Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Safety First!

Coupel of days ago, we were out as family which we miss since hubby is always busy. We stopped at the bakery, then a car parked near by sitting in it a father a mother and 2 daughters one looked around 6 years old, and the other not older than 3 years old, now when the father is there why would he let the girls get out of the car to get them bread. Well he could at least instructed them on how to get off the car to go out from the door that is on the pavement side not the one on the street at least! Also when they were getting into the car they came to the door on the street side AGAIN, when the girls were going into the car the older girl went in first, add to all that when the girls were getting in, the father has already started the engine and changed the gear to the reverse what if the younger girl fell down? what if the girl didn't get into the car completely when he moved? I seriously don't know if these people have common sense or any kind of sense for safety?!!

What is wrong with parents? This past Ramadan (you know how the craze for shopping goes in the last week) this mother left her baby sleeping in the car by himself!!!???? the poor baby was around 1 year old or so, when we parked the baby was so scared and crying his guts out, a minutes later the mother, the father, and their older child arrived and questioned what happened why is he crying, I was so frustrated, I know it's her child but that is not right, so I was screaming at her "WHAT HAPPENED?? AND YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO ASK WHAT HAPPENED, THE POOR BABY WOKE UP TO FIND HIMSELF IN THE DARK SLEEPING IN THE CAR ALONE??? WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?" If you have no place to leave the baby when you are shopping why don't you take him with you?! If you are tired and can't carry him all the way to the store!! Then STAY HOME!

Leave alone those who actually drive with their babies in their labs behind the steering wheel!!???!!! And those who are driving and want to change lanes, and they think the street is theirs, and can move from lane to another without even looking?!! or those who park and decide to get out of the car without looking if there is a car coming their way. Believe me to drive in Libya you have to have 10 eyes (as Mom says) O Insha'Allah!

There is alot of stuff that needs US parents to look out for and notice just for the safety of our children, I am really looking forward to the day when people start to think SAFETY FIRST!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You Are Invited!

Okay here is something for those in Tripoli to attend this Friday, I think it is going to be fun for families with children,

Hope you will enjoy it,

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It Is a Nice Day...

The weather is amazing out here today, about 20 degrees, sunny and just beautiful Masha'Allah, one should be out side enjoying a walk or sitting at a park (dream on dream on) enjoying the sun.

Mom is taking advantage of the nice weather, she and my Aunt (her sister) are taking family children and children of their friends on a, you can say, "Field Trip" it is kind of a tour to Tripoli Old City "Madina" and to Saraya Museum. They arranged for their transportation, for their lunch, and they managed to give each child print outs with information on the places they are going to visit, anyway it is nice out side so good for them. They started working on this project couple of weeks ago and we will hear about how successful it went later today inshallah, and that will determine if they are going to arrange such trips again in the future! Mom has some other ideas for those who left Libya, lived abroad, and now returned and their parents are being too protective, she is planning something for them, and yah for girls only, boys do not seem to face these kinds of problems (will keep you posted for those who want to join).
I feel like I want to do something different today, Gosh some times I can't plan any thing, I am just tired of the routine, the nice weather seems to depress me even more, because I am not enjoying it. I miss the days of roller-blading, and back horse riding, today looks like the perfect day for such activities; feels like ages since I last did something I enjoyed.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Erb's Palsy Support Group

I have mentioned this briefly in a previous post, I just wanted to write how I feel about it...

Erb's Palsy cases are rapidly growing in number, I am thinking we must do something about it. I don't know what exactly but I am willing to learn more and what has been done about it in different places and will take it from there.

On my visit to Zawiya Hospital, Physiotherapy Department last week to arrange for the electrical stimulation for Meral's hand, I noticed that (just noticed I didn't ask and I didn't see any numbers) they have average of 4 new cases a month. It seems like it doesn't matter where you give birth, a private clinic or a public hospital, you will find cases from every where.

All the doctors do after the damage they ask you to take your child to physiotherapy then the therapist will show you a set of exercises to perform at home when you are not having them do it for you. If you need to know more you need to ask more because no one is going to tell you any thing.

I need to ask more and learn more about it of the sake of Meral. I would like to know what kind of sports can erb's children be engaged in? or what kind of special care they require at school? I started to think about getting Meral to start going to daycare, wouldn't it be tough on erb's children if other kids started to make fun of how their hands look like? and shouldn't there be a special care for them especially when they play!? sometime it is hard for erb's palsy patients to keep their balances (I notice that when Meral falls down, most of the times she fell partially on her face because she can't bring her injured hand forward as quickly as the other one to hold on to the ground).

I would like to do something for erb's children and their parents like a support group where we can provide information and raise awareness. We will see how it goes, I let you know.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dentist? SAYS WHO?!?!

Ok, that is it, no more dentists for me, I was in bed for 5 days!!!!! that was as a result of my trips to the dentist, I am a person who loves to EAT and ENJOY FOOD, which I dearly MISS right NOW!

The first Trip: He had to work on a tooth that needed filling,

The Second Trip: He gave me some nice teeth polishing.... so far so good,

The Third BLOODY Trip: I went because I was in torturing pain caused by my wisdom tooth, guess what he made me undergo a small operation to take off the gum that is in the way and stopping the tooth from coming out or let's say partially erupting causing the infecting and therefore the pain!!!!!!! and that was PAINFUL. Afterwards, I couldn't speak, I couldn't eat, I couldn't DRINK, I couldn't SLEEP, I couldn't open my mouth, my jawbone and my throat were hurting me, even my ear??!!!! I was on pain killers all the time, my face got rounder, for 5 days and at the end I broke down and started crying because I was tired of all that, I used to love veggies' soup.. now I hate it....I ate it 2 times a day for 5 days!!!!!!!!

