Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Few Things!

Ok to say few things in points:

  1. I hate to shop for clothes in Libya, you all know why and I have said this before, things of bad quality and expensive, even though I enjoyed going out with my best friend Riha.
  2. I finished reading "In t he Country of Men" FINALLY gosh it took me 2 months to finish it, any one suggests something good to start reading?
  3. My in-laws' house will be crowded next week, my sisters-in-law are coming back for visits (one from the UK, and the other from Egypt) , it's going to be so much fun for Meral since both of them have daughters almost the same age as Meral :o), I am working on creating a playground for them at home since Meral has a swing and slide a car and a inflatable swimming pool which I am going to make a sand box out of it since it's not summer yet.
  4. People what's wrong with Allibeyah FM??? it's been off for couple of days now!?
  5. My husband is coming back today, he's been away for about 2 weeks, I missed him :oD
  6. Oh guess what I was asked about "ma feesh 7weja?" mentioned in Piccolina's here, today by a guy!! an ex-coworker!! it felt weird coming out from a male!! duh lol


piccolina said...

OMG maysoon , how dare ?? i mean how can he ask such a Q ???wowow wooo ppllll respect the lines plzzz
i'm so happy that ur husband is coming back " inshallah yosol belsalama "and about books , i only have school ones ! wanna share :S !!!!!!!!!!!
can i come and play with the kids ?? i love kids and i sooo wanna swim !!
i wanna know what is wrong with the FM !! inshallah no body died !!

MaySoon said...

lol piccolina.. i know seriously I didn't see it coming so I was staring to him and didn't what to say..lol no thanks i'm so done with school books :op, you are welcome to come and play with the kids at any time hun.. and lol @ inshallah no body died..

Anonymous said...

I loved how you wrote these points :)

i love the idea of getting the kids a space to play in.
and i heard about the FM, well it's typical in Libya, anything can go wrong for no reason!!
and safe arrival for ur husband in shaa Allah

Curious said...

So, it seems that it was ladies shopping day?? hope that you two had a lot of fun, i think i am getting jealous, i want to go out shopping with both of you too.
And good for you to start the play group for Miral.
Inshalla your husbend yusel belsalama, sure also Miral missed him. And about Allibeya FM, we used to listen to it from the Internet but not in the last time, so i didn't know that is closed, but i remember my last visit to Libya, on the way home from the airport we heard this voice in the car and the music and we were asking what is this channel, they told us this is a new Libyan radio channel, we weren't there when it is started so we were very interested, and during our visit there it was the only channel that we were listening at home in the kitchen and in the car.

N said...
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AngloLibyan said...

how embrassing is that?? I think i would be more embrassed if someone asked me for 7weja!!

Libya FM goes off for 2 days and no one says anything?? Only in Libya :o)

safe return to your husband inshaAllah and I am pleased Meral will have playmates, lovely :o)

DaMoon said...

hehehe, everyone in da phase of "WTF is wrong with da FM" disappearing on us for no apparent reason! but everyone has a lil shetan in their head telling them da exact answer...lol so YEP ORDERS will alwayz be followed..lol and I hope no body died too...lol
inshallah yousel besalama elhaweeej and no I am not asking for hweja..lol

Anonymous said...

OMG damoon u have the shetan in ur head too?? lol

weldemdina said...

I noticed when I was in Tripoli that lots of shops selling good quality and fashionable clothing and I am talking about guys clothing , girls tend to go from shop to shop and at the end of the day they go back to first shop to buy stuff from, I am talking from experience ( my mrs and my daughter) ;o) . About what’s happened to FM? well as they say " el bahy 3omrah ma yog3ed" .

cofman said...

for obvious reasons I finished reading “ in the country of men” in less than 48 hrs .. living away from libya for a while .. plus the book may not give the same feeling when read by Libyans living in Libya, I guess it was written for westerners to read how Libya appeared to a 9 year old boy .. a bit novel and unusual

And on “any one suggests something good to start reading”
can you get any book in libya, or from abroad quickly, some at $30?
If yes, give an idea about the type of books you like reading

MaySoon said...

Ema, thanks, I felt like I had many things to talk about so I thought points would be the best way.. any how I may be more excited than Meral that her cousins are comnig..lol thanks sweetie husband arrived safe & sound :o)

Yahhh Curious it would've been so much fun if you were there too, however I told Riha that she should start charging us, since she's accompanying all of her friends, cousins and family when shopping.. well what can I say we all trust her taste ;o)

LOL Anglo I know.. I don't remember what my reaction was... maybe fanesset feeh with shock...ughh..

DaMoon, it's a rumour too.. a fight between the big guys so that shetan is jumping in our heads and coming out of our mouths..:op oh yah 7wejj.. is he even close to that? inshallah :o)

You are right Weldemdina, you know that maybe because guys are the ones actually travel and get to buy stuff for women and men as well.

