Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Last Night! Share Your Stories!

I have one question to General Electricity Company, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Seems like people are so insignificant to you, and to the GEC Managers GOOD JOB keep up the good services..... no no 7aram I am sure you too face the same problems NOT maybe you have generators at home!!!! A**#$&#S... @o

I got into the car leaving from work to go home the car seat burnt my back!!!! I was holding the steering wheel with two fingers :oS, any way I was dreaming about the cool nice atmosphere of the house, then when I got home started to have my lunch and then boom electricity went off!

Around 5 p.m. it was on again but that's 2 hours of sweat,

So the night comes, after dinner I NEEDED A SHOWER SO BAD I was feeling all sweaty, sticky and smelling like food! yes you guessed it right, electricity went off again.. I tell you having a shower on a candle light is so romantic! lol but not sleeping without AC, it stayed off and I stayed up until 3 a.m. (Romana I guess I deserve yesterday I was like thank goodness I am not in Romana's shoes :op) hubby went to GEC, the technicians ya 7aram were working in a close by area and they were supposed to fix our area afterwards, he was standing in the balcony all night waiting for them where things are even worse cause the wind was like a blow-dryer, I was in and out of the bathroom putting my head under the water tab and took two more showers Meral was too irritated during the night and woke up to get her milk fix more than the regular 2 times,

Anyhow, I am a peaceful calm person, but when something happens that changes my routine I get so stressed out and start yelling at every one and about the slightest tinniest thing, I become a monster, you normally don't see that side of me until something triggers me, and what did that yesterday was the electricity failure after a long, exhausting, hot, full-of-kids-screaming-and-fighting (Meral and her cousins) day, I was at the edge of my sanity already! tshafret!

Ma3lina looking at the bright side, after 3 a.m. the electricity was on and I had the chance to sleep for 4 hours, which is not enough for me, 8 hrs are not 4 that's half the time I needed (that is because I never nap I have loads of things to do when I go home) it was tempting to take the day off but of course not allowed... I am so looking forward to my vacation, can't wait.

Speaking of vacations, at first I was thinking Dubai that was in April.. but now no thanks.. it's going to be hot as hell (nothing close to hell I know), then Egypt but seriously I went there last summer and the summer before (they say when you visit Egypt once you can't stop going back every year, I some how think it's true!) so I want to go some where else some place where I can enjoy a vacation and do some shopping, so Turkey came to my mind! Have you been there? Fill me in please! :oD


a_akak said...

I am starting to discover something which is "keep far far away from MaySoon & DaMoon when they pissed off" but I think you have the right to be angry especially in the summer, i especially feel sorry for little Meral as grown ups can withstand a bit of heat but children get more irritated

The electricity cut are due to the high demand for electricity from the AC units, however, another fact that libyans over look is that these shortages in electricity is also due to the "steeling" of power by rouge homes who connect directly without the meter as the electrical board in any country need to predict out much power is needed but when you have about 20% overload this is usually due to the steeling as well as the under estimation for our engineers (a little insight)

Sorry for boring you with that but keep that in mind

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Thanks Ahmed, no actually that wasn't boring good to know some maybe I should do some researches and ask around before I write lol no really I was pissed off, some thing needs to be done about it cuz expecting the same happens today as well!!!

Libya is such a messed up place to live in nowadays kul shay mashi bel barka.. :o(

BLAD NAFT.. hada elly yaghr!!!!!!!!

Romana said...

Maysoooooooonn i feel for u girl!!! see how much it sucks...didnt i have the right to get ANGRY yesterday... it just sucks doesnot it??? bil 7ag il wa7ed maya3refish geemit il 7aja lin ma they lose it... ma2saa!!! bs wallahi i feel bad for u that ur day was spent like that... il moshkila mafish solution to hot weather, u gotta stay hot and take it like a Woman! ahhhhhhh eyooo bil 7ag...

