Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shopping Fever!

Thank you all for your concerns and nice comments!

Yesterday evening I thought I needed something to change my mood, and I thought shopping might be IT! Guess what it didn't change my mood at all! I spent 4 hours trying to find something to buy, I don't know where from people get their clothes, maybe it's me who can't choose but it's crazy every store I go into I don't find what I like!! Maybe what they have isn't my cup of tea! I don't know what's wrong seriously, I ended up buying pair of jeans which I exactly promised myself not to buy, I wanted to buy something nice, I need a wardrobe make over, since mine is no longer fits my mood!

As I said for clothes I didn't find what I was looking for, on the way home I stopped by Naf Naf "the new store before zarqa elyamama" I liked couple of things there but it was already 10 p.m. and I wasn't in the mood for trying them on, so maybe I will go back today, other than that I didn't like any thing any where else!!! as for shoes, I did like couple of things in one store but the guy told me that they're displaying new collection on Tuesday, today, so I decided I'll wait and see...

I bought some make-up items... well well well thinking about it I am not a make-up person, why in hell did I buy 1 eye kohl, 4 lipsticks, 2 Mascaras, and 2 compact powders??????!!! what was I thinking spending 200 dinars on things I might not use!!! *SIGH*

I am really proud of Meral! We were out for 4 hours, and she kept herself dry, even though she drank lots of water, no running for the neares house to use the bathroom :o)

Meral and I got hungry, so decided to try Chicken El Bek, the new place in Hay Alandalus close to "Cook Door" emm well their wanna-be Whopper is fine but their chicken fillet sucked.. fries were OK..

ANYHOW, I went home feeling full alhamdolilah, hubby called on his way home checking if we needed any thing and most of all asking what dinner was..lol I told him "hey I got you a nice crispy chicken burger", but being married to him enough to knew what his answer would be!! yes he wanted his dearest "mbakbka", thank goodness for pressure cookers..lol

So today I am planning to go shopping AGAIN..lol maybe I will buy something more essential than make-up! *sigh*


a_akak said...

:) its good to know you are feeling a bit better :) but i never understand why shopping is a type of therapy as i really hate it!!! and although i went out to do some shopping last weekend but i felt tired and sick of it and i was out for aabout 1 or 2 hours max and i stopped at 2 coffee shops (with my younger bro)

My fav fast food is "Mbakabaka" :) and last time i was in libya tried "kook door" was was NOT good and i got food poisoning!!!!

Anyway good to know u r doing well :D

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

I know Cook door sucks..lol and so are most of the fast food places in Libya, well except for few :o)

I tell you I don't like the shopping it self but spending money and getting new stuff is the therapy..lol uhh I am just bored!

I have no idea why Mbakbka is the guys' favourite dish!

Happymoi said...

I dont like shopping at all...thank god most of the time my mom does it for me...i get tired really fast..and if i was on a vaction then she'd usually leave me at a cafe or a play area,bowling centre or anything but in Libya she drags me along but my mom learned that she cant take me shopping if she really wanted to get stuff cuz i'd be winning all the time like a little kid and worse "amta benrwa7o", "ani e3eet benga3mez" ,"3adi ele begool 7aja egool kalas ela manga3mez twa" hehe...poor mom she has to go through this everytime she takes me with her!!!

LovelyHibo said...

ماحد يكلمني علي التبضع والشري
تي من يوم جيت لليوم واني نشري فلوسي كملتهم قاعدينلي 10 باوند بس
تي شنطه كبيرة معبية بحوايجي الي جيبتهم من ليبيا والي شريتهم من لندن
هذا غير المكياج.وحتي اني لو بنفكر وين بنستخدمه ماعنديش..بس بيني وبينك ياميسون راهو فرصة وقت تشري حاجة تجي قدامك وتلقيها رخيصة لو بتقارنيها بفلوسنا انتي الرابحه يعني

