Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hand Writing Competition :o)

I know it's readable for me, what do you think?!


mani said...

salam maysoon

love the raq3a
shame bout the english


DaMoon said... it's worse than baba, and baba's hand writing IS

Anglo-Libyan said...

you are right ya Maysoon
it is readable (by you) :o)

a_akak said...

lol, my hard writing is readable :P but the english is like doctors.....jk better than mine which is not a hard thing

Anonymous said...

It's kinda aweful..Better than DaMoon's
At the first glance I thought it's Baba's hand writing....when I enlarged it and saw errok3a..oh boy, I knew it's yours..hehehe



cofman said...

Ok, got my handwriting published …
Mafeesh etsahweek lo sama7to

cofman said...

I need to Thank you Maysoon for the counter … I got one now after seeing yours

See ya

Lebeeya said...

I couldnt make out a word yet I still give it a 7/10

cuz I like you :)

cofman said...

I find your handwriting readable … I mean you wrote these remarks in a rush, quickly, or just for your own personal use , not for readers to read …, I think it is clear, both Eng & Arabic

MaySoon said...

Mani my English looks like a doctor’s prescription

DaMoon, look who's talking! :op

Anglo LOL yah by me of course

Ahmed,I still need to see your "rok3a" writing then I'll judge for myself :op

Dodo hey sis, yah I thought just me think my hand writing looks like Baba's :o)

Cofman, mabrook for the counter..:o).. I'll go see your hand writing, great at least you find it readable thax :o) great I passed :op

Brave Heart said...

slam mayson:
i can't see any thing, i just see some blue line, i think i'm getting older and older now

a_akak said...

unfortunately i only have one way of writing which is my way or writing :(

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

BH, did you click on the image? if yes and you still see blue line then dude you ARE getting old j/k :o)..

Ahmed.. every one knows how to write in both nas7' and rok3a.. just give it a try!

Misratia said...

still better than my hand writting

sham on me

MaySoon said...

lol post yours for us to judge Misratia :oD