Thursday, April 26, 2007

DaMoon Baby-sitting Meral!

I had a wedding on Tuesday, so in the afternoon I dropped Meral at my Mom's for DaMoon to pick her up later to baby sit her, here's my review "DaMoon needs an intensive course in baby-sitting"
I called DaMoon later in the night to remind her to feed Meral, because my husband was going to pick her up on his way home from work, and most probably she'll fall asleep during the ride home, DaMoon said Meral already had some biscuits and milk! SISTER that's not dinner... she'd be waking up several time during the night to drink milk because she was still hungry!

So my sweet sister DaMoon fed my sweet Meral... what!? boiled BROCCOLI Meral loves it and she saw it and asked for it, DaMoon told me that Meral started eating it like a yah bad combination Milk & Broccoli, and then they decided to play... what could it be better than "Tyara" you know when someone lays on his/her back, put legs up, place the child on the bottom side of the feet and start flying the child while holding his/her hands.. well DaMoon did that to Meral after feeding No wonder Meral threw up!!!!!!!

Ok I was just "pulling your leg", seriously THANK YOU for baby sitting Mero :o)

"Thanks Auntie DaMoon"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hand Writing Competition :o)

I know it's readable for me, what do you think?!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meral & Her Cousins

It's been busy, and I was running around like a headless chicken. Downstairs at my in-laws full house 4 little girls, 3 of them a little more or less than 2 yrs old.... and all my excitement about Meral playing with her cousins now gone,

After creating a playground, expecting 2 year olds to share was just plain stupidity from so we ended up hiding the slide, the swing, the car, the tricycle, and the toys' box away.. Lots of fights, too many "mine" cries & shouts… and hair pulling all the time, I couldn't handle it any more,

Meral turned out to be a trouble maker, and actually bullying poor Saja, 2 yrs & 2 months old, and Rahaf, 22 months old (Meral has to go to pre-school really soon), Jana who's the youngest among them, 8 months old, is her friend, why?!! I have no idea!

On Thursday, I was sick of spending most of my times indoors, so I took Meral to a playground, we spent only 20 minutes there but it was fun and she enjoyed it, afterwards I called my Mom and we agreed on spending sometime at the beach it was a nice evening, so I picked her up and off to the beach we went “behind former 3en elzarga”, we kicked some ball with Meral ran here and there then went home.

Friday, was even busier we had people over for lunch! It was crazy 2 other children were added to the ones were already there! And the "piece of meat" issue came up again.. I couldn't hide my

Yesterday my Mom and I went to "soug ethulata", where they sell kitchen appliances, kitchenware, tableware, cooking ware, and every thing related, I don't like going to those places because I know I need so many things and leave without buying any thing, yallah En sha' Allah khair!

One more thing, I found this Tissot watch that I want to buy, I still need to save up to get it though,

what you think, isn't it nice???!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

So it wasn't that bad after all :o)

I thought I was going to stay in bed for four days or so, but I am not, I am going back to work tomorrow inshallah, the extraction was so easy, the dentist was AMAZING mash'allah he also called me this morning to check on me, alhamdolilah, I didn't think I was going to be fine and even EAT alhamdolilah!

Cofman, THANK YOU soooo much for the I am brave image, it was really sweet, hehhe in fact I am not that brave cuz I have chickened out couple of times before I finally went to get my wisdom teeth extracted!

So as I have said before I decided to do the right side upper and lower first, and I think the left ones going to be extracted as soon as these ones heal ... insha'Allah :o)

I thank you all for your comments, A akak, Anglo, Mani, Lebeeya, Ema thanks :o)....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'll Be Back!

I am off the computer, and away from my blog for a while...

See you soon insh2Allah!