وشكلي ناوية نشري ثاني هذا علاش شديت الحوش ياستي حتي الماكلة الي يجي في خاطري نشريه الي يسمع يقول وليت نلبس 50 لووووووووووووووووووول

المهم خلي نرجع لموضوع ياحبيبتي وقت تبي تحاولي تغيري جوك حاولي انك تطلعي مع اكثر وحده من صحباتك الي تعرفيها حاتغيرلك جوك ببصارتها وبمزاحها

وبيني وبينك عمره ماكان السوق وسيلة تغير جو خصوصاُ إنك تحاولي تعبي فراغ وملل حاستيه بالشراء و صرف فلوسك علي حاجات انته في الاصل مش محتاجتها

حاولي مثلا ترفعي بنتك لمنتزه محترم وتكون معاك صاحبتك الفكاهية مثلاً
أو لمطعم زي مومن فيه مكان مخصص للعب الاطفال تقريباً بنتك جنبك وصاحبتك معاك وتاكلوا وتهدرزوا وتضحكوا
وبعدها حاتحسي احساس اقل من الي حاسه بيه توا...

اني مرات نطلع للمحلات نتفرج ونتسلي وطبعا تكون معاي وحده من صحباتي
ونغيروا جو...صح مرات نطلعوا نضحكوا بس نرجع قلبي مغموم وخاطري نشد مخدتي ونبكي...

نخاف انقولك حاجة حاتسيئ فهمي فيها بس : افتحي شريط قرآن في سيارتك واسمعيه طول ما انتي تسوقي ومدابيك تاخدي طريق البحر أو طريق اقل زحمه او توقفي سيارتك جنب البحر واسمعي القرآن,,حاولي تقري قرآن و إستعوذي من الشيطان لأن حالك يا أختي أحسن من حال هلبة ناس لو بتفكري قداش عندك من خيرات وحاسة بالمملل والقلق وبدياة كآبه..حاتحسي بأنك محظوظة وغيرك لا..

نتمني إنك فهمتي كلامي صح

تحياتي للوطن

LovelyHibo said...

علي سيرة المبكبكه حتي اني نحبها هلبةةةةة وخصوصاً اللي بالسبقيتي جاريه وحارة زي النار ياعينننننننننني

الله يرحمه بوي كان يحبها وخلانا نحبوها زيه..:)

وعلي سيرة المطاعم ياودي مطعم الحفرة متع سوق الحوت جنب شاطيء النخيل تقعميزته حلوة فسط المطعم الي بالدروج
أو مطعم طرابلس الي جنب الباب الجديد جيهة سوق الذهب
أو مطعم الثرات الشعبي وسط المدينة القديمة أو مطعم السرايا الي مقابل الساحة الخضراء أو مطعم ايوان و الوجبات السريعة بصراحة عندك مومن مليح حتي جوه حلو رغم انه زحمه زحمه بكلللللللللللل يالطيففففففففف

عندك الركن الشرقي ولو انهم يقولوا ان البنت الي تخش غادي تبي تتزوج بس انتي متزوجة ومعاك بنتك :)

وفي مطاعم ثانية بس للاسف مش متفكرتهم


MaySoon said...

Happy I normally don't like shopping but I NEED it now.. I told you I didn't buy any thing this summer because there is nothing to buy every thing seems to be not my style :o)

لوفلي شكراً علي النصائح الحلوة والله كلامك كله صح في صح :)
هي حالة وعدت , ممكن تكون ضغط شغل مع جو سخون مع حاجتي لإجازة... المهم يستر الله وخلاص..شكراً حبوبة وطبعاً فهمت كلامك صح :)

بالمناسبة مؤمن معادش زحمة بكل!!

a_akak said...

Masha Allah 3leek ya Hibo :), first of all i agree with your first comment and then again masha allah 3leek, you have extensive knowledge of restaurants in Tripoli :) and i have actually been to all the ones on your list .........."Al-Rukan Al-Sharkee" is probably my fav hangout place as i love their cakes especially in the morning :)

MaySoon I think Hibo just gave us the "ABC of Eating in Tripoli" can you add some more places for my benefit? and any New place

MaySoon said...

