Saturday, February 09, 2008

Congrats Dodo!!

It's been crazy busy out here.. alhamdolilah.. I mean I blog from work.... and lately I have been swamped, so I guess it's a good thing eh?

I am just writing today to share this.. MY SIS DODO GOT HER PHD CONGRATULATIONS.. I am happy for her and very very proud.. GO SISTER GO!! :o)! She’s done it in record time :o) mashallah 3leha.. (well you can use the Libyan saying here “فرطاسة تتباهى بشعر اختها” lol it’s like to show off with something some one else did!

And yah.. Mom is here again.. she couldn't stand the depression of the winter in Canada.. she came back running... Well it's good to have her here.. cuz DaMoon & I missed her so very much...

Have I said that Meral became such a headache??.. a headache that u actually enjoy its pain!? She keeps talking asking and singing with her sharp voice saying.. mama mama what's this.. mama give me this ... mama I need by the end of the day I just need some quiet sound-free environment ..ughh

Well got to go the documents piles on my desk are waiting for me :o(..