Monday, May 14, 2007

Shoes, Sfenz & Fish Market!

I think the blogging world can't get any As I am posting the picture of my shoes I am thinking what the hell am I doing!? So yah Meral's to follow!


Meral with her Dora Doll, it was a gift from my Dad on her 2nd Birthday...
I think Meral kind of looks like Dora :oD

Sfenzzzzzzzzzz any one? Ok so I am not fal7a.. I don't know how to make it at home, normally I don't like it but I was craving it for like 2 weeks, so on Friday I decided to get me some Sfenz :oD

After we picked up essfenz, we went to the fist market.. Masha'Allah all kinds of fresh fish, some of which were still moving!!

We got there around 7.30 a.m. it wasn't that busy, but as we were leaving the traffic out side was unbelievable!

I haven't been to the fist market in 4 years! It's now cleaner and more organized... :o)

Mom was invited over for lunch, which was couscous with fish, and grilled fish. I forgot to take pictures of that huh!


Anglo-Libyan said...

how could you forget to take pictures of couscous with fish?? I bet it was delicious :o)

nice pictures of the market and a huge amount of fish.

would that be Dora the Explorer with Meral? :o)

a_akak said...

That is one fun, full & packed day :) and one of my favorite places in Tripoli is the Fish Market as I LOVE SEAFOOD!!!! and I usually go to buy fish for my mother to cook and she keep screaming at me if i FORGET to get the fish CLEANED lol (which i usually do)

Fal7a? I am 100% sure u r, you did Coucasy bil7oot and u not fal7a? (BTW did u use Faroog 7oot? its the best with coucasy)

The blog world has offically gone crazy, with feet, food, and my hand writing lol............... I am usually good with words but how do you compliment feet? I am sure this will be a new entry in the Arabic compliment dictionary lol....... but ur feel are lovely but how can u girls survive with those pointy shoes? dont they kill u? or is it the price of fashion and looking good?

PS: Alway good to read ur posts :) & Meral (as usual) is looking good & happy

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Anglo you see I was busy eating it was YUMMYYYY :oD, after seeing that amount of fish I decided to go buy fish at least once a week so we can have it 3 times a week. Yah that's Dora the Explorer.. Meral loves her!

Ahmed, it was a fun day :o) I saw farooj b7ar.. it's the best with couscous you're right!

Well I am not fal7a cuz my mother-in-law made it LOL I helped and cleaned isn't that enough! you don't need to compliment it's wierd hehhe, and by the way the pointy part of the shoes is no toes are there so it doesn't hurt ;o)

thanks for your comment brother :oD

Libyano said...

Nice shoes , waiting for thecute Meral's shoes :)
Sfenz , Mmmmmm , mom makes the best sfenz ever

7oot 7oot :) , looks yummy even raw

Medical advice , pointed shoes harm you feet try to avoid them :D

DaMoon said...

hahaha, I can recongnize da carpt, is that at work? hehehe tawa n7arish baba. jk, I love those shoes, they'r very comfy

Zfinz, I HATE Zfiniz WITH PASSION, I can never eat that stuff, re7tah makes me daikhaaa, but sa7tean

fish market, I love it of ur mom-in-law, invited mama for lunch? 3li kusksi 7oot? and u woke up at 7:30 am on a weekend to go to soog el7oot? Ok this is starting to smell kinda fishy! cuz knowing u sista, u'll never wake up that early for groceries!!! seriously u've gotten weird

merooooooooo, i misss her sooo freaking much and tell her I am getting her tones of Dorra stuff, I am looking for Dorra bikini

Anglo-Libyan said...

