Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meral & Mamoshka!

Since my mother-in-law is traveling, visiting her daughter in Egypt, it is my Mom's turn to baby-sit Meral, and so far Meral seems to be having so much fun enjoying the new places she's exploring with her granny, Meral's favourite place is the beach (it is habar for her) , where she get to see the birds (she calls it nawnas), they go there every morning Mom likes to have her coffee at the beach, and Meral is enjoying her cup of milk too.

This is the face Meral is making now when she knows someone is taking a photo


This is in Hay Alandalus, behind Almuntda

Anyways, it was kind of tyring especially yesterday was physiotherapy day for Meral I was running, running and running all day long, I was here and there, from work to home, then to Hay Alandalus, to Zawia Street to Janzour. In addition to preparing dinner & the next day's lunch and house chores and every thing related, at the end of the day I was like how did I do it!?!! Every thing else is postponed for the moment, until my life gets back to normal.

I know DaMoon, and Piccolina have mentioned vacations in their posts, I just can't help but mention it I AM TIRED I NEED A VACATION :oS , but Father made it clear it is not going to happen until May, ughhh!


piccolina said...

do you think we should open a club and call it " Desperate to a vacation " ????
i'm so upset honestly but u know for me study comes first !!!
how cute is your little angel , coffe with an amazing view !! but how about the smell there !!!!
GOD bless you inshallah :)

MaySoon said...

Piccolina, God bless you too sweety, don't be upset just do well on your finals and you will be albe to make it to Dubai next time inshallah.
I know we have such amazing views but abandoned :o( I will ask about the

AngloLibyan said...

I grew up in Hay Alandalus but have no idea what the Muntada is!
I have not had a proper holiday since august 2005.
Allah bless Meral, she is lovey :o)

DaMoon said...

MaySoon you forgot to mention that it's my and I feel left out, my car tatla3 fe el picture and you don't mention it! how harsh! Poor khnefesa, that's what I call my car, Khnefesa,
Piccolina, I feel for you :( nebbbbeee nsaffferrrrrrrrrrr "and it doesn't get any desperate"
MaySoon bring meme and come over today!

MaySoon said...

AngloLibyan, Al Muntada Al Akhdar (across the street from Nadi Erreemal) is used to be a place for slot machines and games not any more though, I don't know what it is now! any way it has been there since the beginning of the 90's so you should've passed by it but you just didn't know what it was :o)

DaMoon, you are right sister, sorry I forgot about elkhnefeesa..

AngloLibyan said...

Maysoon, I left Libya when I was youngish in 1980 :o)
I think from your description and from reading Trabilsia's post about Hay Alandalus that it was the bowling arena.

MaySoon said...

AngloLibyan, I was born in so no idea what it was then :o)

Brave Heart said...

Meral looks very cute ,rabi isson ,god bless her

Lebeeya said...

Meral looks so adorable mashallah!

how did you manage to do all that?? Mashallah 3alaiki habebti. You are a true libyan working mom lol. Bless you.

Come to Oman please :)

MaySoon said...

Brave Heart, thank you :o)

Leebeya, welcome back once more :o) I missed you girl.
Thanks, I told you I don't know how I manage to get every thing done, I think I am pushing myself to the limits, and discovering that there is some hidden energy some where, but when I go to bed at the end of the day.. I am exhausted!

Lebeeya said...

I can imagine how exhausted you would be by the end of the day. Rabi ya3teek el saha habebti. You make me proud :)

And u inspire me lol..