Thursday, April 26, 2007

DaMoon Baby-sitting Meral!

I had a wedding on Tuesday, so in the afternoon I dropped Meral at my Mom's for DaMoon to pick her up later to baby sit her, here's my review "DaMoon needs an intensive course in baby-sitting"
I called DaMoon later in the night to remind her to feed Meral, because my husband was going to pick her up on his way home from work, and most probably she'll fall asleep during the ride home, DaMoon said Meral already had some biscuits and milk! SISTER that's not dinner... she'd be waking up several time during the night to drink milk because she was still hungry!

So my sweet sister DaMoon fed my sweet Meral... what!? boiled BROCCOLI Meral loves it and she saw it and asked for it, DaMoon told me that Meral started eating it like a yah bad combination Milk & Broccoli, and then they decided to play... what could it be better than "Tyara" you know when someone lays on his/her back, put legs up, place the child on the bottom side of the feet and start flying the child while holding his/her hands.. well DaMoon did that to Meral after feeding No wonder Meral threw up!!!!!!!

Ok I was just "pulling your leg", seriously THANK YOU for baby sitting Mero :o)

"Thanks Auntie DaMoon"


mani said...

salam Maysoon

7amdilla 3le slamet meral lololol

a_akak said...

Raby Aysoon ao ensha allah Raby E7fudhalik ao atkoon min al-sale7een (Ameeen) - Say agma3eeen so i may get some ager as well :P -

Anyway, Its good practice for DaMoon :P and I wish there was someone big enough to swing my like "tayara" weeeeeeeeee :P oh yes thats why we go to Theme Parks

Fe Aman Allah

PS: Masha allah 3leeha Meral, i am sure she takes that from her mother

DaMoon said...

hehehe watever, u said FEED I mean I thought she was enough with milk, but I guess not, I should've not listened to u..:p
ah well, she loves Tayara and it was da only way to keep her giggling and not asking "Maysoon ween"

Anglo-Libyan said...

how cute is Meral, MashaAllah :o)

Broccoli! can make children very windy.

I am sure Meral & auntie Damoon had a great time :o)

Lebeeya said...

haha I always play Tayara with my nephew!

Meral looks so cute in the pictures mashallah!!! :) Rabi ya7fudha inshallah.

Good job Damoon! :D

Lost-Libyan said...

wow...mashllah Meral is so CUTE, and Maysoon is Damoon's sister?!!! Damoon...7ashemtena hada 3'ar btaft7i 7osh fe esef....shame!! lol:)

MaySoon said...

Allah esalmek ya Mani.. u

Ahmed, Ameen Ajma3een :o) Allah ekhalek too and erzgek be bent el7lal :o) I said feed her only I didn't say swing her afterwards :op

Anglo, thanks... and not only children.. broccoli makes any one very windy lol yah I am sure too cuz Meral wanted to go back to DaMoon's the next day :o)

Lebeeya..Allah eu7fduk too thanks :o) kids are so much joy :o) enjoy your nephew coz when they are nephews and nieces you only get the fun package :o)

Lost SA7A DaMoon and I are sisters, Meral is my daughter just in case you didn't notice.. :op.. lol j/k how did you do on your exams?

cofman said...

Nice girl Meral, very good looking with a hairstyle girls here die for, rabbi keep her safe to her parents .. I like her smile a lot, .. also she looks very sporty, is she ?

- - -

Did you read “ I said feed her only I didn't say swing her afterwards :op”
See Damoon ???????
What did I tell you????
Never again PERIOD

MaySoon said...

Cofman, hey man how's it going??
Thanks for ur sweet comment.. Meral's hair style that is driving me nuts curly hair.. her dad and I have straight hair.. she got my Dad's hair I guess :oS

She is active. sporty! Can’t tell yet, I am planning on making one out of her though :o)…

DaMoon said...

LOL she wanted to play ah well,
ya Cofman, see her lovely pink Puma running I got her that hehehe "I love to show off with the stuff I got her" even the jeans lol man I have an amazing

Ayosh said...

You‘ve should let me babysat Meral ;P heheh

cofman said...

Ya Maysoon, it is clear that the hair of your daughter – IF you consider it a problem because it isn’t straight – is really your problem, yours not anyone else, … here “ her dad and I have straight hair ”..& “ she got my Dad's hair ”

Wallahi you have a very good husband .. I mean even when his wife is in big trouble…. , it is always not from her but from her neighbours, her friends, or even her father …
Great philosophy …
keep it up lol

MaySoon said...

DaMoon, I know you always get her cool stuff, keep them coming :op

Ayosh, next time it's going to be your turn ;o) I wonder what is going to happen to her then :op j/k

Cofman, it's a problem when it gets a little longer, because she'll look mshafshfa all the but I am sure when she grows up and handles it by herself she'll be happy, cuz curly hair is fun :o)
LOL it's always not my problem hah, my husband is such a nice peaceful guy :oD

piccolina said...

mashallah meral looks older in the pictures , auntie Damooonnn carful next time bahiii " if there will be next time lol

Lost-Libyan said...

wendri 3lekom ani 3ad ya maysoon? 3'ar enshaallah maytla3esh Cofman weld 3amkom!!! lol....god even the blog world is complicated and interconnected!

Lebeeya said...

Where are you Maysoon??! yalla, update :)

MaySoon said...

Piccolina how are you doing????
Yah there is going to be no next time for unless I am stuck with no other choice :oS..

Lost, we're Libyans what do you expect? we live in complications, complexity and every thing related :op

Lebeeya, I want to update but I am not feeling like doing any thing you know.. one of those lazy moments.. or just tired :oD