Damoon, there are Dora toys that teach simple English & Spanish, perhaps you should check them out.

piccolina said...

i can't imagine u eatting sfenz !! lol yalla maybe u'll get some wight lol
anyway i have no comment about the fishes .. i don't like it AT ALL !!lool

Happymoi said...

meroooooooooooo is so cute and ya damoon you stole the nickname i made for her ...i was surprised to see you use it..mashallah 3aleha ya maysoon she is really one cute and adorable kid..inshallah ya rab tetraba fe 3zkum and grows up to be the best merooo ever....i totaly love her..."maleketah 7'afefa" as they say in libyan slang...

im not much of a fish eater but yes cosksi bel7oot is something i adore....i know its weird i dont like fish but with kosksi its fine...

your merooo loves dora just like my cousin's duaghter she has dora in all sizes..and if you touch dora you are dead meat..shes funny and cute too..i cant wait until she comes back to libya...

nice shoes...or nice feet (a_akak) it really does feel odd complimenting anyone's foot...

i cant never participate in the food race..if i do my blog will be similair to the guys (fry an egg or something) loooooooool

a_akak said...

Good To See You Back Happy & Thank For The Advice

MaySoon said...

Libyano, thanks dude :oD… well I am dying for home made sfenz I think it’s less oily.. I tell you those shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever got, you see as I told Ahmed my toes aren’t in the pointy part, but thanks of the Advice Dr. Libyano ;o)

DaMoon, you’ve been missed…yah it’s at work.. and if you tell Baba I will give him the link to your blog :op….lol
DaMoon knows that my shoesr are comfy..
I used to hate sfenz too, but it’s fine if it’s heated in the oven so it losoes some of the oil and gets crunchy and don’t eat it early, around 10 - 11 is
I woke up at 7 for the sake of sfenz, I guess I am getting older I love early mornings now! I am getting weird aren’t I?!!!!

Anglo, that’s a great idea, check them out DaMoon..
Meral’s Dora sings “Dora all around the world” song and says “Hello” in four languages.. I took off the batteries, I put them back from time to time, can’t stand the noise..:o) I ate it it doesn’t help ya 7anna.. I eat like I am never full…but it doesn’t show!!!! Fish I eat it with couscousi and it has to be any thing but “kalb b7ar” I hate it, and I don’t like seafood “khrabeesh” also for the other kinds of fish it has to be either grilled or fried, I don’t eat it cooked in a sauce!!!

Happy wenek ya bent, we missed you raho!! Are you done exams yet???? Merooo… that’s how we call her at home too :oD thanks for your sweet and kind words ya 7abooba… your cousin’s daughter sounds CUTE :oD yalla when she’s back in Libya let’s all meet and get her & Meral play together with their Doras…:o) …
as I saidit doesn’t get any crazier than this.. posting our shoes!!
Why don’t you fry an egg and post it.. I am not better than you

a_akak said...

Not to seem "too" stupid but what is this "Doras"????? i just noticed now read your reply? which planet do i live on?

MaySoon said...

Ahmed Dora is the doll in the picture!! "Dora The Explorer!" a Cartoon on Nick Jr. Channel, it comes in different sizes and different toys and stuff.. here

Lebeeya said...

Nice shoes! I can take pointy shoes but what I cant take are those elfs shoes, the pointy ones that curve! Those are very popular in libya. Horrible they are!

Fish looks cute. I love finding Nemo!!!!!!!!!

Meral has the cutest smile mashallah, what a day you had :)

MaySoon said...

Lebeeya, thanks sweetie :o)
I don't think those shoes are still popular I didn't seem them around for sometime!

"Fish looks cute. I love finding Nemo!!!!!!!!!"
fish looks cute? no way! fish is well Nemo isn't but I don't think fish looks cute..:op Do you eat it though?

mani said...

Salam sis Maysoon, is that the 7ofra fish market you were in???? mashallaaaaah it looks so much nicer in the morning lolololol..

great shoes btw :)

pls sallmely 3lee 'meeero' el sanfoora too :) and say 3ammu hammam says salam :D. couldnt stop laughing when I read that Ahmed doesn't know Dora LOLOLOL.. no wonder dude when was the last time u watched cartoons or spent time with kids?? :D we are obvlious to that part of life now!!!!

