Monday, February 12, 2007

Un poco cansada!

Buenos Dias, como estas hoy?
Bien, gracias. Estoy trabajando, quieres hablar?
Those words a friend of mine texts me every morning, trying to teach me Spanish, couple of words a day! I love Spanish Language but no time for it now.
ANYWAY, yesterday morning I had this conversation with my best friend (White Rose),
Riha: Hey how come you didn't call back last night?
Maysoon: I was going to but things kept happening..
Riha: well I am asking, but I am expecting an answer... things always keep happening...
Maysoon: Why aren't you expecting me to answer?
Riha: Ever since you got married you always say "I'll call you back" but you never did!!
Maysoon: REALLY?!! seriously girl things were happening I had to feed the men (husband, father-in-law, and guard), and get every thing done before I go to bed.
Riha: yah yah I understand I told you I wasn't expecting you to call, your "I'll call you back" sounds like a "bye" to me!
That was a moment for me! I didn't realize it before but it is true! Sorry Riha, you had to say that for me to start counting how many things and how many times I said I will do but I don't!
for instance, I need to adopt a healthy life style, not that I need to lose weight I am already too thin, I don't eat breakfast, I know I should, but how can you force yourself to eat when you wake up? I can't!. I sit too much at work, I need to exercise, (I exercised for one month then membership expired, and I didn't want to renew it because I didn't like to walk on a treadmill that is facing the wall!) I need to look for another gym. Add to that I need to cut down on the amount of coffee I am drinking, instead drink more water.
Those were examples of things concerning my health (still not every thing too though), don't want to start on the house and work lists!
TIRED of every thing, I need a change, I need to travel, I need a break, I need a ..... KIT KAT! Ewwww
What am I doing? I better go home!


Anonymous said...


Lebeeya said...

Riha, if you are reading my comment. Please matiz3aleesh min MaySoon. Raho her life is so hectic! Sayreeha shweeya :)

Maysoon, bless u habebti and I always tell people I will call back and I forget to. I have no friends now lol

A.Adam said...

change is good always. But how??
have a great day

Anonymous said...

Maysoon sweetie, you sound like you need a break, but what about listing everythigng you need to do and things you want to do.
i tried this method, when i have so many thing on my mind i can't even sleep, i get a piece of paper and write down everything on my mind,,, and TADDA i sleep. try it.

and honestly a break from time to time won't harm, and Riha did a good thing when she (lamatek) about neglecting getting back to her...she made you recognise that...
we all forget to call or get back to friends and family, they should understand that sometimes.
god bless you sweetie

White rose said...

Well,first,i'm glad that i made u recognize the rutin of ur life,and i'm not za3lana, and i don't blame u ,just becouse we always comunicate with each other,and i know ur life how gets u busy so ..let me be honest ,u do call me back (when i give u a ring )lol..j/k but seriously don't be mad of urself hun...that is why friends here 2give u an excuses always...and yeh all of us need achange from time to time...i know how much u need it u have to mange the right time to have that break .be positive and and everything wil be better inshaalh ..
Don't worry Lebeeya,i'm not za3lana:) thanx.
ema..thank u for standing with me ,lol..take care

MaySoon said...

anonymous, lol yah you Bahbola (this is Meral's world for Mahbola) use a name please :op

Lebeeya, thanks habboba, Riha never tez3el meni, no matter what ;o), and call your friends, you look who's talking! No seriously if you are sitting watching TV call a friend instead, ughh I miss those times.

A.Adam, that is the question for me too, you too have a good one.

Ema, I totally agree, and I know it's a bad looman, she and I always tell each other what we think and how we feel so yah it was great to hear it so I recognize it, about the need/want list.. I will do that, and start doing what I need to do ;o) thanks sweetie.

White Rose I know you will always be there for me and I will be too just keep ringing me and I will call you back, if I don't don't stop til I you know I am a positive person, my glass is half full ;o) so Alhamdolilah that you are my friend and Alhamdolilah about every thing :o)

DaMoon said...

MaySoon, it runs in da family :( sadly I do da same thing with what left of my friends :( 3eeb 3eeb 3eeb wallahi, I think if my cousin Abeer moves elsewhere I will be left with no one "teardrop"
I will make the change happen inshallah :)

AngloLibyan said...

did you ever live in the UK?
I need a break, I need a Kit Kat. this is a very English TV advert :o)

MaySoon said...

DaMoon, you are no way like me you are worse lol you make friends easily I don't.

Restore contacts with your friends I am sure you will have fun seeing people that not family!

MaySoon said...

lol AngloLibyan, no I didn't live in the UK before, they play that ad in the Arabic MBC channels or something I don't remember I heard it somewhere..:o)

DaMoon said...

saying I am something is something and having my own sister reinforcing it is ANOTHER THING..."teardrop" MaySoon take it back!!, I like hanging out with my cousin, laken true I need to get in touch with my old gurlfriends..!