Friday, April 06, 2007

So it wasn't that bad after all :o)

I thought I was going to stay in bed for four days or so, but I am not, I am going back to work tomorrow inshallah, the extraction was so easy, the dentist was AMAZING mash'allah he also called me this morning to check on me, alhamdolilah, I didn't think I was going to be fine and even EAT alhamdolilah!

Cofman, THANK YOU soooo much for the I am brave image, it was really sweet, hehhe in fact I am not that brave cuz I have chickened out couple of times before I finally went to get my wisdom teeth extracted!

So as I have said before I decided to do the right side upper and lower first, and I think the left ones going to be extracted as soon as these ones heal ... insha'Allah :o)

I thank you all for your comments, A akak, Anglo, Mani, Lebeeya, Ema thanks :o)....


cofman said...

Glad you are back so quick Maysoon

Khadijateri said...

Glad to hear you are well.... I hate the dentist...too many bad experiences there.

a_akak said...
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a_akak said...

:( i would rather do anything other go to the dentist :( and i have not visited one for atleast 10 years (and my teeth are great with twice a day brushing :P )and this is due to me being scared of needles or what i like to call is "Phobia" lol

MaySoon said...

Yes Cofman I am glad that I am back so quick and for not feeling any pain too alhamdolilah :o)

Khadijateri, thanks I hate dentists too, he had to give me to valium tablets and covered my eyes for me to alhamdolilah he’s such a skilled dentist!

A_akak, before the now gone teeth started to bother me I didn't go to a dentist for about 5 yrs... but now I've decided to go regularly to have some polishing and maybe dental braces for my lower jaw!! We’ll see after I’m done with the other two wisdom teeth insha’Allah

Anonymous said...

good for you, eftakety lol

but that means you ARE brave, my wisdom teeth are still giving me the pain to grow out, imagine me thinking about taking them out.. 7'alee ega3mzoo

7amdelah 3ala elsalama ya bent :)

MaySoon said...

Ema I recommend the dentist I went to.. imagine it's only been couple of days and I am eating crackers already!! Alhamdolilah :oD

AngloLibyan said...

you didnt chicken out this time so you are brave :o)

well done Maysoon, hope your painful teeth days are over and Inshallah you recover soon.

الحمدلله على السلامة

MaySoon said...

Thanks Anglo :oD to my surprise no pain whatsoever alhamdolilah..
I guess I'm going back soon for the other two!

Happymoi said...

Glad to hear it was easy for you. ALhamdullah. I was thinking of how you are gonna cope wd the pain if any...

Good to hear you are well,and going back to work.

Alhamdullah 3ala alsalama habibty:)

MaySoon said...

Thanks sweets Happy moi :o)

Haya finsih your exams so we can have you back in the blog world :oD

DaMoon said...

yeppers and we thought Maysoon will go through hell! she is alive and kicking instead Meral and myself got da flu!!! I knew she'd get when I was babysitting her da other nite! so 7amdella 3ala salama and hope teftaki men elli fadleen :p

MaySoon said...

DaMoon, I don't think she got it from you tho, coz Rahaf was there and she was sick too, Alhamdolilah she's alright now it was only for couple of days, her immunity system is much better than last year alhamdolilah since she started having olive oil & honey for breakfast lol...oh yah a washcloth soaked in vinegar works like magic with fever..:oD

piccolina said...

glad you are fine haboba
mm i guess i'll try ur doctor coz i told about my stody , it was like H*** for me taking off only one and i still need to take the rest !!

MaySoon said...

Hey Picco, just sms me when you need the contact of the clinic ... and yes he's good..masha'Allah ;o)

Dinooo said...

Salamat sweet Maysoon, happy to hear that u didn't go through much pain and wishing u a very fast recovery inshallah. I also see u excited and not chickened out abt extracting ur other wisdom teeth, way to go gurl ;)

mani said...


Good to see you back well and healthy Maysoon.. litmus test of treatment> dig into some of beshenetra's meat lol.

What are wisdom teeth?.. everyone talks about them but Iv never really asked...

In fact.. what are dentists? lol.. well. .I'm exactly like Ahmad.. aint seen one in more than 10 years.. guess that's good advertising for crest! :D

tried Valium first time this weekend when Dad got me some before he shot off to Libya with mum again. didnt really work as I expected so next day I popped 10 tablets lol just to make sure (2mg ones).. the calmy drowsiness was bliss... he said he aint getting me anymore.. :D

MaySoon said...

Hey Dinnooo.. welcome back where have you been?? yah alhamdolilah alhamdolilah :o) and yes I am now going for the next 2 with so much more

Mani LOL dude be careful with that stuff.. the drowsiness was supposed to happen while the dentist was taking off the teeth but guess what it kicked in an hour later, it was good I agree hehhe
Wisdom teeth are the ones at the very back and normally they start coming out when you are in your twenties’ prepare yourself.. :op

not DaMoon said...

LOL free de3aya

Dinooo said...

Sam7eni bas if u must know am a very lazy bum when it comes to writting comments, and as u can c i don't even have my blog started!!! i reply fast to emails if that helps (i know it doesn't) loool

Doesn't feel good to go c the dentist with great confidence ;)

MaySoon said...

lol @ lost-libyan.. I've been there :o)

Dinoo it's okay.. you are welcome all the time hun...;o)

DaMoon said...

Maysoon, I dont like da blue ball for ur pic, change it, hote haja tatla3 3leek akter

MaySoon said...

lol it's not a ball, it's my zodiac sign!