LOL Ahmed...

Well, you have mentioned this before AL7aTab is still #1 for pizza and smoked chicken sandwich..lol I just had that last night! all those Hibo has mentioned 7uffra is the best for seafood (I am not a fan of those tho) Morina is #1 Italian food restaurant, the new food court in Ben3ashoor haven't tried it but it's mashkoora, also mentioned by Romana, I don't like Erokn Esharqee cakes that much, I like El3alm's "fe shar3 eljmohrya" and their ice cream is good too, speaking of ice cream... the #1 ice cream place is ElshaT "mgabl mojam3 elshaT" zaweet edhmani.. emmm ah as for shawerma I love "elforn el3arabi's" shawerma in Hay Alandalus, opposite of the old Lebanese restaurant (5 meem), and there is this place in nofleen called "Al Shaden" that makes good Turkish food, DaMoon told me about this place called "UNO" I haven't tried yet, but she said they make good calzone .lol as for coffee and a nice hangout.. Marcus Aurelious's coffee shop right in front of Marcus Aurelious Arch, another place was mentioned by Romana Sarya Café & Restaurant opposite of Eshuhada2 Square, oh yah I was about to forget O2, Hay AL Andalus on the seaside behind Hay Alandalus Old Post Office, it’s a coffee shop that makes the BEST club sandwiches and BESTEST pancakes.. yummy with peanut butter & honey I’ll die for one now!

If you have any further inquiries please don’t hesitate...lol

LovelyHibo said...

i went to Morina Tooooo.


LovelyHibo said...

علي فكرا أني اسمي هبة ويقلولي
هيبوا او هيبوني وانتي إختاري الي يعجبك

قوليلي حتي نقناقه كلها صفاتي ولله الحمد لووووووووووووووووووول

MaySoon said...

LOL bel joda :oD

Anglo-Libyan said...

you cant beat mbakebka :o)

you just said that the chicken fillet sucked and then you offred it as a nice crispy chicken burger to your husband! poor guy :o)

better luck with shopping today, big hug to Meral.

MaySoon said...

LOL I knew it sucked just after I offered it to him I decided to eat it myself and then I found out how ewwey it was! lol

No luck wallahi ya AL for yesterday, but thanks! I actually asked the seller if people do buy and he said yes! I told him I want NORMAL shirts or blouses is that too much to ask for!

Meral hugs you back :o)

Romana said...

SHOPPPINGGG, those are the magic words to any girls heart!
although in Libya its SUCH A CHORE! u can never find anything u like,and when u want something, u can never find it..

tawa mish Mango fta7, they get some disgusting outfits sometimes!!!
and yea i passed by naf naf the other day when i was going home from work, o finally fta7... do they have nice stuff??

and yes, Raben yer7am o yd'lah lil jannah illi e7'tara3 il pressure cooker...

update us with ur shoppin list when u're done.. im interested! o kana shofti any nice shirts PLZZ let me know, i dont have a work wardrobe!

MaySoon said...

Romana, there is on A/C coming your way..LOL seriously when your ppl requested it I was like hope it's for Romana's office poor Romana has no AC :o(..lool

I tell you I was assigned a mission by mother-in-law so I had to go out during work hrs..thank God dad is travelling..lol so any way... this was half an hr ago, so I stopped by MNG I got 2 pants and one top it's OK I haven't tried them on yet but the top goes with both pants so there u go.. I stayed at MNG for 10 minutes I scanned it all.. and if I tried those pants at home and they didn't fit I'm going to go back for more scanning..lol it's like you have to go more than once to a store so you can find something!

NafNaf well I liked couple of suits there great for work if you are not mohajaba..lol coz of the short jackets! I seem to find pants no problem but the problem is with tops! Anyhooo I didn't go back to NafNaf yesterday but maybe later on today! we'll see…

a_akak said...

