Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things from Here & There!

O2 the best pancake place in Tripoli with a Mediterranean view, well this is a free advertisement goes to Amu

I stayed over my parents' last night, this morning I dropped DaMoon at work and it was still early for me to go to work, as I always like to be on time or a little bit late, any thing but before So it was still 8.10 I decided to stop by O2 to have my breakfast... I ordered a pancake with peanut butter and honey.. and enjoyed the sea view and a quiet breezy morning!

So I got to the office and SURPRISE they've finally applied the asphalt layer on the street outside the office... So no more cleaning the car to park it the next day and find it all dusty in the afternoon :o)... 3ogbal shar3na!

My grandparents' house is FULL mashallah, every day my 4 aunts and their children (not children any more they're all teenagers now!) & uncle all gather at my grandparents', and you can imagine all the things happening around the house! my uncle who lives in the State and auntie, and her children of course, who live in Canada are all here for the summer vacation, it's been a long time since they all have gathered together, so you can imagine my grandfather is on cloud # 9 :o)

Mother-in-law is travelling, yah I know again!!..this time my sister-in-law has given birth to her # 2 baby girl :o) My other sister-in-law is back from Egypt so she's taking care of preparing the meals for the family as I have an excuse "my sister's wedding is around the corner"..therefore, Meral is joining the crowed at my grandparents'.. and I tell you she's enjoying herself, Mom took her to the beach twice last week, so every morning she wakes up asking if we're going to the beach today!!

Meral @ my Grandparents'

Well.. I haven't bought the dress for DaMoon's wedding yet, and we are less than 25 days away!!! ** tear drop **
Oh yah one more thing, today I'll receive my copy of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Thanks IBeeBarbie ;o)


a_akak said...

Where is this O2 thing? but there is also a nice place for pancakes in Al-Dahra close to Maydan Al-Gadeseea :) ........... and the trademarks in Libya go straight out the window as "O2" is a mobile phone operating company in the uk

Its always good when the family come together so may allah always keep you together and may everyday bring a happier day for you and your family

Tell me, What is the secret of tension between the in-laws? you know what i mean? Daughter In-law Vs Mother In-Law + Husband's sister?

Mabrook for the asphalt, i have been told that they are working on the street infornt of our house in AL-Nofleen so i hope its done by the time i am back

Masha allah, meral looks very happy at her grandmother as kids love it when they find children thier same age and then they just cause havoc

Fe aman allah

MaySoon said...

Ahmed O2 is 3al b7ar behind Hay Alandalus Old Post office, you know the big street that takes you to Nadi Errimal! it's there lol
I dunno about the other place I just LOVE this palce since it's 3al b7ar :)

I know I love family gatherings I just loved being surrounded with all those we love :o)..

Tension? what
But to tell the truth, if each side be respectful, and mind their own business and not judge… there will be no tension, or you can say.. kul wa7d e7’ali ettani 3le ra7tah :o) no imposing of opinions and being nosy about each other.. that’s the key for no tension :o)
Seriously I can only say great stuff about my in-laws they're the best :o).. Alhamdolilah I might be a big spoiled brat in their eyes but they love me for every thing I do for them.. well I am the kind of person who will do every thing out side the mshaweer, buying stuff.. getting them news about new stuff in town you know.. lol

RESPECT is the only thing needed, to make the in-laws relationships work…
my sis-in-laws the ones married, ask me for advices when something happens between them and their in-laws.. when I am 5 years younger than they are ;o).. so no tension wa alhamdolilah.. plus they're very kind people.. emm this got very

Inshallah they'll finish working on your street before you arrive cuz it's such a pain!

Thank you for your sweet comment about Meral.. unfortunately the youngest cuz is 11 yrs old.. so no kids her age but she's having fun enjoying the amount of attention she’s getting.. :oD

dusk till dawn said...

gd day maysoon.

it is refreshing to start the day on high tune.u sound like u did enjoy the pancake so much.hope it did give u an extra energy for the day,
i like the way u played the wedding card? nice one,i do love love family gathering alot its chance to catch up and see new faces, congratulation for the twins of ur sis in law,
ur littele princess looks so cute .
enjoy the times of the all family together .iam sure more fun to come

MaySoon said...

Dusk till Dawn

Yah it did gave me energy, since I am not a breakfast person it made me feel different for the day.. and I am going to start having breakfast from now on :o)..

Well I didn't play the wedding card.. it came out this way :o).. cuz if you read my previous'll know that my mother-in-law travels almost every other month.. and I am doing all that needed to be I should've said that I am THANKFUL that my sis-in-law was here this time :oD cuz other wise I might've gone nuts running between Ben3ashoor "grandparents" and Janzour "in-laws".. and all the things in between :o)

Oh BTW welcome to my blog :o) it's your first time commenting here right?!!

dusk till dawn said...

ello maysoon.
thanx for ur reply, its pleasure that u have wellcome me into ur blog,i did leave a comment regarding a holiday place ur were looking for, and i recommanded singapore, via dubai, that will give u a stop over in dubai , just i thought,enjoy ur new ideas of daily breakfast, is it gonna be the same on friday as well??????????

Romana said...