Cofman, I loved "in the country of men", I carried it around in my hand bag and in the car until I got to the 20th chapter then I dropped it.. because I got toooooo busy I couldn't manage that half an hr to read so, finally, I decided to finish it.. Mashallah the authors way of describing the details, I loved it.. well I don’t know how quickly I can get them, but DaMoon at their office they have a library, I can borrow something I’ll ask her to suggest something too… asking about the type of books I like… I love things that are not SF, just REAL stories.

cofman said...

Ok, you heard of Ellen MacArthur?

A young lady who wrote her life story, see this, and if you like it you could read her book
( I read it twice – she is young and unbelievable )


cofman said...

( click here if above link not good )

DaMoon said...

humm, as you probably know that I am a Jeffery Deaver addict, so I would say start with The Coffin Dancer; MaySoon, if you want it let me know as I can get it from our Library...
Cofman, I am not sure you can get good English books to read here in Tripoli, my managers alwayz bring books when they travel so we created a small library at work...so if anyone interested I can lend you books "as long as I get em back"..lol jk

MaySoon said...

Duh as soon as I get them back.. huh..no I am gonna eat them :op.. I guess I will pass by some time to check what you have added there and choose something!

AngloLibyan said...

Thank You :o)

Brave Heart said...

for Libyh FM , i think because some political reason,they change the mangers and return them back today. i was read in websites it will be back may be today or tomorrow but by other name without FM because its English word.
من ليبيا ياتى الجديد

MaySoon said...

aww Anglo.. thanks :o)

Braveheart.. that's really stupid.. FM?!! english word ughhhhhh o 7'alas..

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Hi MaySooN, good that you finished Hisham's novel, the Arabic translation has been published last month, and the paperback edition is out here in the U.K. I suggest that you read anything for the Jose Saramago, or if you are interested Salman Rushdie is also a great writer.
As for Allibya F.M I have information that there was a rift between Mr. G, and his son regarding his media activities that are linked his One/Nine media company, and that there was a verbal order for the official Libyan broadcasting agency Aljamahiria, to take over all the property of the One/Nine company, which are the three broadcasting channels, the FM the satellite channel and Al Iman Channel. There is still tension as the crew and employees of the channel refuse to work with the new administration, and till now what is going to happen is that the FM will resume without the FM word, but things are still on the balance.

a_akak said...

Hi MaySooN

"Min Leebya eatee Al-gadeed" and thats regarding the FM channel

For clothe, I agree with you as most of the cloth are bad quality and over priced (eg Shara3 Graba), however, when you do FIND something you never seem to find ur size

7wegga...........hmmmmmmm that can mean many many things

Finally, on a happier note, Insha allah ur husband will be back with u safely and in best of health

Take Care

MaySoon said...

Ghazi, welcome to my blog :o).. Yah I heard that too, actually the Radio channel is now broadcasting without the word "F.M.", and thanks for the books suggestions, I will try to look for them here.

Ahmed, yes for sure from Libya ya2tee eljadeed, don't want to talk about my size..:oS thx for ur happier note :oD

DaMoon said...

MaySoon shops from Atfaluna hehehe heya o Meral at da same time....hehehe

MaySoon said...

DaMoon..none of your business :op

Anonymous said...

BTW the radio is back on but the name had ben changed to the "Al-Leebeya" only

lebeeya ba7b7y hai, a radio channel in honor of ur 23th birthday lol

MaySoon said...

lol Ema, btw, what happened to your BLOG girl???

Lebeeya said...

Maysoon, I swear I commented here on thursday but I can't find my comment now!!! Smilahi, where did my comment go. It was a nice comment :(

cofman said...

7’air ya Maysoon,

it is about time you wrote something .. update … whatever … oh yes, just remembered; you are expecting your man from a 2 week absence .. and guests coming for a week?

Wow … I remember ..

Ok, when you have time … when you are free … any subject ..
Do we have to make sense every time we speak?
Do we?

Enjoy the full house, and the little girl ..

MaySoon said...

Lebeeya :o(( where did your comment go?? Blogger needs garset weden from time to time :oS 7'sara

Cofman, no I don't get guests every time my husband travels and comes back.. I’ll kill myself then I am not a good host, I run away from full houses, it's just been busy I'll update something later today if I have time, thanks for asking :o)

cofman said...

On Blogger?

I lost big stuff – I really did – I couldn’t find something – I didn’t know – I didn’t delete it – eaten by el 3’oola
( libyan 3’oola I bet )

No joke guys – blogger not 100 % reliable – maybe 90 %

Anonymous said...

Salam to u all.. just a quick query, does anyone knows the website link to aleebyia FM, I heard it broadcast online, much appreciated :o)

AngloLibyan said...

anonymous, this the link to Libya FM website but since the radio station closed down recently the website has closed down too, I am told that the radio is broadcasting again so maybe the website will restart and yes it used to broadcast the station live online:


MaySoon said...

lol cofman yah libyan 3'ola wooo

Anon, Anglo is always here to help :o).. thanks Anglo

cofman said...

( off-topic:- results of Desert Love & Death are ready, thanks )