I missed seeing my younger brother grow up over the last 6 years its nuffair :(

Happymoi said...

omg akak you dont know dora???how can you not know dora??? 7ey you are sooooooooooooo behind in kids toys....eduaction eduaction education...loooooooooooool

maysoon dear..i didnt even start yet..i think if they didnt change the schedule i'd start may27 and end june16 but im hoping that we get to change our last final to maybe the 18th...cuz its a tough course..but other than that i cant wait to finish this year...lots has been going on and i want it to be over sooooooon..ed3li...

hugs and kisses to merooo and dora since shes special to her...salams

MaySoon said...

Hi Mani, this market is the harbor one "mena2" emm 7ufra restaurants make the best fish!!!!!!

LOL Mani, well if he's a grown up living on his own with no kids arround how would you expect him to know about Dora? emm I myself wouldn't know about her if I don't have a lil girl :oD

It sux when we miss seeing them grow up :o(

MaySoon said...

you sneaked in gosh GOOD LUCK BEST OF LUCK AND ALL THE BEST.. and most of all INSHALLAH BELLNAJA7 WA ATTAWFEEQ :oD study hard..

Guys take it easy on he'll learn about cartoons when time comes :o)

Thanks sweetie Meral hugs you and kisses you

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR SHOES,,, i guess Meral Looks like DORA "bora" LOLO,, Silly i know. peace

Anonymous said...

yo Damoon LOOOOOOOOOL at Zfiniz hehehe i hate it too

MaySoon said...

LOL Ayosh.. yah Mom's line "Dora Bora" :oD

a_akak said...

MaySoon u r my Saviour :) i mean i love cartoons, but the Boy ones, like "Grandaizer" "Ra3ed Al-3imlag" "Sasookee" "Kookee" "captain Majiid" "3adnan wa leena" although i enjoyed the odd "Zeena wa na7ool" and "Flooona" anyway thank you sis maysoon :D

Fe aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

Yes, I eat fish not all kinds though. Only the cute looking ones :P

cofman said...

Thanks a lot Maysoon,
Do they still make Sfenzz with eggs?
how much please?
And are there new trends with Sfenzz? ummm, like sfenzz with something??

Where is the fish market please?
Near the port gate? In the old market near Rasheed street??
Any idea about fish price, please, approximately . ..sardine .. boory .. ( or the mirjaan??? too expensive I bet ??? )

and Meral? By the way, does she eat fish?

Good post many thanks
( I like these kinds of messages because they tell me about normal people doing normal things )

and your shoes?
( I say nothing now until I get answers for my questions, and then I can say what I like lol )
wallahi great shoes .lol. good colour .. they seem comfortable and practical, not too high or too delicate
( how much please LOL )

my new name Gossip Gossip

Happymoi said...

good morning...i have a class in like almost an hour..i still didnt leave the i thought net net net..

akak: you reminded me of all those almost forgatten cartoons..i used to watch them when i was younger. hehe...

memeories...ahh good ol' days.

MaySoon said...

lol Leebeya, then I will take it as "you don't eat fish" I told you before I don't think there are cute looking

Ahmed, you're right.. well I watched and loved those cartoons they're not boys' cartoons :oD..

Cofman, let me take it one by one!
Do they still make Sfenzz with eggs? YES
how much please? I dunno 10 groosh
And are there new trends with Sfenzz? ummm, like sfenzz with something?? I think they can add cheese to it now! but I didn't ask I just bought some regular and some with eggs..:oD

Where is the fish market please? yes it's the old one near the port gate

Any idea about fish price, please, approximately . ..sardine .. boory .. ( or the mirjaan??? too expensive I bet ??? ) LOL seriously.. I'm gonna sell fish on my blog 7oot 7oot serddinnaaaaa kwaalllliiii "that's what the driver of the car that sells fish around the neighbourhood says" lol
sirdina 75 garsh elkilo,
boory 4.5 LYD/ Kg,
Murjan from 5 - 15 LYD elkilo,
Trilia about 7 LYD
kwalli i
sffan 6LYD elkilo...
kalb b7ar 3 - 4 LYD elkilo
rzam 20 LYD I think I forgot …lol
emm what else.. gambari the small one for 10LYD, the big one for 25
well I just remember those for the moment...

