Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Here is what's going on with my life lately:

  1. Mother-in-law & father-in-law left to Egypt about 10 days ago, for health reasons, alhamdolilah all went well and they're coming back in couple of days inshallah.. so you know when my mother-in-law travels it means my life turns up-side-down..lol well kind of!
  2. Guess WHAT???? DODO & DAMOON are HERE... yes Dodo finally made it :o).. so Yesterday was a fun day; finally Meral got to meet her auntie and Dodo has started to spoil her already!!!! Meral did not want me to get her dressed she wanted Dodo to do so, she didn't want me to wash her face or feed her or any thing she wanted Dodo to do every thing!! It's gonna be fun, finally a reunion for the family! We the girls and Mom haven't met together for four years... alhamdolilah :oD missing the boys tho :o( "haya Sa3odi and Ahmed make it home soon"

  3. As I said Dodo & DaMoon are here so that leads to Baba.. he's here too.. I am more relaxed now.. I was freaking out at work, especially when I hate it when I get to work after work hours.. I am not a workaholic..I like to leave work at the end of the day and not talk about any thing related.. and that was NOT the case for the past 3 weeks :o( Alhamdolilah he's back,

  4. The weather is getting unbelievably HOT...... & I need a break soon :o

Well that's it for now.. if I remember any thing else I 'll post it later.. y'all have fun :oD


david santos said...

Please, it puts fhoto of Madeleine in your Bloggue

Missing Madeleine!
Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

If you have any information, please contact Crimestoppers on
0800 555 111

Please Help

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alhamdulellah 3ala salamet everybody :o)

enjoy the family reunion and let Meral be spoilt, thats what uncles & aunties are for :o)

Lost-Libyan said...

good good.....well, I dont remember my family ever got together...all of us at once, but I wish I could be with them right now, I miss them alot which is not usually the case, probably what u posted triggered this nostalgia!!:(

Well, enjoy it while it lasts, and tell Damoon nahork a7ref meni kana mdaresh update! :) lol

piccolina said...

ahlaaaaaaaaaann DODO.. u know what i'm trying so hard to remember her .. but i can't !!
hamdela 3li slamithom .. 3ogbal ell boys :D

lovelytripoli said...

Salamet your father and mother..

and 7amdellah 3al slamet the others.

Enjoy your time..
life so shot my dear

best wishs.

cofman said...

I am really glad everything is going fine .. from health reasons, alhamdolilah all went well .. to Baba.. he's here too …
Good news all round - thanks a lot for sharing

MaySoon said...

David Santos, I will post a photo of Madeleine, my heart goes out to the little girl and her family, and we pray that Madeleine returns to her family safely soon.

AL, Allah esalmek :o) I am trying to enjoy the reunion but with all I am doing I am getting exhausted ..lol if my mom-in-law were here I would've moved to my parents' for these couple of weeks..lol

LL inshallah you will have a reunion soon :o)... tell you what.. DaMoon still jet lagging add to that she's back to work.. so I believe yesterday she was worn out but I'll tell her LL galek nhark elly edawri feh if u don't post..7'alas

Piccolina..lol don't try too hard she's changed a lot..lol emm she was the tall one with curly hair.. lol

Lovely Tripoli, welcome to my blog ;o) ..Thank you & Allah esalmik sweetie

Cofman, yah alhamdolilah wallahi :o) you're welcome

DaMoon said...

tsk tsk tsk
weather is AWESOME, I need to sleep bess

mani said...

Salam Maysoon sis, glad to know that things are slowly coming back into normal. Hamdilla 3le slamet Damoon, Dodo, and Baba! :). You and lebeeya seemed to have go it the hardest being hit with the work 2x4 stick :)..

Say... is it really that hot already in Libya?? .. you really scare me ma'am Im not ready for heat that much lol.. I plan to do a lot of work, not netsa7'se7'.. I dont even have a Mokayyef at home :)

MaySoon said...

DaMoon, yah weather is soooo nice NOW but after 12 noon it's going to be like hell..lol (well of course not even close to hell)

Mani brother,
1. Allah esalmek ..
2. watti ro7k, it is not THAT hot but it's HOT... :oD
3. if you need an A/C when you're here just let me know ;o) emmm if you noticed the background of my writing competition it says it all lol

a_akak said...

Salamat Sister

1 - Al-7amid lil-allah 3ala salamat "mother & father in-law"
2 - Rabee aykhaleekum le ba3ed & Aylem shamlkum :) and its always nice when all the family finally meet up and especially prior to a very happy occasion
3 - Soiling? I am sure Meral wouldnt use that term lol, but moother always knows best :)

Its always good to hear from you

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Hello Ahmed thank you brother :o)

I tell you kids are such sneaky smart lil creatures..lol she knows who's spoiling her and who's not..

cofman said...

I don’t understand Damoon ya jama3a …
I can’t understand what’s going on with Damoon

Can someone explain please?

2 minutes ago I was on her blog, she was saying she is soooo tired she needs 3 or 4 days to rest

I come here and she is a7rof mil 3ifreet

MaySoon said...

Cofman, as ppl say.. "t7b tafhm tdoo7'" :o)..

lovelytripoli said...

MaySoon we were in the same city and we dont` meet befor,
i hope if i come back from london that we will make a date for meeting.nsha allah.
Mani You made me laough ,My dear libyan weather so warm,befor i came here the weather was so warm for 3 days and cold another day.
also my car havnot` Mokif and i arrive home feeling so bad wamr..LooL

but here`s too so warm,yeastrday was so warm in london.This is my first time to me to feel warm in London.
Have A good times Toghters


MaySoon said...

Hibo, I know eh :oD when you're back insha'Allah we'll arrange for a meeting... have a good one & hope you enjoying your reunion with your sister as I am doing with my sisters ;o)

Lebeeya said...

Alhamdulilah 3la salmet your sisters and dad! YAY! Family reunion :)

The weather is so hot here I cant wait to come to libya and enjoy the not-as-hot-weather (compared to here) :D

MaySoon said...

Lebeeya, thanks girl, lol yah right not-as-hot-weather.. ahhh it's blowing sand right now!!

3ogbal your reunion ;o)

cofman said...

I hope all your people are fine,

Is it time to write something new?
From 22 May to today; the 28th .. is long enough, no??
…. anyway, whenever you are ready
( btw, how is Mero?)

MaySoon said...

Mero is fine alhamdoliah thanks for asking :oD

Well.. will write soon inshaAllah

Wleed Essa7ra said...

rabie yo7fodhomlek ya sis maysoon
have fun thanks for the comment
nice one

MaySoon said...

Welcome to my blog ya Wleed Essa7ra ..Thanks for passing by :oD

PH said...

Alhamdillah 3ala salamet your family and la bas 3ala your in-laws (Anglo-Arabic) :).


MaySoon said...

PH, ahlan, Allah esalmek
Dodo left back to the States today :o(.. 2 weeks passed by quickly yallah inshallah we'll see her next summer 3ala khair inshallah

dusk till dawn said...

ello. u said that ur very exhused with work and u need a nice happy distress free holiday where u can relax and shopping mad . i recomanded singapore .and that will give u a stop over in dubai. to break it off. if u will seeing some places u have nbot been b4 . then iam sure u will bring some sparks into ur life, and ur a little princess will enjoy it to.