I couldn't take care of Meral, my poor mom-in-law spent the day running around between me and Meral, my poor mom too had to drive about 10 km to check on me every day, I couldn't do any thing but lay down and watch TV which made me more drowsy and sick.

Anyways I am feeling better today so I decided I rather go to work than stay home, where I can get busy and forget all about the pain, Alahmdolilah.... NO MORE DENTISTS? I will have to go again to check and see what they need to do ** crying **

Oh one more thing... I can't wait to recover so I can EAT a BIG DELICIOUS MEAL...

Monday, January 08, 2007


I have been filling too many visa applications lately, for friends, family, family friends, my father's and mother's friends daughters and sons, any one needs help with a visa application? here is Maysoon, pass by the office and she will do it for you!!!!!!!! I started to think I can use it as an extra income?!

I am becoming experienced with all different types of applications, UK, Canada, US, Schengen visa application and even it's EASY and people can do it by themselves I don't know why they need someone else to fill an application for them..

The latest question I received was from this lady... she wants to go to Canada to give birth there, and what really made me angry that she said if it is a boy then she's going to Canada if it is a girl she's NOT!!! I asked her REALLY, and WHY is that!?????!??!!! She said, because if it is a boy then he can use it when he grows up but if it is a girl they are not going to let her travel on her own!!?? or even think of going with her?.. so I got mad and told her that Canadian visa officers are really strict about situations like hers and they are not going to let her in any way......

Double standards I hate it, WHO KNOWS what is going to happen 18 or 20 years from now!??!!! GOSH why not give an equal chance no matter what the baby's gender is?!! well I know it is an unborn baby and they might not be approved any way but still it ticks me off.... and I needed to get it out of my head....

Another matter, my sister-in-law has to take crap from her husband and she is not doing any thing about it, that pisses me off, a dear friend of mine too is giving too much and not taking any thing... I hate it when I call her and she sounds depressed knowing that she's been married for one year ONLY! They are supposed to be living their best times ever now!

Examples just few examples:

Does he has the right to tell her not to go out? or visit her family? NO,

or even tell her what to dress and what not to? NO,

or what to do with her day? NO,

for Gods sake does he own her!????!! NO

They are individuals who have lives of their own why are they taking crap from both their husbands.... sometimes I just can't understand WHY...

They need to stand for themselves, I hate to give lectures about it; even though it saddens me to see them suffering and see how their self esteem is diminishing every time I talk to them or see them. ANY WAY they are the ones who should do something right?!!

I kind of feel relieved spelling it out...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Working For "Father"

When I started working with my father I said to myself "cool I can come to work late and I will be able to leave early, and when there is nothing to do I can go home" but guess what NONE of the above is accepted.. I mean there are exceptions like if Meral is sick (you can say that is the only He is being more strict than my former American Manager about when I come in and when I leave.. still the good thing that I work until 2.30 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. like I used to...

Don't get me wrong I love to work, I can't stay home and do nothing, I tried it and didn't work for me, some times I am just tired or as mentioned in my previous post "bored".

Father is really firm and precise when it comes to work, he will not let the slightest mistake go by.. :o I guess that is the way things should be to have a successful business…

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Okay, I guess people are still off after Eid! nothing has been happening at work, the day is almost over, and tomorrow is Thursday so it is not going to be busy either, I hate it when I don't have much to do (I do but being lazy about it - I hate paper work that is why)... Plus the expats are travelling so it is kind of quiet here,

I am bored spent the day surfing the net trying to find something useful to read...

Being bored makes me complain like now my left-lower wisdom tooth is hurting me so bad, I can't even open my mouth, the doctor said he needs to take it out with a small surgery... ughh I hardly ate for the last couple of days because of it, so I called him today to get an appointment and will go to see him tomorrow to schedule me, so we'll see what happens tomorrow...

I have been told before that all four of my wisdom teeth will be taken out by surgery, my jaws are too small the teeth can't fit in, and I have an extra tooth hiding up somewhere too.... lol God writing this makes me think "What is wrong with me?!!"... :oS

So yah we'll see what happens tomorrow, I hate dentists :'o(

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I edited this post to say this:

When we were kids, my parents used to travel on every Eid, they took us with them couple of times when we were a little older, I don't know the reason, seriously, but I know for sure that my father is squeamish. They used to drop us at our grandparents house for the 4 days they are out of the country, it was not fun at all; we never got involved or I don't remember getting involved with slaughtering or cleaning or any thing that is related. After that when we were teenagers we used to stay home, watch TV and that is IT... any how when we moved out of Libya it was quite the same situation the only thing we did on Eid, as most Muslims did there, was to dine out... thinking about it... Alhamdolilah for my husband and my in-laws who understood that and did not make it hard for me and did not force me to do any thing... Alhamdolilah :o)

Having slept for 6 days at home made it really difficult to get to work today!

I struggled to wake up, I was thinking I wish if I were off today too :o(... I can use a vacation and take off to ummm Cairo or Dubai... (yah right STOP DREAMING)

So Eid was not really bad after all, Meral felt better on Eid day alhamdolilah, but she was afraid to death of the sheep I had to hold her up all day.

The weather was sunny and nice until 2 p.m. it started raining and my mom-in-law had to get the work done inside... uhh .. wallahi she's so kind, she was telling me to take care of my daughter and not to worry about any thing else, I felt bad because I was supposed to help... well I helped in other stuff like dishwashing and dishwashing and endless any way Alhamdolilah. The problem is...I have already started to think about the coming Eid!

Happy New Year