Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Hey all it's been a while, hope all are doing well!

My best friend has entered the golden cage! She's the closest friend I have, alhamdolillah all went as planned , except for how tired we were from the late nights...Tuesday was Sahreya, so I took Wednesday off from work, Wednesday there was nothing but we had to finalize some stuff for the wedding party, so by Thursday we were tired, I had soar throat, headache and all that comes with the flu, but I enjoyed the party as much as I could it was a very light hearted wedding party.. She looked amazing mashallah...

I have mixed feelings about it, I am happy for her wallahi she deserves the best, however her moving to the states is making me feeling down :o(... .. God I am going to miss her A LOT...

Since I can't share wedding photos I am going to share a traditional symbol!

Srrir or gendil I am not sure what's it called, it is the thingy they do fel Najma


dusk till dawn said...

congratulation to ur soul mate,so u did work hard for her wedding, and given her ur best ideas. sorry to hear ur not feeling well.was it becuase of singing ha ha, sure u will miss her,but nice to wish her a happy new life in the states of luck to both of them, pride and groom.

maiuna said...

i can relate to what u r feeling, 3 of my closest friends got married over the last 3 years and moved out of Libya (2 to canada and one to UK)... yeah im happy for them and i wish them all the happiness in the world..but in the same time, I REALLY DO MISS them!...but u 'll survive, i know u will!

piccolina said...

yeah i'm happy for her too , mashallah they told me she looked amazing , she is a very good and nice person and she deserves the best .

don't worry sweetie there is internet and phone calls lol it's ok as long as she's happy :))


MaySoon said...


Maiuna.. there you go, you experienced this more than once..:o( sorry to hear that and as you said we can't do any thing but wish them the best and miss them :o).. inshallah rabi es3edhum :o)

Picco, yah she looked amazing :o) thanks hun.. phone and internet can't replace the person's presence, and you wouldn't be up to date with their day to day thingy..

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
Congratulations to your best friend as well as my sympathies for you. Truly I understand how you feel. Moreover, I'm sure she feels the same way too. There is just something so special about girlfriends--especially the best ones. :-)

Curious said...

Hi maysoon, i was sure that you are going to write about her, at least you were at her wedding, i would like to hear from her, she seamed to disappear since then, i told her i give you 2 weeks and after that you have to call.

Maya said...

congratulation to her
and sorry for your illness at the wedding days its the flu season

fe aman Allah

a_akak said...

I am going crazy, yes i know i already a bit crazy but this time i am officially going crazy and i might need help

Everywhere i go and everyone i talk too is getting married and this is putting far way too much pressure on poor me to step up and even the W2B (not going to tell you this code) is catching the bug and telling me her friend is getting married and her other friend is getting married or engaged or fat7a ... dont get me wong i am happy for them but i am too young for this commitment or am i just avoiding growing older? does marriage represent to me a step to becoming an adult? Or is my brain just playing games? What’s worse is if i stall and keep avoiding it for much longer i might loose someone dear to me and i see things moving but am i moving as well? ya allah what does someone do


Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your friend my sister...please give her my best regards and warmest wishes when you talk to her and give her my telephone if she wants anything she can call me anytime.

What is really funny, that I feel exactly the same way about marraige as a_akak does. Except that I don't have to worry about losing anyone near or
I guess it's our generations turn to contribute to the gene pool, and it's either soon or watch
so a_akak if you read my advice is although you should not worry too much, as you'll know when it's the right time to enter the golden cage, you shouldn't ignore and put it off for too long or your attitude will become like mine! a combination of complete indifference to getting marraid, and excitment about your single spouse/child-free

Best of luck


MaySoon said...

IBeeB, Thanks sweetie.. really I think I took her being around for granted.. feels like there is no one I can talk to any more!

Curious, I know I've been to her wedding, but you will be talking to her and seeing her more ENVY U please kiss Shaheen for me and PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH! Thanks for passing by.

Maya, thank you sis :o) and 3ugbalek!

Ahmed brother oh please W2B? Who doesn't know Da "WIFE TO BE"!! :op well don't feel pressured and marriage life is another step of life it's not like you are going to miss your single life, believe me, especially when you are in love with your partner :o)

DODO.. duh.. inshallah 3ugbalek so I can etshamet j/k COME ON we know it's hard to find someone that accepts your strong personality, individuality and independency … I just want to wish you BEST OF LUCK with your PhD, May is almost here :o)

Maya said...

I know toolate but I wanna say happy birthday to your daughter ,my brother born in the same day the 5th of Nov
mashaAllah she's nice girl
Allah bless her for you
fe aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Thank you Maya, and happy belated birthday to your brother as well :o).. and May Allah bless you too :o)

Hibo said...

Happy for ur Friend,and may allah keep her happy all her life.and never stop the love btween her and her husband.
about that Thing u took the Pictuer for it,which u said that what they used in looks like a new Thing,
هذا الشيء كان شكله جديد
في النجمة الليبية او الطرابلسية بالأحري يديروا في سونيه فيها حنبه الي حنو بيها العروسة و فيها كم دحية و مغطسين فيها 5 شمعات
بس الشيء الي مصوراته انتي هدا شكله طرحة جديده من طرحات الاعراس
Any Way;i read all the comments and i stoped with Ahemd`s words;if u are getting Crazy.
what u left it to me to doing?
Crying or laoughing or jumbing or dancing or beat my face LoL.

i think syaing free more Good then marrige of someone doesnt` desirev ur love or ur Honest.
sometimes that made me got crazy like u ahmed,all my best friends get married,and they stop connect me as i am having some bad sick.
but i am still oky..Alhmd allah.
we Need to belive in Allah and be sure of that what allah choes for us to test it.and to live it.
so,Ahmed keep ur life going on and go outsaid with ur friends This Sunday..and tell me ur news.

sorry maySoon,