Monday, March 19, 2007

Yeeha I am back!

Finally the phone line and therefore the internet is restored at the office, for the past week felt like I was trapped, and so disconnected from the world, especially with not much going on around at work I was literally sitting down here playing with my fingers and yah playing Solitaire.. I was checking form home but you know how the dial-up connection is like .. ssslllllloooowwww! Anyway GPTC needs to hire more technicians and pay them a decent salary so we don't need to stick up their.. necks and call them every day to come fix the lines.. anyway feels good to be back :o)

Now to our little meeting, Piccolina, Maiuna, Damoon and I, met on Saturday they're such lovely young ladies, we knew each other from before back when we used to go to the scouts "kshaf", what a small world, but we haven't heard from each other since 1996 or around that, I barely remember that time though.. so it's kind of a reunion.

Ah one more thing.. the surgery is not going to be on Thursday, yah Anglolibyan I chickened out I think I'll keep postponing it til forever :os ...


AngloLibyan said...

welcome back.
you cant chicken out for ever :o)
it has to be done sooner or later, seriously توكلي على الله and do it, May Allah be with you.

MaySoon said...

Thanks Anglo, I know I will have to do it I am going to talk to my dentist this evening :oS

Anonymous said...

maysoooooon t3rfe kana mat3lmesh bntk tgole ya 7'welaaa tshofeee loool just kidding guyss laken entee mesh kidding lekk tshofe rahoo wlahe kana hada kana mama jabt mesh 7n7'leha 76ta tgolkm 7'err looooooooooooooool ur ccousin A

MaySoon said...

LOL Anon, I am trying my best to teach her that,, well she's not saying khwela to DaMoon yet so don't worry.. and by the way mama tjeeb? that's so funny :op

cofman said...

7’air Maysoon,
telephone line problems?

This may sound untrue, but it is:
I have had 2 phone lines at home since god knows when, and when I first had them I was thinking about how much they would both cost to use, naturally, but I always thought if they proved to be waste of money I could always go back to having just 1 line, and disconnect the other

To my surprise having a second line saved a lot of other unnecessary expenses

Lebeeya said...

Welcome back habooba :)

You are so lucky you got to meet the girls. Can't wait to meet you all when I come to Libya inshallah :)

Good luck with your dentist appointment. Just get it over, the sooner the better :)

MaySoon said...

7'air ya Cofman, thanks for stopping by.. 2 phone lines cool.. and comes in handy too :o)

Lebeeya thanks sweetie, we can't wait to meet you too... ;o)

DaMoon said...

Happy Mother's day Sista

MaySoon said...

Thanks Sista :o)

Curious said...

About the surgery, i am postponing my Dentist visit the take out two teeth now for years, but i would not recommend it.

I think it is very nice to meet people you knew when you were young, a lot of memories come back in those times that you have forgotten. There are a lot of friends from my secondary and primary school years, that i would like to know what happend with them.

MaySoon said...

Curious, Thanks for passing by, how's Shaheen?? and Happy Mother's Day :oD

I had a chat with my dentist we decided that he'll extract two at a time, I don't think I have the strength of doing all four at once :oS scarey

cofman said...

btw, hope dentist job will go better than you fear

back to tel lines,
I did a quick calculation before installing the 2nd line, and found:
As you may know, the price of broad sheet newspaper
Week days: minimum $2 US
Weekend: up to $3

A quick look at above numbers would show that – excluding money for magazines, and many other trivial expenses like going for a drink ( Coke/ Pepsi ), etc … will be $100 per month

For having 2 lines I pay less than $300 every 3 months ( maybe $90 per month ), I remember I didn’t believe it first, but after close monitoring the first 6 months of having the 2nd line, we were very surprised to find what looked expensive was in reality much cheaper
( the tel company gives a discount when you install a 2nd line )

I read what you wrote about your Russian neighbour a few weeks ago, I like to ask: do you like reading books? And if you do, could you get any book … I say this because I could suggest a great book for you to read

See you

MaySoon said...

Cofman, I pray that the whole thing goes well.. especially that I won't be able to eat a real meal for a while afterwards..

