Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going thru my pictures!

So Lebeeya said it's time to update, and I am lazy to do so, and while checking "my pictures" folder I found those pictures so why not share :o)

This was taken in July 2006, at Regatta

Okay! so she wasn't looking at the right direction!

November 2006, at the Fall Festival at the American School of Tripoli

at the same event, Meral & I "under cover"

Mero having fun at the playground...

Fake smile!

The fake smile once again, Ayosh playing with Meral means lots of make up!!

lol yah I do it too :oD
That's all!


Lebeeya said...

YAY! Another blogger face :D well, actually half face :) looking good Maysoon :)

Meral is looking so cute. I love her winne the pooh bikini! hehe. Wanna get one of those! Do you think they have my size :P

a_akak said...

مشاء الله

such beautiful pictures of both mother & child and may you have many more beautiful day and insha allah Merel will grow up to be just like her mother :) ...... Meral must be very lucky to have you as her mother :) ...... Enjoy the moments as they grow up so fast (not that i know much lol as i am still 5 years old)

Who do you think is the most over exposed blogger :P? As a friend of mine told me "Ahmed no more pic of you"

Libyano said...

Mashallah rabi y7'aliholik
she looks so sweet , I loved the fake smile pic so much :)

cofman said...

Wallahi Meral is sooo beautiful , wallahi I am serious

I mean sometimes I say things because I like to be polite
.. But with Meral she doesn’t need my language . .. She is magic

the first pic?
Or the second?
Or .. or ..
Every picture is fantastic

Btw, I don’t know what Regata is …?

And the make up?
Why make up?
For Meral ??????????

She doesn’t need it – her natural beauty is a killer

( maybe when we have a boy we will come knocking at your door asking for Meral’s hand …… ..)

anyway, more pictures please …., you don’t need to comment .. or write … just put pics pics pics

thanks for sharing

cofman said...

I read my comment again, and forgot to say another thing
I like her bracelet
I could also see one of her earrings

and the flower in her hand? in Libya??
Is it good for a libyan girl to learn about flowers …?
do libyan men understand what flowers are for?
( don’t worry, I am one of them )

……. teach her ummmmmm not flowers .. no ..
teach her how to run … and run fast … lol
teach her horse riding

MaySoon said...

Thanks Lebeeya, lol yah half face :op.. I am not sure if they have your size but you can always ask them to costom make it for u :op

Ahmed, thanks brother for your sweet comment, :oD I am trying to enjoy her as much as possible, and inshallah nsofo 3endek bannota or wlid to enjoy them too :o)

Thanks Libyano almost all of her pictures are with her putting that fake smile on..

Cofman, thanks for your kind sweet words :o) the make up when she's playing she's trying to mimic me by putting on my clothes, shoes and make up that's all :o)
Horse riding, OF COURSE :oD starting next year inshallah!

Anonymous said...

cute masha allah 3aleha raby yo7fodha :)
ya under cover ya danger lol

sweet pics thanx 4 sharing

Anonymous said...

Mashalla 3liha esamoo7a
Adorable, rabbi yo7fedha o eynajeeha...I cannot wait to spend time with my cute little neice.
Hey you know what's funny though...the second to bottom picute has got Gaddafi's portrait on the wall?? What's up with that?

Take care and we'll talk soon


MaySoon said...

Ema..yah under cover my you're welcome sweetie

Dodoooo long time no see sis where have you been???? Mashallah you that picture was taken while I was visiting at Marathon, and u know how every company should have DA PICTURE! :oD.. yalla we can't wait to have you here toooo!

Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah so cute as usual :o)

I like her swimming suit, really sweet :o)

MaySoon said...

Thanks Anglo :oD

cofman said...

7’air ya Maysoon,

I hope all is well, and Meral is bigger than 48 hours ago … lol, they grow quick, don’t they?
…. me too, … I remember …when I was 2 days old I was sooooooooo HUGE than the day before

hey? your page is number 4 or 5 I go to and ask for update …. any update …
it feels like begging …

( strange people )

MaySoon said...

lol Cofman, yah stop begging :op

Are we strange, or are you? 7asha wa kalla!!

piccolina said...

loool maysoon u were good in hiding ur face , i liked that lol
as i told my sister , she got ur eyes !! wallahi i don't know ur husband but meral has same eys as you , or it's just the same look i don't know !!
bless you and ur great family inshallah

MaySoon said...

lol Piccolina, yah it's the look I believe cuz Meral looks more like her Dad :oD

mani said...

Salam Maysoon, that's a beautiful daughter you got there!! koocky koochy! :P

Have a great time ma'am and rabbe yo7fodhalek :)

MaySoon said...

Thanks Mani :oD,,

belkher said...

may allah bless her so cute and she look smart too mashalah. and yeah as Dodo, I did notice the picture , my son when we went for visit to Libya he kept asking me whos this guy all his pictures everywhere, I said at the end of the holiday you will find out , he did no more questions :)

DaMoon said...

i misssssssssss meerrroooooooo


MaySoon said...

lol belkher, who's that guy huh.. reminds me one of my father's friends' son (they are Tunisians), he was visiting here,, and he noticed the pictures, so he asked who's that guy... his dad answered him "m3ammr" so the lil boy said "shkoon m3ammro!!" lol

DaMoon, she misses you.. asking "khwella wen??" all the time, I tell her that you, Dodo and khaloos are coming she says "7eeee" with her eyes wide open from excitement

Anonymous said...

meral is so cute mashallah rabi yu7fodah...nices pics...i feel like going on slides..god last time i was on one was this past summer in UAE water fun..god i miss those its all books and books and more books...hugs and kisses to sweet meral...


MaySoon said...

Happy, welcome back girl.. you've been missed!!! yalla ma3lish good luck :oD inshallah belnaja7 ya 3asola.. we're waiting for your posts..:o)

cofman said...

Ya Maysoon,
Wallahi you are the only one who can help me

I don’t want to confuse you .. so I explain things very slowly, and if you see me confused then you will also see where and why I got confused
( maybe I laugh now and then because it is funny, but wallahi I am serious )

- you and Damoon are sisters , right?
- the other day a lady joined, I thought that lady was your mum
( if this is correct, then the same lady is Damoon’s mum as well, right ? lol .. I mean I have to go little by little, and inshallah rabbik yistir lol, ok ?? )
- Damoon the other day talked about Ahmed, right?
- But the Ahmed she talked about isn’t the Ahmed I know , right?
- 2 or 3 days later, and after I got confused, Damoon said Ahmed is her brother, didn’t she?
- If this is correct, then Ahmed is your brother as well, right?
- But your Ahmed and my Ahmed isn’t the same Ahmed, right?
- Now Damoon is in North America, but she is cooking food not for Ahmed, but for your dad, right?

Can you please explain and answer: am I confused?

MaySoon said...

LOL well I would say no you're not confused, but it depends on the Ahmed you know! is he Ahmed our brother? or is he a different Ahmed? Well I'd say he's a different Ahmed... emmm then you are not confused :oD