Thursday, February 15, 2007


I finally had a hair cut yesterday afternoon and I LOVE IT! I didn't have a hair cut for four months now and I hate it when it gets to the point when I can have it as pony tail.

My hairdresser is just amazing, this is not an advertising for her or any thing, but she's gooooood, I have always had short hair, and before I started going to her I used to go into the hairdresser's shop scared, and leave unsatisfied. But that has changed since I started going to Diana, 8 years now, I sit and tell her to do whatever she wants.

I just loved it and wanted to share :o)

I also, finally, got curtains for the kitchen! One thing off the to-buy-list.

Few things about my little Angle; Meral is master her speech skills now, I can notice how she's trying to say the words exactly how we say them, specially words with the letter "R". I am thankful for the smart girl she is, Alhamdolillah. At age of 2 years and 3 months, she knows the alphabetic (Thank you Immunemania for Elmo's easy ABC's book & CD). She knows how to count form 1 - 10 in Arabic, English, and French. She memorizes some short Surah's such as, Al Fate7a, Al E7'las, Al Falaq, Al Nas, & Al Kawthar.

I think Spring is great time for her to join day care, which I haven't decided on yet!

Have a nice weekend every one!


DaMoon said...

Yah na3iman I have to admit da haircut is very cute; and elmshafshfa meme tonzmit, especially when she sticks her lips out and start talking in a very dala3 way, or when she says "estahshtik halba"
finally da weekend is here

Lebeeya said...

Na3eeman!!! :)

I got a hair cut last week and I look like a peacock. God bless the Hijab. *sigh*

God bless Meral. Rabi ya7fudha inshallah. Shes so cute mashallah 3alaiha. Show us more pictures of here please :)

Anonymous said...

na3eeman, it's good to find a hair dresser that understands your hair.

I can't cut my hair , I 'm banned from doing that... my mom's orders.
she says" when you get married cut it, even shave it bald, but when your still with me don't dare to touch it"..sob

kisses for your sweet Meral ;)

MaySoon said...

DaMoon, yah she started this habit of sticking her lips out and seriously it started to annoy me :oS

Lebeeya, Allah en3em 3lek, I am sure you don't look like peacock you are just exaggerating and el 2alib 3'alib ;o), I will post more pictures as soon as I figure what is wrong with my cam.

Ema, Allah en3em 3lek too :o), and I have introduced Diana to my friends and they love her too, so after you get married inshallah I will introduce you too :oD