Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meral & Her Cousins

It's been busy, and I was running around like a headless chicken. Downstairs at my in-laws full house 4 little girls, 3 of them a little more or less than 2 yrs old.... and all my excitement about Meral playing with her cousins now gone,

After creating a playground, expecting 2 year olds to share was just plain stupidity from so we ended up hiding the slide, the swing, the car, the tricycle, and the toys' box away.. Lots of fights, too many "mine" cries & shouts… and hair pulling all the time, I couldn't handle it any more,

Meral turned out to be a trouble maker, and actually bullying poor Saja, 2 yrs & 2 months old, and Rahaf, 22 months old (Meral has to go to pre-school really soon), Jana who's the youngest among them, 8 months old, is her friend, why?!! I have no idea!

On Thursday, I was sick of spending most of my times indoors, so I took Meral to a playground, we spent only 20 minutes there but it was fun and she enjoyed it, afterwards I called my Mom and we agreed on spending sometime at the beach it was a nice evening, so I picked her up and off to the beach we went “behind former 3en elzarga”, we kicked some ball with Meral ran here and there then went home.

Friday, was even busier we had people over for lunch! It was crazy 2 other children were added to the ones were already there! And the "piece of meat" issue came up again.. I couldn't hide my

Yesterday my Mom and I went to "soug ethulata", where they sell kitchen appliances, kitchenware, tableware, cooking ware, and every thing related, I don't like going to those places because I know I need so many things and leave without buying any thing, yallah En sha' Allah khair!

One more thing, I found this Tissot watch that I want to buy, I still need to save up to get it though,

what you think, isn't it nice???!!


a_akak said...

now thats what you call a fun packed week lol and children will be children and u r daughter (raby e7fudhalik aw ahkaleehalik and insha allah atshofeeha 3roos) probably likes Jana because she doesnt feel threatened by her (child's politics) and as for the watch, should we say mabrook? to should we say pre-mabrook?

PS: I am happy to see you are happy and that you are enjoying your daughter as they grow in a blink of an eye so cherish every moment :)

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

Salam Maysoon

nice watch! :)

"After creating a playground, expecting 2 year olds to share was just plain stupidity from me"

Im gonna tink about this one for a looooooooooooooooooooong time... well put.. the question is. why???

cheers maysoon.. happy u had a fun packed week. dont tire urself out more inshallah. my salams to the kiddies, especially the bully Meral :P

MaySoon said...

Thanks Ahmed, rabi u7fduk too and erzgek be bent el7lal eli testahlk :oD

I guess you are right about why Meral likes Jana the most!

No, not mabrok yet for the I still need to save about 100LYD, you know how difficult for a womanto save, right? :op

MaySoon said...

Oops Mani you sneaked while I was replying to Ahmed...
Well why!? if the other girls had their toys I am sure it would've been more peaceful, but expecting my daughter to share her toys that won't happens, or not yet at least; especially when she was the only child at the household, also at this age children don't share, they learn sharing when they are around 3..
So I had to sit with them and make them hold hands in circle, and sing "fata7i ya warda, sakari ya warda" lol made jump in desperate tries to wear them out.. told them stories with funny animal sounds.. it was fun, I was thinking to myself.. how can pre-school teachers do it for the whole day!!! day after day!! and imagine me doing that after going home from work!! yallah by the end of the month things will go back to regular routine :oD

Anglo Libyan said...

MashaAllah Meral did her family proud :o)
May Allah bless her, she was only protecting her properties, normal behaviour and children fght no matter what.

You wrote this post on saturday but i think you only published it today!

did you forget to take the camera to the market ya Maysoon?? you know how much I like pictures :o)

MaySoon said...

Hey Anglo, you are so right kids fight no matter what!!?!

I tell you we didn't plan to go to the market, it just happened plus if you noticed I havn't been posting enough pictures because something is wrong with my cam, for some reason I am not able to transfer the photos from the memroy chip to my pc!? I'll try to figure it out when I have time :o)

DaMoon said...

well well well, like daughter like mother....if there is such thing! I mean MaySoon all ur life u've been a trouble maker so why u r surpised Meralo tol3it hiki? :p gosh! how come u guyz never say u r going by da beach? khawana khosi2tum..jk glad u had fun weather been amazing

cofman said...

