Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Here is what's going on with my life lately:

  1. Mother-in-law & father-in-law left to Egypt about 10 days ago, for health reasons, alhamdolilah all went well and they're coming back in couple of days inshallah.. so you know when my mother-in-law travels it means my life turns up-side-down..lol well kind of!
  2. Guess WHAT???? DODO & DAMOON are HERE... yes Dodo finally made it :o).. so Yesterday was a fun day; finally Meral got to meet her auntie and Dodo has started to spoil her already!!!! Meral did not want me to get her dressed she wanted Dodo to do so, she didn't want me to wash her face or feed her or any thing she wanted Dodo to do every thing!! It's gonna be fun, finally a reunion for the family! We the girls and Mom haven't met together for four years... alhamdolilah :oD missing the boys tho :o( "haya Sa3odi and Ahmed make it home soon"

  3. As I said Dodo & DaMoon are here so that leads to Baba.. he's here too.. I am more relaxed now.. I was freaking out at work, especially when I hate it when I get to work after work hours.. I am not a workaholic..I like to leave work at the end of the day and not talk about any thing related.. and that was NOT the case for the past 3 weeks :o( Alhamdolilah he's back,

  4. The weather is getting unbelievably HOT...... & I need a break soon :o

Well that's it for now.. if I remember any thing else I 'll post it later.. y'all have fun :oD

Monday, May 14, 2007

Shoes, Sfenz & Fish Market!

I think the blogging world can't get any crazier..lol As I am posting the picture of my shoes I am thinking what the hell am I doing!? So yah Meral's to follow!..lol


Meral with her Dora Doll, it was a gift from my Dad on her 2nd Birthday...
I think Meral kind of looks like Dora :oD

Sfenzzzzzzzzzz any one? Ok so I am not fal7a.. I don't know how to make it at home, normally I don't like it but I was craving it for like 2 weeks, so on Friday I decided to get me some Sfenz :oD

After we picked up essfenz, we went to the fist market.. Masha'Allah all kinds of fresh fish, some of which were still moving!!

We got there around 7.30 a.m. it wasn't that busy, but as we were leaving the traffic out side was unbelievable!

I haven't been to the fist market in 4 years! It's now cleaner and more organized... :o)

Mom was invited over for lunch, which was couscous with fish, and grilled fish. I forgot to take pictures of that huh!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going thru my pictures!

So Lebeeya said it's time to update, and I am lazy to do so, and while checking "my pictures" folder I found those pictures so why not share :o)

This was taken in July 2006, at Regatta

Okay! so she wasn't looking at the right direction!

November 2006, at the Fall Festival at the American School of Tripoli

at the same event, Meral & I "under cover"..lol

Mero having fun at the playground...

Fake smile!

The fake smile once again, Ayosh playing with Meral means lots of make up!!

lol yah I do it too :oD
That's all!