Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Few Things!

Ok to say few things in points:

  1. I hate to shop for clothes in Libya, you all know why and I have said this before, things of bad quality and expensive, even though I enjoyed going out with my best friend Riha.
  2. I finished reading "In t he Country of Men" FINALLY gosh it took me 2 months to finish it, any one suggests something good to start reading?
  3. My in-laws' house will be crowded next week, my sisters-in-law are coming back for visits (one from the UK, and the other from Egypt) , it's going to be so much fun for Meral since both of them have daughters almost the same age as Meral :o), I am working on creating a playground for them at home since Meral has a swing and slide a car and a inflatable swimming pool which I am going to make a sand box out of it since it's not summer yet.
  4. People what's wrong with Allibeyah FM??? it's been off for couple of days now!?
  5. My husband is coming back today, he's been away for about 2 weeks, I missed him :oD
  6. Oh guess what I was asked about "ma feesh 7weja?" mentioned in Piccolina's here, today by a guy!! an ex-coworker!! it felt weird coming out from a male!! duh lol

Monday, March 19, 2007

Yeeha I am back!

Finally the phone line and therefore the internet is restored at the office, for the past week felt like I was trapped, and so disconnected from the world, especially with not much going on around at work I was literally sitting down here playing with my fingers and yah playing Solitaire.. I was checking form home but you know how the dial-up connection is like .. ssslllllloooowwww! Anyway GPTC needs to hire more technicians and pay them a decent salary so we don't need to stick up their.. necks and call them every day to come fix the lines.. anyway feels good to be back :o)

Now to our little meeting, Piccolina, Maiuna, Damoon and I, met on Saturday they're such lovely young ladies, we knew each other from before back when we used to go to the scouts "kshaf", what a small world, but we haven't heard from each other since 1996 or around that, I barely remember that time though.. so it's kind of a reunion.

Ah one more thing.. the surgery is not going to be on Thursday, yah Anglolibyan I chickened out I think I'll keep postponing it til forever :os ...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Monday, is it? ughhh

So I was hiding from my dentist, and checked another one, because I knew something needs to be done, the new dentist is great mashallah, he's practiced in Canada and that kind of calming me a bit.

So yesterday he took an x-ray, then told me a surgery is needed to extract the wisdom teeth, they're into the jaw bone and will not come out by themselves and the older I get the harder they become to extract them and the healing will take longer, so I booked an appointment :o(

SO THE BIG DAY is going to be Monday, he'll extract all of the four wisdom teeth at once, I am so NOT looking forward to that day, I am actually scared since he told me about it :o(.. I am so damn anxious, he keeps assuring me it's OK and I am in safe hands and so on and so forth but still, I can't relax I guess I am panicking...

I am not afraid of the surgery itself I just hate the healing afterwords...I hate what I am going to go through after the extraction... and thinking that I might not be able to sleep at night, and will not be able to eat, and will not be able to take care of Meral, makes me more frustrated add to all that my husband will travel two days after the surgery, I am anxious to the point I woke up with rapid heart beats this morning; happens to me all the time when I am anxious or stressed.

InshaAllah khair,


Update: Appointment postponed until next Thursday... I can relax for a while now.. :oS