Thanks for sharing Maysoon,

A busy lady you are, aren’t you?

Ok, I am going to start from the end,
- “ Tissot watch ”, yeah, great watches I think . I have one I got several years ago, still brand new in the box, and rarely wear it – I don’t like wearing watches, but if I need to for practical reasons I wear a watch ummm $5 I think. ( 7’o6 o lawe7 watches ). The Tissot looks a bit like the one you have in the picture .. silver/ grey mettalic colour, and same for belt, with simple design .. I don’t know why they , ie Tissots watches, aren’t very famous although they have a great reputation … any idea about the price, Approximately? From the main dealer, ie the official agent of Tissot, or from some shop? … I mean I don’t know what they have in libya although I hear the country is more open than before

- “ (Meral has to go to pre-school really soon) ” you mean she must, or you think pre-school is an option? And why please?
Is it a private school? You pay, right?
- “ Jana who's the youngest among them, 8 months old, is her friend, why?!! ”
My best friend, John, has a daughter I think 2 & a half years old … today as it happens was her first day in the nursery … they pay some of the cost but the government pays the other part.
His wife, Rona, explained how her daughter was full with energy, always moving, always asking for this or that, always keeping them busy, very different to her parents, but their older son, Barni, 4 yrs old, very gentle and like a diplomate … always saying nothing

- “ behind former 3en elzarga ” Is this near the 5 big up-side-down- bottle- shaped buildings?? ( few meters from the sea , and ( oh …. Near the new hotel, the Biggest Hotel ??? – the latest ?? ) yeah, elzarga, where plz?

- " soug ethulata" where they sell kitchen appliances … Maysoon please, is this new? Is it the name of a market, or the area, or both? .. really, I am lost here

-“ we kicked some ball with Meral ran here and there then went home ” good you can kick some ball …. Ok, can you tell me please – I am not, I don’t know – did you as a lady play football in a small room? In a sport centre? In a car park?
Where did you play?
And was it just you, or a number of women were playing with you?

( wow, just looked at what I wrote, .. didn’t know this comment will be like an investigation – sorry )

Anonymous said...

Hey sis...wassaby bobby ;o)
It's been a while since I last heared your news....sounds like you're reeeeeal busy...but having fun as well.
Mashalla Meral tal3a bossy just like her
Cannot wait to see her and be the cool aunt..cooler than DaMoon of course..hehehe
Anyhow..just wanted to pop by and say hi...kisses to Meral for me please and salamt to your hubby as well ;o)


MaySoon said...

DaMoon, I thought the genes of her paternal side will be stronger…lol or at least tatla3 le 7’alatha (her aunts) … any one but, going to the beach wasn’t planned you know how our minds work.. steen rai per minute.. :oD

Cofman, it is an but I understand you are trying to complete the picture :o).. so:

- I can’t live without a watch in my hand, I feel like lost in time and have no control on my day, and when to do what.. any way, this Tissot is not going to be an every day watch cuz it’s expensive! The one in the picture is for 800LYD. You can get watches from watches shops I don’t think they’re official agents though, they have several brands i.e. Dior, Swiss Army, Omega, and lots of other brands, yah libya is a little bit more open, just a little bit..:oS

- Yes I agree it’s “must”, the girl is a quick learner and always asking I try to answer all her questions but believe me by the end of the day I’m so, the problem is finding a trustworthy pre-school, and I need to get her to a pre-school where they teach both English & Arabic, so it’s going to be private, and hopefully not as expensive as the GIM’S or the American school of Tripoli, cuz those are way too expensive, those are for around 5000LYD per year.