Advice over AC units, get LG the best!!!!

MaySoon said...

Ahmed, that's a competitor!..lol I agree LG is good for split units but when it comes to centrals CARRIER is the BEST :oD

a_akak said...

you work for carrier?

a_akak said...

i will give you a clue, look at Akak then think about LG then think about AKIDA ............ ;)

MaySoon said...

Don't say you're some how connected to Akida ppl!..lol yah I work for Carrier!..lol

By the way I have a technical question for you!? after taking the snap picture of my desktop how can I save it to upload it on my blog? cuz when I saved it as bitmap image it came out black and white??!! Please advise!

a_akak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
a_akak said...

Me (AKAK which in arabic is writen a diff way), LG and Akida are one :) and i think you work for "Al-Wafa" company :), see i am a member of the Family behind Akida and i use to work for my uncles in the summer with AKIDA so i know the AC market very very well :)

Back to your question:
1 - take a snape with the "Prt Scrn" button loacted on you upped right hand side
2 - Open "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" which you can find with MS Office
3 - Press "Paste" and you should get the pic and then save it
4 - To make it into a JPEG which is smaller in size open the saved picture with MS Paint and save as JPEG

(thats probably the easiest way)

Fe aman allah

Lebeeya said...

NO ONE INSULT MEXICANO / AL RUKUN ALSHARQI / THE CHINESE RESTUARNT! Those are my three favorite places in Libya.

I know shopping in Libya is a nightmare, I always see people wearing nice things but where the hell do they buy them?!!

I am proud of Meral :) and I hope you feel better soon. Please tell me if you need ANYTHING from here, I am going to be doing lots of shopping for my sisters so I can easily pick up a couple of things you need. Let me know ok.

Romana said...

Lebeeya, MEXICANO??? seriously?????????? ok their burgers are nice, but the rest is...hmm...not edible... i once ordered some chicken sandwitch, the chicken was SO STIFF, law drabti yahoodi fiha yestaslim!

and STAY AWAY FROM MO2MEN, the last couple of times i ate there,i got a complementary HAIR to go with my FOOD! yuuuckkk!!!

A1-Food court is okay so far.. hope it stays that way when u get here... so here, u have ur own yellow pages now! lool

cheerzzz wenik ya bnaya!

Happymoi said...




lol sheno looks like everyone is in the airconditioning business...looooooooooooool..what a coin-ce-dence!!!

a_akak said...

HAPPY: LOL i was waiting for you as well to pop up lol

fe aman allah

LovelyHibo said...

its good to know you are feeling oky:)

Happymoi said...

LOL akak..i didnt want to but i dont know what it is inside of me that drove me to do that...LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

MaySoon said...

Thanks for the steps I'll dit it later...
LOL Ahmed No I don't work for Al Wafa, ALWAFA is only a distributor for Carrier residential A/Cs, and we are the official agent for Carrier!
I can't share more info here..lool

Leebeya, like you need to add items to ur shopping list lol yaser your sisters hun thanks alot for the offer :o).. add to that my size is a problem and I have to try things on cuz not any thing fits me :o( 7ashak baylla!..lol
Thanks again 7abooba :o)

HAPPY ? you're connected to Hommer! ..lol what a coincidence indeed! :op

Thanks Hibo for asking :o) alhamdolilah!

MaySoon said...

Ah sorry Romana, lol

EWWWW you know I can bare any thing in food ella hair.. and for some reason they always show up 3endi..lol edawro fea!

I replied back to your email.. let me check maybe you sent something new!..lol

I blog from work, and I work til 2.30 so after that I am gone!

Romana said...

MORNING u, u blog from work too, ehehe, bahi mish broo7i nesta3'l work internet for personal use! lol
i sent u a reply ames, check it out =)

and the hair, one word, EYOOOO! i know how disgusting it is!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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