Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boring Background!!

Well Ahmed came up with this challenge to post our desktop backgrounds and see what others can tell about our personalities ... well mine is a pretty boring one! Does it really show any thing?? what do you see??!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shopping Fever!

Thank you all for your concerns and nice comments!

Yesterday evening I thought I needed something to change my mood, and I thought shopping might be IT! Guess what it didn't change my mood at all! I spent 4 hours trying to find something to buy, I don't know where from people get their clothes, maybe it's me who can't choose but it's crazy every store I go into I don't find what I like!! Maybe what they have isn't my cup of tea! I don't know what's wrong seriously, I ended up buying pair of jeans which I exactly promised myself not to buy, I wanted to buy something nice, I need a wardrobe make over, since mine is no longer fits my mood!

As I said for clothes I didn't find what I was looking for, on the way home I stopped by Naf Naf "the new store before zarqa elyamama" I liked couple of things there but it was already 10 p.m. and I wasn't in the mood for trying them on, so maybe I will go back today, other than that I didn't like any thing any where else!!! as for shoes, I did like couple of things in one store but the guy told me that they're displaying new collection on Tuesday, today, so I decided I'll wait and see...

I bought some make-up items... well well well thinking about it I am not a make-up person, why in hell did I buy 1 eye kohl, 4 lipsticks, 2 Mascaras, and 2 compact powders??????!!! what was I thinking spending 200 dinars on things I might not use!!! *SIGH*

I am really proud of Meral! We were out for 4 hours, and she kept herself dry, even though she drank lots of water, no running for the neares house to use the bathroom :o)

Meral and I got hungry, so decided to try Chicken El Bek, the new place in Hay Alandalus close to "Cook Door" emm well their wanna-be Whopper is fine but their chicken fillet sucked.. fries were OK..

ANYHOW, I went home feeling full alhamdolilah, hubby called on his way home checking if we needed any thing and most of all asking what dinner I told him "hey I got you a nice crispy chicken burger", but being married to him enough to knew what his answer would be!! yes he wanted his dearest "mbakbka", thank goodness for pressure

So today I am planning to go shopping maybe I will buy something more essential than make-up! *sigh*

Monday, June 25, 2007


I don't feel like writing I just want to say this....

I am freaking depressed I want to take time off and travel, I can't stand sitting here seeing the same faces any more and I don't want to take a vacation and waste it at home doing nothing but cooking and cleaning, I need a break, the problem is no body to travel with, I was planning to go to Turkey with Mom and now she can't go, hubby is so swapped with work he can't leave now he won't be able to travel until mid of August and if I stay til then I might go nuts, and it's not fun to go on my own.. :o(

I am a pain in the neck today, so let's hope no one pisses me off for the rest of the day!

Ast3'fr Allah wa Alhamdolilah 3al kul 7al...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Last Night! Share Your Stories!

I have one question to General Electricity Company, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Seems like people are so insignificant to you, and to the GEC Managers GOOD JOB keep up the good services..... no no 7aram I am sure you too face the same problems NOT maybe you have generators at home!!!! A**#$&#S... @o

I got into the car leaving from work to go home the car seat burnt my back!!!! I was holding the steering wheel with two fingers :oS, any way I was dreaming about the cool nice atmosphere of the house, then when I got home started to have my lunch and then boom electricity went off!

Around 5 p.m. it was on again but that's 2 hours of sweat,

So the night comes, after dinner I NEEDED A SHOWER SO BAD I was feeling all sweaty, sticky and smelling like food! yes you guessed it right, electricity went off again.. I tell you having a shower on a candle light is so romantic! lol but not sleeping without AC, it stayed off and I stayed up until 3 a.m. (Romana I guess I deserve yesterday I was like thank goodness I am not in Romana's shoes :op) hubby went to GEC, the technicians ya 7aram were working in a close by area and they were supposed to fix our area afterwards, he was standing in the balcony all night waiting for them where things are even worse cause the wind was like a blow-dryer, I was in and out of the bathroom putting my head under the water tab and took two more showers Meral was too irritated during the night and woke up to get her milk fix more than the regular 2 times,

Anyhow, I am a peaceful calm person, but when something happens that changes my routine I get so stressed out and start yelling at every one and about the slightest tinniest thing, I become a monster, you normally don't see that side of me until something triggers me, and what did that yesterday was the electricity failure after a long, exhausting, hot, full-of-kids-screaming-and-fighting (Meral and her cousins) day, I was at the edge of my sanity already! tshafret!