- Yes that’s behind Bab Bahr Hotel, and Bab Jded Hotel, and the 5 up-side-down-bottle shaped buildings “That Al Imad” there

- Soug ethulatha, emmm it’s the area, if you know the old market?! That street is all called soug ethlath now, and with shops along both sides of the street where they sell those kitchen wares and appliances,

- Only my Mom, Meral and I kicked some ball, that was on the sandy beach, also there was a group of young men playing a soccer match a little far from where we were :o)

I really hope this completes the picture.. :op

Dodo, where have you been sister, I can’t wait ‘til you are here.. I miss you so much! The other day I came across an old photo of you and Sa3odi, and I standing with Niagara falls in the background.. Meral insisted on taking you on a ride with us ;o)

cofman said...

You asked “ I really hope this completes the picture ”

Oh Yes it does … now a lot of things are clear in my head

Thank you very much

Lebeeya said...

Nice watch! :)

Oh, I miss all the fitrish kids in Libya fighting a screaming all day. Actually, I dont miss that at all!!

Glad you had a nice weekend! More pictures of Meral please :)

MaySoon said...

Cofman, great if you have any other questions 3adi raho ask :o)

Lebeeya, te wen konti 3'atsa? I missed you.. I do not like dawshet s3'ar too, for that reason I dropped Meral at my parents' yesterday.. then I joined them for lunch as well :o)
pictures emm will come soon I didn't have the time to figure my cam out yet!

Lebeeya said...

I missed you too! :) Get the camera figured out, I wanna see pictures soon :)

Mabrook 3ala okhytik!

MaySoon said...

Ebarek feek o 3ogbalik ;o)

Lost-Libyan said...

yes, kids are the joy of life ( not mine) love kids upto a certain age, and then I mean once they start walking and moving , they really get on my nerves! ...but yetrabo fe 3ezik ya Maysoon, and I hate soug tlat too, but I have to "nsayer" mom when I go back to libya, so that we spen more time together!
C'est la vie!
Cheers :)

cofman said...

thanks maysoon,

ok, Here is a little question
on your profile you say “ you like swimming backhorse riding and travelling OF COURSE! ”

I am going to ask my question in an indirect way so you have the freedom in dealing with it as you please

If I man said in his profile what you said; I’d have understood him completely .. and no need to ask
But when I hear Hijab + women , etc etc ….., obviously the picture isn’t clear ( in Egypt or tunisia; of course I understand; but in Libya ??? I don’t )

Or maybe you can write a complete entry about the degree and level of freedom some career ladies have in Libya today

Take your time please
& thanks 1000

MaySoon said...

Lost ya ebni :p... I used to be like that, kids at all ages get on my but once I had my daughter things changed.. nice that you tsyer fe your mom to spend some time together good for you mash'allah :o)

Cofman, in the first place why did you read my profile?? ;op j/k

Well in my profile, I simply wrote what my hobbies are, which I USED to do more when I was but I still enjoy them as much whenever I have a chance,
Regarding swimming, in the summer time here in Libya, Nadi ALremal devote two days a week (8 am - 2 pm) that only women can enter and swim as much as they want for the whole mornings :oD.. also we can go on trips let's say to "Mellitah" or far away beaches where we can have some privacy and swim, also we can head to the beach early in the morning let's say around 6 a.m. when every body else is still asleep.. a short and a T-shirt on top will be great addition to a swimming suit.. lol
for backhorse riding it's my passion I love it, DaMoon, Dodo (our older sister) and myself used to be faresat :oD when I travel I always take a chance to go riding, and my cousins are faresat now too, so whenever I feel like it I can join them, also if we go to someone's (relative, friend) farm if they own a horse.. yah you guessed it I go riding :o)
There is nothing in the world compares to how it feels when riding a frass/or horse talhid!

cofman said...


I see, now I understand

Ok, horse riding ? I am sure you heard of dressage ,
I know a number of ladies who do horse riding and training for different styles
One of my friends, Gee, he sent his 2 daughters to study horse whatever to Switzerland .. …
I can get you info , or pictures , or anything from my friend … if you want, I can go and spend sometime with him and get info / pics

Actually, I have few pictures myself riding horses, … you want to see them ?