MAysoono, u got internet! yaay, lol, O2 YUMMMMM nawadti 3alaya il mawaje3! its been forever since i have last been there, actually the last was when we met! ohh miss the pancakes!!! miss'em miss'em!!!

i love O2, i love 3amou sulaiman, and mu3ad, i just love them all!
who know something, its just amazing the place is so simple, and yet attracts a lot of attention and customers! they've done good!

we have to do something soon!

ohh, ta3rfi, the only thing that i miss in my life is this famiy stuff, cos i grew up without that... inshalla ya Rab y7'alehomlik...


Anonymous said...

Dude.....I am so depressed :o(
All of you are together and I'm stuck here in the lab..(Teary Eyes)
Well, mashalla, enshalla deema malmoomeen, I just want to be there too now and I cannot, because my freaking committee meeting is in three weeks and my next conference is in 6weeks and so on...and I'm missing DaMoon's wedding because of school and I'm missing all the fun you guys are having with Meral, and I'm missing all of you so very much.. stuck here in the basement with mice and cell cultures and bloody histology sections...aaaaaaah ya rabbi. el7amdulilah, allahuma la e3terrad.
I gotta go jogging now for some
God please, more patience.. please pray for me...and don't tell mama..don't want her to worry.



ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
I'm exactly the same. I HATE being early to work, so I'm generally always late, which I suppose then makes me on time. :-)

Breakfast this morning sounded absolutely heavenly----very peaceful and relaxing.

Oh your Grandparents house sounds full, but lots of fun. I would be the one coming in and out in spurts because the crowd can be too much for me sometimes. :-)

How fun for Meral to be with all her cousins and Grandparents. I'm sure she's having the time of her life, alhamdullilah. I don't know about you, but when Amira goes to Grandma and Grandpas' I almost feel a guilty pleasure. I'm happy to have a moment to myself and then miss her like crazy.

Hey, Lebeeya has an extra dress, so just pilfer through her luggage when she gets there. ;-) Save you some shopping time. :-)

Hope you enjoy A Thousand Splendid Suns---I know I sure did.

Anglo-Libyan said...

I am with O2 the mobile phone company here in the UK but its real crap, cant wait for the end of month to change companies :o)

MashaAllah Meral keeps looking better and better, she is so pretty :o)

well good luck with everything, it will be busy there for a while and its all Damoon's fault but we all want the best for her inshaAllah :o)

piccolina said...

mashallah sounds very busy ... GOD be with you inshallah , let me know if u needed anything for damoon's wedding !

Lost-Libyan said...

O2O2 its like the new IT spot ion Libya, everybody is telling me about it including Damoon!!
enshallah first thing when I land in Tripoly nemshi li hal O2 and see whether or not its worth all this Propaganda! lol :P
MEsso shj? how is da weekend? oh I hate family gatherings , its like the passive aggressive Olympics! lol :P
anyways...u have fun and say hi to Meral who by the way should stay away from the blogging sphere , its contagious!! :P

ibeebarbie said...

LOLOLOL@Lost-Libyan "passive aggressive Olympics!" Oh God how true of a statement is that! Well put.

Happymoi said...

Did you get ur dress yet?

PH said...

Mashaa allah i see your having a busy and inshaa allah joyful summer ... Its great fun to have the family together especially those you haven't seen in a long time and I'm sure Meral is enjoying the attention too and the Beach :P .... have fun and enjoy yourselves :).


LovelyHibo said...

where re you?
hope not` eating somewher

cofman said...

Now is Thursday 9 pm, August 07

alf mabrook le 3iris o7'tik, and her parents, sis's, bro's etc

o inshallah nafr7oo bi 3iris Meralloyana lamma ane enkoon 3'aadi 3indkom, fi hadeeka elblaad lol
(3'air a3bi biss lol )

I hope the wedding goes better than the plan, and wish them and everyone happiness, health, and good luck

Happymoi said...

Alf mabrook to Damoon, she looked gergous,mashallah.
I had a blast at the wedding,and i did meet meral, when i went to shake hands with the bride, i saw you (piccolina told directed us to you) and you were busy with damoon,i met your aunts and grandma, and a number of the bloggers,inshallah ya rabi all goes well for her. Congratulate your family for me.

Happymoi said...

meral looked so cute mashallah, if u took a pic post it online,mashallah 3alaeha rabi yu7fdha inshallah...

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Maysoon
I hope all is well with you and the family inshaAllah :o)

Lost-Libyan said...

Messo....shall I report u missing?! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey MaySoon

Seriously dude, the bride is blogging from Malaysia and you're no where to be found on the web..what's going on?!

I hope all is well

Missed you


Happymoi said...

maysooooooooooon where r uuuuuuuuuuuuu?

Anonymous said...

Assalamu aleikum sister!
Nice to read a blog from Tarabolous!!!
I am enjoying it!
Thanks for bringing us readers in to your world. Will ask my husband if he knows about the O2...
Wa salam/ Hanan in Stockholm Sweden.

a_akak said...

WHERE have YOU been HIDING? longtime no see?

PH said...

I hope everything is ok and I hope you and Meral and the rest of your family have a blessed Ramadan :D .


mad said...

Ramadan kareem i hop u r ok

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
Ramadan Kareem my dear sister. May Allah bless you, Meral and your family. May you all feel the endless supply of love that Allah has for you.