Monday, October 15, 2007

The Playground!

On 3rd day of Eid I decided to take Meral to a place called "Nadi al Tefl" it's next to Reyadyah, I've never been there before but couple of my friends (who have kids of course) told me about it. Meral, was so excited to go there and I have been promising her to take her to a nice play place for some time now

Note that it was Eid, the weather wasn't nice, this place is indoors playgrounds, add to that there is no such indoors playgrounds in Tripoli, therefore, it was the perfect spot for every one with children... yep it was za7maaa busy, balloon of people trying to get in at the door... they had to let one family in at a time when another family has left, an old man was screaming.. YA NAS WEN E6ABOOR... I don't think any body around him understood what he was

We left without going in after I made another promise to buy her a tea set and come back and play tomorrow... I guess she was happy and I was too that I didn't have to stand in that crowed!

So any way.. yesterday evening I took her to that nadi, and she had a great time.. I will add the pictures later.. the place is amazing a very good atmosphere with good policies to ensure children safety, it is all child proofed, there is 7 playgrounds for different ages, there is a staff member to take care of the children at each playground, and a sitting area where coffee and fast food are served, upstairs they have a birthday area... all carpeted and clean .. so this place is going to be a regular destination for us :o)... but next time I need either to grab one of my friends or grab a book :o)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
Alhamdullilah you found something fun for both of you. We have a real small place like that here in one of our malls and Amira loves it. Of course as her parent, I can't help but get so excited at her getting so excited and having fun. Moreover, I get to people watch which I really enjoy. :-)

a_akak said...

i have never heard of this place although (at the moment) i dont need to know these places but i admit it is a good idea and i am sure a money spinner as well? but to be honest i wouldnt like these place as i am not much of a children’s guys and always complain whenever we have kids over at my parents house as i like my peace and quietness around me :D (enter the Grinch :P)

insha allah meral doing well and i am sure she enjoyed it and may allah always put a smile on her face

Fe Aman Allah

Maya said...

Its nice to hear that you and Meral
I heard about it once mom took the kids for it

fe aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Salam IBeeB, yah that is what we miss here, indoors play zones .. I know it is weird how I get excited for the idea that she is going to have fun and enjoy her time!!! .. humm

Ahmed bro.. well well before I had Meral I wasn't kids person too.. I was the monster that they use to fright every kid with in the family..I am used to hearing "Maysooon t3ali fanssi, or t3ali odorbi" we'll talk about this when you have your own children inshallah..:o).. a money spinner alright, whatever you buy inside is 1/4lyd more expensive.. a juice that is sold for 1/4 outside is for 1/2 in well.. ppl can pack their stuff I guess I saw lots of families with their tuber wares of 7lawat el3id :oD.. I guess it's reasonable paying 6LYD entry fee for children and they can play in all areas that suits their ages, and 1LYD for adults, and entitled to a free entry every 5 visits..

Maya, welcome to my blog sis,,or have I welcomed you before ?? any how I was visiting your blog yesterday.. keep it up Sis :o)..thanks

Anglo-Libyan said...

I am glad that you have indoor adventure playground in Libya now.
they are everywhere here in London and I tend to take the kids there and they love it as they do cater for little ones and for the over 6 to 12 kids. they went on Eid day and it was jam packed with Muslim families celebrating Eid.

Meral will inshaAllah love it :o)

Lost-Libyan said...

Messoo....og3edli ya cool mom....shj? walahi I wish u were here with us we had a blast at da concert ga3dna li sa3a 4!!! yeah dont forget to add pics for Meral with the 3ed 7wayej look so cute in that :P
haya ciao

MaySoon said...

Hello AL, I know it's about time, and I just wish they keep it well maintened and clean as it is now, and not neglect it to be old and dirty as for most things here!

MaySoon said... I wish I were there too... to watch Fadhl tho

Hey I didn't take any pix for Meral with her 7wyej 3ed...not a cool mom any more will try to get one from my aunt she did snap a pic for her in her dress :o).. yalla.. have all the fun bro

Maya said...

thanks sis for your support and thanks for adding my link to u\your fav
yeah I saw your comment and I'm glad with it
fe aman Allah

piccolina said...

can i come ??" as a kid " lol

i'm so happy that there is a place like that in tripoli , wallahi kids need it

enjoy habibti


Anonymous said...

Hello Sis

Sounds like Mero has a great time, do post some pictures of her day at the play ground when you get the chance please, I missed her a lot walahi.

Just a quick comment to a_akak response, I hear you brother. Kids are fun for about, what 10 minutes, to be returned to the supplier. lol
Meral is an exception though..she's a sweet heart..I cannot get enough of her..and I don't think I ever will, considering I only see her once every 1000 days!!!!

Fe aman ellah


MaySoon said...

lol picco yah sure.. if they let you in I have no prob :op..

Sissss.. dodo how're u doin?.. we miss you too here... yallah work hard and we'll see you in the summer inshallah :oD... Well as they say "القرد في عين أمه غزال" or "شكّار العروسة أمها وخالتها وعشرة من قبيلتها" so you are 7'aletha of course you gonna say Meral is thanks though hehe.. I am her mother and I admit that she can be pain sometimes..:o| keep visiting sis.. and good luck

Aladdin of Tripoli said...

glad u all had some fun, Happy eid. wish u all the best

MaySoon said...

7amdellah 3al Salam ya Aladdin, thanks for your wishes and kul sana o inta tyeb,

I started reading your post..seems like a very nice educational trip :o) mashallah a long post didn't finish it yet.. will comment when I am done :o)

dusk till dawn said...

how nice to see meral had a great fun day, iam sure u where proud of her, how shocked to see such a nice places so tidy and well looked after in libya, thats brill. u said u had alot of times to spare well u should brought ur laptop wt u ha ha

Anonymous said...

aha that's good for both of u especially for meral 6b3n ... well i heard about it before (mafrod gotlk 3leh);) ylla it's ok u found it alone :P happy eid for u and for meme next time grap me loool ur cousin abir peace

MaySoon said...

DuskTillDawn.. thanks :o).. I loved spending my time watching her playing and having fun ;o).. it'll be great to see more places like this .. inshallah :oS

3abooora ahlan ahlan finally you're around, wish you pass all subjects with V.good marks inshallah... well your Mom told me about it in the summer time but you know fel Saif playing outdoors is the best :o) .. sure next time I'm gonna take u so you can play with Meral