Good for you for doing all the calculation.. my finance is messed up, I would go without spending no problem but the moment I have money in hand it's gone in couple of days :oD

About the off-topic comment: I do love reading the problem is I never have the time to do so.. well I have been trying to finish "In The Country of Men" which I have started 2 months ago!

piccolina said...

i'm soooo glad that we met , subhan allah this world is too small !!
mashallah you have changed alot , but damon is still the same ,you too r soo pretty mashallah ,and your sweet meral ,GOD i love how she blows kisses :) GOD bless her inshallah

Happymoi said...

good luck with ur surgery!

I took my wisdom teeth 2 at a time in 2 different countries LOOOOOOOOOL..and before they come out..

But it didnt hurt at all!My dentist was surprised cuz he told me to stay away from sports and that same day i had an excersice class,i went to it with the (cotton?) on my mouth..and things went well...i do crazy things all the time..but that was few years have teh courage and get it over with:P

rabi ekoon fe 3onek hayati:)

MaySoon said...

I am blushing hehhe.. thanks for your sweet words hun, and I am glad too that we met, we should do it again but hey you promised next time it's going to be a place where I can eat something other than

Happy moi, emm I envy I wish that I have taken them out when I was in Canada, my dentist told me the older you get the harder the extraction becomes :o(.. yalla inshallah khair.. and you're lucky it didn't hurt..

Anonymous said...

so it wasn't only me who was missing?!

and i heard about the meeting..good for you girls wish we can do it again with me :(
and god luck with the surgery..don't freak out :)

MaySoon said...

Ema you were missing coz of your connection as well?? bad bad

Yes we really wished you were there :o) yalla next time inshallah.. for the extraction so far I am fine but when it comes closer I'll start having panic attacks..:oS

Anonymous said...

Regarding your teeth I did all four wisdom teeth as well, but not togethor. I would advise you to do the top two togethor in one session and the bottom 2 in two sessions as each are hard; depending on their position that is. As AL said you should do it I kept putting off one of the bottom teeth and it ruined the alignment of my lower jaw it just kept pushin all the other teeth to get out so its best that you start out on it now, before it gets worse.

Dinooo said...

Sweet Maysoon,
welcome back. I'm also back to writting more comments ;)

Wishing u a fast recovery wen doing ur wisdom teeth surgery. I had this surgery 2/3 years ago; surprisingly it didn't hurt me at all. I was all worried and scared coz I've seen the pain DaMoon went through wen she had hers but don't worry u might not feel it just like me :D inshallah khair, get it over with coz the sooner the better.

P.S. kisses to Meral :D

MaySoon said...

Anon, I seriously don't know the best way to do it.. I also was advised on doing the left side then the right side I just don't want to go through the pain over and over!! Plus the lower ones have already pushed the rest of the teeth :oS

Dandoon, welcome back sweetie and thanks... I am glad it didn't hurt you but I know it's going to hurt me :o(.. also there might be extra teeth next to each one in the upper jaw

Anonymous said...

then do the lower teeth first the top ones can't do much. As for advice I'm no doctor, and I don't have an arabic keyboard here so I'll try to write it in english:
"asal eli-emjarab wa la tasal el-dactor"
Take my advice right and left has no standing the top teeth aren't painful they are just uncomfortable, the bottom teeth are important and if they started moving the teeth they can completely distroy some of your teeth ( i lost one ) if you don't deal with them soon so :) anyway it isn't that hard, the operation, its just unconfortable afterwards with regards to the ice and eating and stuff like that ( blood ) on the clothes and pillows lol so get it over with.


MaySoon said...

Anon, as I have mentioned in the post I am not afraid of the extraction itself I just hate the healing time afterwards and by saying "its just uncomfortable afterwards with regards to the ice and eating and stuff like that (blood) on the clothes and pillows lol so get it over with" you sure make me looking forward to it NOT! :o( will discuss it with the dentist and see what he says... I just want NO PAIN if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

"MO PAIN" in your dreams .

Anonymous said...

sorry for if I put you off but seriously there is nothing to fear and good luck with it.

MaySoon said...

first Anon, yah I guess I will just keep dreaming :oS

second Anon, don't worry I will do it I have no other choice :o) thanks for wishing me luck..