetie :oD

AngloLibyan said...

it seems things never change in Libya, that is really bad and I do feel sorry for Libyan women, in fact Libyan girls born here in the UK complain after they come back from a holiday in Libya about this behaviour.
MashaAllah Meral is pretty as usual and looks very cool in her worn out jeans look, very cute :o)

MaySoon said...

Anglo, unfortunately it doesn't seem it is going to change any time soon too, thanks for your comment about Meral :o)

cofman said...

Hey, Meral is stunning, seriously
Her personality, the way she is standing with her left knee going forward a bit, as if to say: “ hey? I am not scared, I am looking for trouble” lol

Back to the guys and their harassment to girls they see in the street
I don’t know why they do it, I really don’t know why – there is only one probability: they may think girls find their harassment attractive, you know?
( I must admit, some of our girls mashallah 3alaihin, they feel flattered when guys go after them … as a result the guys will think: they want more )

MaySoon said...

Thanks for your comment about Meral.. she's turned out to be a trouble maker :oD.. but fun alhamdolilah...

I know about the harassment I actually see girls who dress the way they dress and act and walk the way they do just to get guys to notice them and say something to them.. Seriously that's saddening.. yallah ester Allah.. o 7'alas I just hate it..