Saturday, June 16, 2007

Meral at the Beach!

Ok to start with I want to say damn it I left my Camera at home :o(

Yesterday was a pretty hot day, but at the beach the weather was amazing with a nice summer breeze, it was wonderful...

After one hour waking up my husband..Gosh, I hate to wake him up so much especially on Friday's cuz he keeps saying "it's Friday I am supposed to sleep in" but Alhamdolilah Meral did the job.. Well you can imagine every thing she did to wake him up... pinching tapping and tickling him until he woke up, she was so eager to go to the beach!

So after having our breakfast, and preparing thingies and some "tuna & harisa" we left at 10 a.m. , and the weather was hot already, we headed to Janzour Touristic Village ; I am glad to say the changes they have made to the beach are promising, seems like FINALLY they're taking care of it (I hold this place dear, we spent lots of summers there), they have installed those beach hay umbrellas, similar to the ones you find in Hurghada and Hammamet, which you can rent for 5 Dinars, also they have constructed a booth on the beach area that sells burgers, ice creams, soft drinks and light snacks, it's a good idea since all other shops and restaurants are at about 5-minute walking distance,

It was crowded but I was surprised that people were minding their own business and not staring at each others, there were a number of Libyans, and a lot of non Libyans too; Eastern Europeans and Middle Easterners.

Back to Meral, before we left the house she was so happy and literally screaming happy..but the moment she saw the sea she said "let's go home and come back tomorrow!!"..I told her it was too late... then little by little and after talking to her and convincing her, she agreed to sit where the waves can reach her feet only! You can say she swam but in the sand not in the sea!! She was frightened due to how big the sea looked comparing to the bathtub, she is used to the latter. Yet, it was fun watching her play with the sand knowing that she was enjoying it so much, she didn't want to go home after all!!

We went back home around 3 O'clock, the sun was unbearable by then, a hot summer day afternoon sun, tired and hungry Meral ate and slept for 2 hours, this morning when I was leaving to work she asked "when you come back from work, will you take me to the beach?" I didn't answer her, didn't want to promise her any thing, so she looked at me and said "say InshaAllah!" I couldn't help but laugh... and say InshaAllah!


Lost-Libyan said...

bahi jaw mle7 shakla...good to know Libya is moving forward and the staring disease is going away! lol :P

Weldemdina said...

That janzor village used to be fantastic when I was a kid they used to have BBQ, ice-cream parlour and sports activities. i.e. tennis table etc.. ya 7sra .. anyway glad that you had good time , I do like regatta beach its great fun, I dream to be there when I see the rain these days.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam MaySoon,

LOL@"let's go home" and "inshallah". Mashallah!

No matter how frustrating children can drive us, it's these precious things they say that are endearing and will remain forever in our hearts, alhamdullilah.

MaySoon said...

LL good to know Libya is moving forward inshaAllah, changes are happening gradually..
lol @ staring disease hehhe

Weldmdina, I know Janzour village used to be something and I think they're trying to do some maintenance to its gamrat and rooms after it was neglected and poorly maintained for many years :oS

IbeeB, before I had Meral I didn’t know such love existed, she’s been my joy since and you can say only she makes me laugh from the bottom of my heart :oD.. Thank you for your sweet comment..

Happymoi said...

i'm glad she enjoyed her beach trip..i couldnt stop laughing at lost libyan's comment "the staring disease is going away" loooooooool..

DaMoon said...

I love garit janzour, and inshallah they make a good thing out of it after all da seyana going on

a_akak said...

I have very fond memories in Janzoor :)

I am happy to hear the Meral enjoyed herself but what seemed to be missing was if Merals mother enjoyed the day? and libyans minding their own business? what has this world come too :P

You know what i hate about libyan beeches? they are all "family only"? once we had to pay a group of girls to get into a place in Mistrata lol..... that was fun and i was actually chief negotiator lol

Fe Aman allah

Happymoi said...

ama enta ya akak et7'awef!!

Paying girls??te sheno 7'ater al fekra 3ala rasek!!

MaySoon said...

DaMoon, yah inshaAllah, it's nice to go there from time to time, it brings back some nice memories,

Ahmed bro..LOL well you had to pay other than that you would've went all the way back :op..
elqarya is not family only any more.. pay 1 LYD and you're in :o) I guess they do this on Firdays only..
OF COURSE I enjoyed my time it was a blast for me to relax and stare at the sea, one thing I regretted, I forgot to take a book :o(
Next time I am in Egypt inshaAllah I have to remember to buy a Burkini ..:o)

MaySoon said...

Opps sorry Happy :o)...
Thanks 7abobba I wish you the best on today's exam after all it's fikr jamahiri.. so we have been stuffed with these (u know what) since grade

Ahmed is khateer

a_akak said...

Clarification !!!!

Regarding the paying incident, as they say "al-7agga om al-akhtera3" (desperation is the mother of inventions) and it was a BET with some friends who had a room inside that we CAN or CANNOT get into a that resort but "The Akak" came out trumps lol but it was worth it and we only paid them 5 Dinner each and ended up having a good day out :)

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

that is one thing i miss about not living in a hot country, the beach,

ruuning through golden sand and hitting the waves, wayyyyy cool.

sounds like you had fun mashallah, thanks for posting :0)

Lebeeya said...

Meral is so sweet!!! lol

Glad to know you had fun at the beach, we usually got to the beach in Subrata, i actually havent been to any other beach other than that one!!

MaySoon said...

Ahmed.. what can I say! lol still if the girls didn't agree you had to go all the way back :op well me in their shoes I will help the guys without money if the boys looked like they're mo7tarameen :o)

WA I tell you there have to be a sea, lake, or ocean where I live.. I am counting on next time inshaAllah that Meral will actually take a dip in the

Leebeya, thanks ya gamil :o)
Sabratah beach is a nice one too, I haven't been to it since the beginning of the 90's?!! Maybe we will plan something this summer ;o) thanks for reminding me :oD

Anonymous said...

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