Ma3lina looking at the bright side, after 3 a.m. the electricity was on and I had the chance to sleep for 4 hours, which is not enough for me, 8 hrs are not 4 that's half the time I needed (that is because I never nap I have loads of things to do when I go home) it was tempting to take the day off but of course not allowed... I am so looking forward to my vacation, can't wait.

Speaking of vacations, at first I was thinking Dubai that was in April.. but now no thanks.. it's going to be hot as hell (nothing close to hell I know), then Egypt but seriously I went there last summer and the summer before (they say when you visit Egypt once you can't stop going back every year, I some how think it's true!) so I want to go some where else some place where I can enjoy a vacation and do some shopping, so Turkey came to my mind! Have you been there? Fill me in please! :oD

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Meral at the Beach!

Ok to start with I want to say damn it I left my Camera at home :o(

Yesterday was a pretty hot day, but at the beach the weather was amazing with a nice summer breeze, it was wonderful...

After one hour waking up my husband..Gosh, I hate to wake him up so much especially on Friday's cuz he keeps saying "it's Friday I am supposed to sleep in" but Alhamdolilah Meral did the job.. Well you can imagine every thing she did to wake him up... pinching tapping and tickling him until he woke up, she was so eager to go to the beach!

So after having our breakfast, and preparing thingies and some "tuna & harisa" we left at 10 a.m. , and the weather was hot already, we headed to Janzour Touristic Village ; I am glad to say the changes they have made to the beach are promising, seems like FINALLY they're taking care of it (I hold this place dear, we spent lots of summers there), they have installed those beach hay umbrellas, similar to the ones you find in Hurghada and Hammamet, which you can rent for 5 Dinars, also they have constructed a booth on the beach area that sells burgers, ice creams, soft drinks and light snacks, it's a good idea since all other shops and restaurants are at about 5-minute walking distance,

It was crowded but I was surprised that people were minding their own business and not staring at each others, there were a number of Libyans, and a lot of non Libyans too; Eastern Europeans and Middle Easterners.

Back to Meral, before we left the house she was so happy and literally screaming happy..but the moment she saw the sea she said "let's go home and come back tomorrow!!"..I told her it was too late... then little by little and after talking to her and convincing her, she agreed to sit where the waves can reach her feet only! You can say she swam but in the sand not in the sea!! She was frightened due to how big the sea looked comparing to the bathtub, she is used to the latter. Yet, it was fun watching her play with the sand knowing that she was enjoying it so much, she didn't want to go home after all!!

We went back home around 3 O'clock, the sun was unbearable by then, a hot summer day afternoon sun, tired and hungry Meral ate and slept for 2 hours, this morning when I was leaving to work she asked "when you come back from work, will you take me to the beach?" I didn't answer her, didn't want to promise her any thing, so she looked at me and said "say InshaAllah!" I couldn't help but laugh... and say InshaAllah!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Miss You All!

It's been a long time since I last wrote something, I have been checking other blogs, and for the last week (maybe it was 4 days but felt like a week) We had LTT connection and GPTC telephone line problems, I was disconnected and felt distanced from the world!!

It was fun to have you Dodo here, even though the 2 weeks flew by it was nice to have you here; the other day I was singing "Dora the explorer" song to Meral you know the one you and Meral have fun singing it, and Meral told me "no wrong not like that, mata3rfeesh" I told her "who does know how to sing it? "she said "Dodo" I am glad she knows you know and she thinks of you as the fun auntie :oD...Sis we're waiting for you again inshAllah next summer with your PhD "furtasa tetbaha be sha3r okhtha..lool"

It's been busy, and I was running around like a headless chicken, and I need to go get some work done before my Dad fires

I am in a good mood today, I love summer time,

wish you all a splendid summer :oD