Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things from Here & There!

O2 the best pancake place in Tripoli with a Mediterranean view, well this is a free advertisement goes to Amu

I stayed over my parents' last night, this morning I dropped DaMoon at work and it was still early for me to go to work, as I always like to be on time or a little bit late, any thing but before So it was still 8.10 I decided to stop by O2 to have my breakfast... I ordered a pancake with peanut butter and honey.. and enjoyed the sea view and a quiet breezy morning!

So I got to the office and SURPRISE they've finally applied the asphalt layer on the street outside the office... So no more cleaning the car to park it the next day and find it all dusty in the afternoon :o)... 3ogbal shar3na!

My grandparents' house is FULL mashallah, every day my 4 aunts and their children (not children any more they're all teenagers now!) & uncle all gather at my grandparents', and you can imagine all the things happening around the house! my uncle who lives in the State and auntie, and her children of course, who live in Canada are all here for the summer vacation, it's been a long time since they all have gathered together, so you can imagine my grandfather is on cloud # 9 :o)

Mother-in-law is travelling, yah I know again!!..this time my sister-in-law has given birth to her # 2 baby girl :o) My other sister-in-law is back from Egypt so she's taking care of preparing the meals for the family as I have an excuse "my sister's wedding is around the corner"..therefore, Meral is joining the crowed at my grandparents'.. and I tell you she's enjoying herself, Mom took her to the beach twice last week, so every morning she wakes up asking if we're going to the beach today!!

Meral @ my Grandparents'

Well.. I haven't bought the dress for DaMoon's wedding yet, and we are less than 25 days away!!! ** tear drop **
Oh yah one more thing, today I'll receive my copy of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Thanks IBeeBarbie ;o)

Monday, July 09, 2007

I am 68% Addicted to Blogging!!

Checking Akram's Flying Birds, I got excited to know how addicted to blogging I am, So I took the challenge!

I came out 68% ONLY.. alhamdolilah..I still have a

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Com'on guys & gurls, answer the question :op

Out of topic: Is it only me or every one having a problem writing in the title box??

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yoooohoooo It's my birthday!!!

What a wonderful feeling to hear a birthday wish for the first time from my princess!

This morning when Meral woke up, Hubby told her.. go to Mommy and say "Happy Birthday to you" and it was so sweeeeeeeeet coming out of her I never enjoyed a birthday wish as I did today :o)

hmmmm I DO NOW believe that age is only a number :o) ..I feel like I am 20 NOT 27!!! Well I do look like I am 20 too ... I WISH!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Thank you all for keeping my blog alive while I was DISCONNECTED, thanks to GPTC and their tremendous services!

Thank you all for you your comments and your concerns.... :o)

Will post something soon ...

Have a great one y'all!