Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DaGirls and Meral's Birthday Pictures

I promised to post some pictures of Meral's birthday.. well I could only post those!! :o)
7'amsa o 7'mesa 5 girls..lool Meral & DaGang (her cousins) sitting in Geddo's lap

On Meral's birthday..

Singing along...some song!

Saja .. so wants to have a piece of that cake.. that girl eats mashallah..lol

Happy birthday to Merooo!

This pic was taken on Faffo's (the girl with the pink top) birthday 2 weeks before Meral's

My sister-in-law made them stand against the wall to get them all in one picture as you can see they were distracted by something else...:oD


Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah 3alaihum
they are all cute, I want to hug them all just like your dad in the picture :o)

what an impressive cake! im sure they all loved it.

Anonymous said...

may god bless them all, happy birthday meroo, i am so curious to know from where did you get the cake? my daughters birthday is soon and she would love a cake as lovely as meroo's

PH said...

Happy Birthday to Meral and Mashaa Allah I see she is having a lot fo fun with her cousins .... as Anglo said nice cake, either that or I'm hungry :P.

By the way what was distracting them was it food or presents ?


a_akak said...

Although i think i congraulated her before but as she is your daughter so we will say it again "Happy Birthday" ;)........... Masha Allah they look happy and may allah keep her (& her mother) happy

Fe Aman Allah

enlightened spirit said...

what an enjoyable and childish atmosphere was going there ... happy happy birth day to meraaaaaaaaal.
but tell me guys is candles on birthday's cake become an extinct tradition :( coz Iove them and all that thing of blowing ...
I do like the flying the sparks but beside the candles :)
happy happy life forever

Hibo said...

ماشاء الله عليهم
وبصراحة الطورطه قوية بكل

شرهتيني حتي كويشيك صغير ماقميتلنا منها ايه البخل ذا كله

سلمها ياربي
عقبال ماتسكر ال10 وال20 وال30 في وجودكم وتولي عزوزة لووووووووول


خاطري نتلاقوا شن رأيكم السبت الجاي


ibeebarbie said...

wowowowowow--MASHALLAH the girls looking fabulous and as if they are having the time of their lives. What a cake! I don't dare share with Amira otherwise of course next year I have to make THAT one. :-)

I want to know whose bright idea it was to put candles on a cake for the birthday person to blow them out---as you know there's going to be saliva in there somewhere and that's going to get on the cake---and we're all going to eat it up. LOL

MaySoon said...

Thank you all for your comments :o)

AL, teslam teslam bro..lol I am not a sweets person but I liked the cake it was mostly nuts and caramel..lol

Anonymous, it was from Aln7la (the Bumble Bee) fe ras 7assan.. Happy Birthday to your daughter in advance :o)

lol Ph well it was good but I think you were hungry too :oD.. I seriously don't remember what was distracting them..lol certainly not food tho!

Yah Ahmed, thanks again for the sweet comment :oD May Allah Bless you too o erzgek be bent el7lal elly fe balk :o)

HOLA ES, yah it was a fun atmosphere since I really didn't want any adults present.. I mean burranya ..lol so it was loootsa fun... believe it or not.. I wasn't planning on getting those candles I wanted the no. 3 candle but I looked in so many places and I couldn't find what I was looking for.. so I got those at the last minute, and afterwards we lit a regular candle and she blew it.. I tell you the kids were excited with those sparkly candles.. but Meral wasn't convinced ..lol she wanted a REAL candle.. so there u go..hehhe

Ya Hibo, allah ebark feek o esalmek .. by the way the cake was gone on the same day..lol like u know.. you have to give a share to every one .. bahi wallah tebihum u7rjo mala..lol
would love to meet.. I'll check the link..

IBeeB..looooool seriously eh.. what was he/she thinking..lol and why are we continuing to do it..:oS I know one thing for sure.. kids enjoy blowing candles..
Com'on I am sure if you make Ameera a cake for her next b/day it would be made & served with love no matter how it looked.. that what matters.. Meral's was ordered so it was only served with love..lol

Maya said...

mashaAllah all of them are cute meral in the top sure,and Ilove the girl with the hena she's cute too
ربي يحفضهالك
fe aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Hi Maya.. thanks :o)..the girl with 7enna is Saja.. but my favourite is the youngest.. Raghad.. she's the cutest ..lol

Good Girl said...

Salam Mysoon:
Happy birthday to Mashaa and meral. how nice Cake...wounderful mashallah. Inshallah 100 sana by bless of Allah.

MaySoon said...

Hey GG .. Thanks for your comment and for passing by sweetie.. :o)

DaMoon said...

LOL hehehe how cute, yay, meral is wearing da dress I got her from malaysia in da first pic...lol shaklha zay el pakstania hehe

MaySoon said...

Yep DaMoon..lol well ppl used to call me "bakstania" when I was a kid and it's the same with Hubby.. so what do you think that makes Meral? :op