Meral LOVES fish so much...
I got those shoes after 4 months of na'a you don't need to know how they're just shoes :oD

Happy moi... thanks for passing by before you go to the uni.. hope you enjoy the lecture ;o)

DaMoon said...

Maysoon, sheno khdamti fe soug el7oot men wrana???? 7afda etas3ira

MaySoon said...

LOL DaMoon... I picked that on my one visit to the fish market you know me with :op

Happymoi said...

looool damoon..that was soooooooooo funnyyyyyyyy..sheno ya maysoon heki men wara al 3ela?! sheno ensaeti damoon etshof fe your page? lol but really its good you remember all this mashallah..i dont know any thing about not much of a shopper so yeah..i dont even know food prices...except fast food places loooooooooooooooool...i love fast food..ok its not healthy but i love it still....

cofman said...

Thanks a million Maysoon, very informative answer wallahi

Prices of Sffenz not bad 10 groosh .. and .. sardines …
you know 7oot el Mirjaan? I saw it selling at US $16 per kilo

by the way, I now think you are wa7da trabilsia 200 fil mia

( more please about normal people doing normal things )
thanks for the info

cofman said...

ya Maysoon,
I am writing this little note 10 minutes after the last one
You know what I did??
I went to Leebyea’s page, and found Damoon saying “I am da fifth generation in Tripoli”

wallahi on my last comment I was only guessing … just guessing

I am right
enti wa7da trabilsia 200 fil mia

MaySoon said...

LOL Happy, well I am not making enough working for my I think selling fish is like a second income ;o)... lol btw Happy if you want to know prices for any thing.. just ask me :op fast food , clothes, ma3een, shoes, curtains, carpets, accessories, furniture, gold, any just tell me what you need and I give you prices.. and places.. well I’ll try

Ya Cofman, shejaw... you're welcome, ..what made you think I am Trabilsia?

mad at uk said...

nice feet and fish

MaySoon said...

Mad at UK, thanks for passing by :o)

Lost-Libyan said...

7eee 3a jawwww....SFNZ god Im dying here I want some, I remember last winter I was n Libya almost everynight on the way home I stop by Gorji to get the best Sfenz ever! I hate fish though, and I wouldnt take any more pics of feet if i were u, some people cant resist feet! be careful sistr lol :)

DaMoon said...

I am totally opposite ya lost libyan, nakrah esfiniz and I LOOOVE fish
it's ur time to show us ur feet, we had a compitetion when u were fe el mstashfa,

MaySoon said...

LL, zartna elbarka :oD

Normally I am not a big fan of Sfenz but sometimes I feel like haveing it, and hey the picture I took was of the Gorgi one :o)

I'd add my voice to DaMoon's, it's ur turn to show us your shoes/

Lost-Libyan said...

lol....Deal I ll show you ( kor3aya) and my tattoo!! lol

MaySoon said...

Yes DEAL..lool

Lost-Libyan said...

Maysoon go check my Blog!

cofman said...

Hi Maysoon,

Sorry I couldn’t answer your question earlier ……
You asked “what made you think I am Trabilsia?”

please … please … next time ask me a difficult question .. thanks

MaySoon said...

I will right now LL :oD

Cofman, okay next time insha'Allah!

cofman said...

i was joking wallahi

why i thought you were trabilsia?

ummmmmm i am soooooooo sorry, same answer lol
it is easy
(i'll explain another time ... )

ok ... up-date please
even pics ( or a joke )
I need one so bad lol

lovelytripoli said...

i caqnt` see any photes to couscous bel7ot (blefrogg)

Another time take ur family yo Reastorant al7frah near shate alna`7el

i aet some fishs thier,i really liked to aet fish outsaide more then at home..

or eat it meshoy...

so,when i will back maybe i will invet u girls for fish.

MaySoon said...

Hibo.. you know just yesterday Dodo asked us to take her to 7ofrah for some so we're going there insha'Allah sometime this week, I too love their grilled fish they make it the best in Tripoli :oD

We'll go again when you're back ;o)

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