Anonymous said...


WAKE UP!!!!!!


DaMoon said...

oh! moi bad!

lina said...

hey there guys!!!
Q: r u all "like" libyans?????

i know!it's an idiot question but u dont sound libyan in any kinda way!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how did you think libyans should sound then??




or what??

after all libyans hardly differ from jordanians, both people beduin and sound very simillar

Dinooo said...

Lina and anon. i think u guys should take it easy!

MaySoon said...

Lina, surprise :oD, yes almost all Libyans.. and that's why we are having so much fun…

Anon, don't take it seriously dude :o) I think Lina has never met Libyans, let's give her a chance to meet us :oD

Dinoo thank you girl for being here ;o)

DaMoon said...

Lina; "like" libyans? "like" we wanna be Libyans? or we are Libyans....or maybe not so Libyans? or way too Libyans for our own goods...i don't know let's get to know each other

lina said...

no no u guys i am half libyan and im proud dont get me wrong i didnt mean to offend any1 really i was just saying that u r a cool bunch of ppl i mean i lived in tripoly for 8 years for god's sake really guys no offense meanted here!!!

p.s "like" is not as in like or hate just a word im used to throw in almost every sentence i say!

lina said...

try 2 take it easy guys i was just paying every1 here a compliment!!!!
as in

backward?? forward!!

uncivilised?? civilized!!!

stupid?? clever!!!!

cuz iam 1 of u after all just try 2 understand what ppl around u r saying and not be that sensetive!
and dont think im just defending myself i dont know who u r
u dont know who i am so im just trying to explaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!?!

DaMoon said...

Ok gurl! u explained urself well gosh I do have short temper when it comes to anyone dissing I can do it, but when it comes to a non libyan making a negative comment about a libyan I do get offensive! my boss used to compalin ALOT about stupid drivers, now he knows
welcome to our lil community Lina

mani said...

aahh the benefits of blood relationships.... n WA believes that wasta will die? psssshttttttttt :D :D

welcome Lina... :).. your community is here..

know what u mean bout the 'like' though.. I once counted 38 'like's from these two canadian couple standing waiting for the tube in London, in just 'like' 2 mins lol..

people only really say it cause its a default joining word.. means vocab is a bit limited, its alright Im sure.. your only young :D

welcome again

cofman said...


Anyone here ???

People with double standards
See what they wrote on my page “ Where did he go now?

e7m e7m COFMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN wenek ya rajl?!!??! ”

. . .

oh yeah … tell me you are too busy with Damoon’s wedding
( think of another good reason plz … that one won’t work )

Dinooo said...

u don't have to be libyan to be one of this community or inorder to get them love u coz am not! and i don't have anything that makes me even close to being a libyan yet i love this community; the only thing that makes me attached to it is that DaMoon is my dearest bestest friend and sweet Maysoon is her sister and they got a great family that i know and love :)
I'm sure everybody here will be happy to have u as new friend, u explained urself well and about the "like" word...umm to make it simple, here in Canada the "like" word is just like "Assalmu3alaikom" or like "inshallah" back home; i just said the word "like" twice lool haha that made me laugh :)

Maysoon, am always here even if i reply late ;)

DaMoon said...

awwwww dindin I am like how remember when u used to get stuck on "like" netsahoko 3al especially in college ;) man! I miss those days and all da nick names we had for everytime I think of College I remember that toilet paper tail HOW EMBARRASSINGGG anyhoo, u r right, Lina doesn't have to be libyan to be part of this community, so welcome again Lina :o)

Dinooo said...

DaMoon u know that i got all the sweetness from u, netsahwk rahoo don't take it seriousely ;)

Yes i sure remember chilling with u almost everyday at College if not then outa College (driving around hittin on guys.. jk). Akeed I can't be with u o ma netsahokosh, both don't go together ;)

About all the nick names we had for ppl, oh it was just funny how we even had nick names for Arab ppl not just Canadian yet they weren't getting wat we were saying, thanx to u for teaching me a lot of libyan slangs and for making ppl call me the "Libyan-arabic dictionary"!!!

EMBARRASSMENT… the toilet paper tail… looooool I can't stop laughing, I can never forget that day when u showed me ur magic of getting a cat tail by just entering and leaving the washroom,, woow amazing lol I should of taped that and put if on the show "funniest videos" but I was too nice I guess and decided to rib ur tail lol am sure I saved u from a lot of other embarrassing moments during that day!

MaySoon said...

Lina welcome again, though it is late :o).. please feel free to comment any time gurl... I won't be busy with DaMoon's busy just was a hell of a weekend I'll write about it later insha'Allah..

Dindin, thanks girl.. that was soo sweet...:oD

cofman said...


Hey Guys ??

Did you see what Maysoon calls her monkey ???

Plz go and see the monkey, and see the name Maysoon gave to him

The woman is BLIND

wallahi blind allah lol

MaySoon said...

LOL Cofman I call him Samoo7 cuz when I was lil I had a stuffed monkey that's called Samoo7 and Meral has one now
You know how we libyans like to name things the opposite.. emm let's say
Berrad for Su7'an,
Bseer for A3ma,
BiaDh for
Well it's kinda the same hehehhe

Dinooo said...

LOL Samoo7 is not that bad looking but very active just like Maysoon ;)

lina said...

hey there guys thanx a lot & i'll try to limit my "LIKES" as much as possible (BAD HABIT) :))

MaySoon said...

lol Lina 3adi gurl :o) it's ok you can say "like" as much as you want

lina said...

like "thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx" ;)