Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Hey all it's been a while, hope all are doing well!

My best friend has entered the golden cage! She's the closest friend I have, alhamdolillah all went as planned , except for how tired we were from the late nights...Tuesday was Sahreya, so I took Wednesday off from work, Wednesday there was nothing but we had to finalize some stuff for the wedding party, so by Thursday we were tired, I had soar throat, headache and all that comes with the flu, but I enjoyed the party as much as I could it was a very light hearted wedding party.. She looked amazing mashallah...

I have mixed feelings about it, I am happy for her wallahi she deserves the best, however her moving to the states is making me feeling down :o(... .. God I am going to miss her A LOT...

Since I can't share wedding photos I am going to share a traditional symbol!

Srrir or gendil I am not sure what's it called, it is the thingy they do fel Najma

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Playground!

On 3rd day of Eid I decided to take Meral to a place called "Nadi al Tefl" it's next to Reyadyah, I've never been there before but couple of my friends (who have kids of course) told me about it. Meral, was so excited to go there and I have been promising her to take her to a nice play place for some time now

Note that it was Eid, the weather wasn't nice, this place is indoors playgrounds, add to that there is no such indoors playgrounds in Tripoli, therefore, it was the perfect spot for every one with children... yep it was za7maaa busy, balloon of people trying to get in at the door... they had to let one family in at a time when another family has left, an old man was screaming.. YA NAS WEN E6ABOOR... I don't think any body around him understood what he was

We left without going in after I made another promise to buy her a tea set and come back and play tomorrow... I guess she was happy and I was too that I didn't have to stand in that crowed!

So any way.. yesterday evening I took her to that nadi, and she had a great time.. I will add the pictures later.. the place is amazing a very good atmosphere with good policies to ensure children safety, it is all child proofed, there is 7 playgrounds for different ages, there is a staff member to take care of the children at each playground, and a sitting area where coffee and fast food are served, upstairs they have a birthday area... all carpeted and clean .. so this place is going to be a regular destination for us :o)... but next time I need either to grab one of my friends or grab a book :o)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid MubarKKKkkkKKK!! :o)

Salam all,

As known for most of you dear bloggers it's been craaaazy here...

Guess what people?!! Considering it is Ramadan and people hate to work in Ramadan, last week of Ramadan to be precise, and especially GPTC who was sitting there watching us struggle living with no means of connection since July, FINALLY yesterday they did the unexpected ... yes our phone lines and internet are back to life! Alhamdolilah.. I'm waiting for your congrats :op..

So.. the main reason I wrote this post is to wish you all Eid Mubark, and bel sa7a walsalama!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary,

Dearest Mom & Dad I wish you happy anniversary .. I don't think I can add more :o) you were there for each other for 30 years mashallah... emm I wonder what Dad's gift is this year!, if there is well I guess that doesn't really matter does it!?

Love you and thanks for every thing you gave us in life :o)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

News.. news .... and Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem once again ppl,,

Hope you all having a blessed Ramadan, enjoying the atmosphere of it :o)...

Here I am running around AS USUAL.. yah yah Meral started KG now :oD so morning starts by dropping her off to school, then me heading to work, leave at 2 to pick Mero up and go home, I take a nap for half an hr, then the cooking marathon well poeple I don't cook for the rest of the year so it's that my in-laws are in Omrah so there is only my lil bro-in-law staying with us.. so cooking for 4 that is the guard too..oh well 5 if we count Meral So I enjoy it actually I am try to come up with something new every yah sometimes I get those faces of what the hells it this.. I like to invent.. you never know what's coming when I'on if you ask them I am sure they'll say they loved it.. :o) that's what's important.. coz they know if they say other than that.. they will starve to death :op

One of the things I am happy about is I don't have to look for Eid clothes for Meral, mother-in-law got her some stuff when she were in the UK last time.. so alhamdolilah for that.. :oD the crowd is unbearable here in Tripoli especially after 11 p.m. after they all prayed taraweeh and had their after-iftar nap, and between-iftar-and-s7oor snak.. they're all out and about .. the story here goes, before ramadan.. supermarkets and every thing related to food is so damn crowded like people going to starv if they don't buy their supply before ramadan.. then ramadan starts, first week emm well first 10 days people are still adjusting, the city is still not as alive as the next days... after the 10th of ramadan people are rushing in and out of clothing stores, and you drop the idea of visiting some areas such as.. shara3 ejraba.. that a big NO NO NO in Ramadan.. wayyyyyyyyyy too za7ma.. I noticed that 7ay alandalus & seya7ya are not as busy as they used to be!!

Man it feels like I didn't write for ages so I am typing like crazy...hehe.. Soooo now back to Meral and her days in KG, first when I took her the principle told me she's going to be in nursery that she's not yet 3 yrs old.. but hey they changed their minds when they find her rushing to the class rooms sits and asks them to learn, her teacher told me that she sits in the class room and goes "nebe nagra" lol well I hope she still enjoys studying when she gets older!! she knows the colors, the alphabetic, some Quran and numbers even before she starts school... now you can see a big grin on my face when she says something new or hums a new songs while playing :oD I am a one proud mommy... :oD

Yalla I don't want to make it looooonger than this.. sorry guys :o) I am really longing to read all your blogs and try to catch up with what I have been missing.. yalla I'll leave you all comments :o)

Monday, October 01, 2007


Ya naaaaaaaas I missed you all like hell!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for not giving up on me and for visiting my page :oD I won't let you down.. I am gonna be HERE ... believe me.. :oD... as you all know it is cooking time.. I will post later tonite and tell you how much I missed you.. ALL .. I didn't get the chance to visit all of your blogs.. I just got a proper connection at home yeaaahhhh I will be posting ;o)...

Luv ya all.. missing blogging and you so much...