Wleed Essa7ra said...
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Happymoi said...

Thank god we have generatorars..and no we have nothing to do the electricty company:) loooooooooooooool

I cant stand the heat..sa7'fteni ya maysoon...

Anglo-Libyan said...

I cant stand the heat too much.

in Tunisia it was hot but never more than 35c, still I would run to the room in the afternoon to enjoy the A/C.

I have never been to Turkey but have friends who have been and I have Turkish friends as well who keep telling me that I must visit Turkey, apparently it is very good for holiday and shopping.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I'm thankful for, to have such a short stay in Libya ;o)
Poor Meral :o( ... and thank Godness no one was hurt, 'cause you sure sounded super bitchy.

Say hi to everyone for me!



Weldemdina said...

When I read your post I thought to myself, which year are we in is it 1970 or 2007?! omg things never change, they spend millions of dollars in building power plants and training people etc and still the same story "elday hrab" when this going to stop!? shai e7shem o '7alas, I think everyone should invest on a nice size generator and not to rely on these people.
As long Bo dra3 or who ever still running the company the only electricity we will get is static one.

MaySoon said... I hear ya girl!! SUCKS belhalba :oS Alhamolilah weather got nicer and electricity wasn't off for the weekend, but we were kind of paranoid waiting for it to cut off at any time you know!! LUCKY YOU! I will consider a generator when I get a new house.. emm I believe your dad is a smart man who's fed up with the EGC 7arakat 2ar3a :oD

You see AL, Mom was soothing herself by saying "it's good for our health it's good that we sweat to discharge the humidity from our bones"!!! whatever that means! thanks for the input about Turkey, I would love to go, I need to learn more about it :oD

Hey Dodo, you were here when the weather was nice and breezy.. you should've visited during the summer to discharge errotoba ely fe 3dhamk which’s caused by sitting and studying all the time! :op

Weldemdina, spot on! I needn't add more.. and he's Bo Kra3.. 3ar mesh 3'er 7eshma brother!

LovelyHibo said...

Well,here in london is more bad and 7eshamah,guess what the bus has not` big windows..underground :D
what the people are going to do in hot weather.
when i am here the weather here was hot for a weeks,and i was feeling like i am in libya,but libya..we have (mokaif)
here when u go to any shop and try to feel cool,you smell bad (Snain) from the people.
sometimes i feel sick..wallhi.
وامي ديما تقولي الحر والصيف كويس
الحر يطلع العرق وهذا كويس للصحة ولجسم الانسان
وتقولي لو العرق يقعد الداخل شوفي شنو يصير للجسم

وتقولي تخلي لو جيتي في وقت الصاحباة والرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام لا عندهم مكيف لا ثلاجة لا فرارة شن كان حايصير فيك

واخر شيء تقولي استغفري ربك كل شيء من عند ربي حلو مهما كان
وتقولي بهالحر هلبة فاكهة وخضرا اطيح وتاكليها مش زي هني كل شيء ياكلوه مش في وقته ومافيشي بنه ولا طعم

الحمد الله علي كل شيء

Lebeeya said...

I cannot sleep in the heat no matter how much I try. Its horrible!!!

I am sorry you had such a terrible night. I feel ya.

Come to Oman :)

MaySoon said...

True Hibo "Ast3'fer Allah & alhamdlillah 3ala kul 7al" :o) yah London is not prepared to endure the heat I feel for you!

Lebeeya.. lela wa 3adit :o) today is going to be a very hot day too :o( it's not summer if it's not hot..Oman sounds cool!!

A.Adam said...

Sad story , I like the part when you said taking a shower on a candle light was so romantic

Vacation what about Morocco ?

once again sorry for that day and it can happen for everyone

MaySoon said...

lol Akram..

Alhamdolilah those days are history now :o)

I came up with something we'll go to Malta for our wedding anniversary and then after DaMoon's wedding I'll take the long vacations :o)..