Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meral @ the AST Fall Festival

Here are some pictures were taken on Friday, Nov. 2nd at the American School of Tripoli Fall Festival, it started at noon and finished at 4.30 pm..

@ the playground
@ the playground .. again

Enjoying some cotton candy :o)

Sticky hand after eating cotton candy

Since Meral refused to have her face painted by a stranger she spent the afternoon sliding!! It was a nice sunny day, altho she was cranky and grumpy and wanted me to hold her up all the time because she was supposed to be napping at then..
For food they had BBQed burgers and hotdogs, two shawermas rolling, also spring rolls (I didn't like them they were to oily)...and different kinds of soft drinks, there also was a "Havana" booth for fresh fruits drinks..
There was a corner where you pick a pumpkin and decorate it.. some other crafts and games for elder children.. face painting as I mentioned..
Raffle tickets were for 2.50LYD each.. the big prizes were 2 KLM tickets to Amsterdam, a TV I don't remember if it was a Sony or something else (duh), lots of I-Pods.. Samsonite suitcase and a digital camera..

Some more pix :o)

The birthday photos will follow some time soon!! :oS

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to Normal!

Missin' you all! :o)

It's been really quiet around the Libyan blogs lately... hope every one is doing alright!

After Ramadan, Eid, my best friend's wedding.. every thing now is back to normal, same routine of wake up drive Meral to day care, go to work, pick Meral up, then go home have lunch and sleep.. even tho it's not a good idea I did it for the last week only and I couldn't do what I am supposed to do in the evening cuz the day ends more quickly if I sleep... and things needing to be done left without doing! so as of today no more napping in the afternoon :o)..

By now I was expecting to get the pictures of Meral's birthday party but I DIDN'T .. all that because my cam is down and we used my sister-in-law's camera so I have to take the memory card from her and load them to our computer...i am just being lazy eh..:o(

I know it's been a while now.. but I will share them.. I have to for my Sista and Mamma ;o).. the thing is I really enjoyed planning the b/day party, I took Meral out with me when preparing and buying every thing the kids loved the favors ... we had pizzas for dinner.. the kids had lots of fun and played games... duck duck goose (Libyan style), musical chairs.. and other games like dancing silly moves lol.. and I got to show my childish as I jumped along with them hehhe... so that was it about Meral's birthday!

I am proud of Meral who is coming home with a new Surah, a song or a new alphabet and word every day.. But seriously disciplining a child at 3 and teaching her respect is some work, I am afraid if I screw one time things will be ruined, and then can't fix them :o( but alhamdolilah.. so far every thing is under control... it's just a question of how my reaction should be towards certain behaviours ... I am trying to read as much as I can about parenting issues but still sometimes especially when stressed I don't respond the way I am supposed to.. :o( yallah may Allah help me with this!!!

Other than that we've been doing nothing just hanging there living our every day life... and inshallah try to improve it..