Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yoooohoooo It's my birthday!!!

What a wonderful feeling to hear a birthday wish for the first time from my princess!

This morning when Meral woke up, Hubby told her.. go to Mommy and say "Happy Birthday to you" and it was so sweeeeeeeeet coming out of her I never enjoyed a birthday wish as I did today :o)

hmmmm I DO NOW believe that age is only a number :o) ..I feel like I am 20 NOT 27!!! Well I do look like I am 20 too ... I WISH!


a_akak said...


"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip"

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

LOL ahmed wrakum wrakum
happy birthday sista, we enjoyed da cake halba yesterday, and u look ALOT younger than 27!!! and don't say u r 27, just say u r 26 cuz I love saying I am
kul sana o inte taiba and enjoy dinner tonite :o)

MaySoon said...

I loved the qoute.. very true!

DaMoon, thanks sista, hope H enjoyed the cake too :o)... 26 yup I always go with even numbers so either I am 26 or 28..for the next yr!

a_akak said...

I think i might have psyche powers as i had a feeling it was ur birthday and check my post on my blogs 1st birthday and check my last reply :)

fe aman allah

MaySoon said...

LOL yah I checked it Ahmed.. I was like WOW.. let him go read my

Romana said...

kol sana o inti Tayba, AND U DO LOOK LIKE U'RE 20! I SAW U!!
eye-witnesssss! lol

3o2bal ma u're always happy with ur family Maysoonoo, :)

MaySoon said...

lol Romana thanks hun hun :oD

A.Adam said...

Happy Birthday Maysoon, encha"Allah be9ol El3omr

MaySoon said...

Thanks Akram, Allah e6awl fe 3ormk too :o)

mani said...

Happy B'day sis :)

LovelyHibo said...

كل سنة وإنتي طيبة بالصحة والسلامه
وربي يهنيك مع عائلتك

ويكبرك في طاعته يارب

piccolina said...

happy birthday sweetie ,and how cute , i can imagine little meral saying it " mashallah " lol
so u r ONLY 27 woohoo you are young , i'm 24 hope that helps lol

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
Happy Birthday! Truly you received the best birthday wish every, alhamdullilah. So this is your first anniversary of your 26th birthday? ;-)

May Allah bless you with many more wonderful years.

Ahmed – excellent quote! “A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip".

Anglo-Libyan said...

may Allah bless Meral, that was very sweet :o)

Happy birthday and many happy returns ya Maysoon inshaAllah.

Anonymous said...

عيد ميلاد سعيد وعمر مديد
عمر الانسان لا يقاس بعدد السنين ولكن بعدد الايام السعيده التي قضاها

Anonymous said...

3eed Meelad sa3eed sweet sis.
That's so sweet, rabbi yo7fodhalik ;o)

May God grant your wishes dear, enjoy it...and I agree with DaMoon, just say you're 26 please, I like being



MaySoon said...


Thanxxxx Mani, Bro you have been missed :o)

هبة.. آمين يارب وانتي طيبة حبيبتي شكراً

Piccolina.. lol are you sure you want me to feel better? that made me feel like 3zoza :op

IBeeB, Shukran, you definitely know how it felt receiving that wish eh?! :o) May Allah Bless you and Ameera..

AL, thank you bro :oD Allah bless you and your family..

Anon1, الله يطمنك :) علي هذا الحال عمري سنة هيهيهي.. "نبصر" الحمد لله وشكراً

Hey Dooods, was nice talking to you yesterday, btw when you were here last time every one thought you were younger than me and so don't worry.. and that's a deal from now on.. I am never older than 26 so you'll always be

Thanks again guys & girls :o)

Lebeeya said...


Kul sana wenti tayba, I am so sorry this is late! 27 is a beautiful number, you should be happy :)

take care.. and that was so sweet of Meral :)

MaySoon said...

Leeboshka! Thanks ya 7anna... you have been missed hun.. emm we are excited that we're going to see you soon inshallah .. haya 3ad!

Weldemdina said...

Happy birthday to you Maysoon and may all your wishes come true.
I just noticed you mentioned your real age, when do women start avoiding the answer when they are asked about their age? I still can’t find the answer, any volunteer? :o)

MaySoon said...

Weldemdina, thanks for your wishes :o)...

I think women start lying about their real age when they hit the 30's..I am not sure if it's the same with all women I just know that my aunties started doing that when they reached their 30's

maiuna said...

i was late!!!!

and isn't it true, that even though we are getting old every year but we still feel like we're 20 or 21!! or maybe it's just u and me?!

i have another friend whose birthday is on the same day as yours 8/7, isn't that cute ;)!! and he's 27 just like you!!

MaySoon said...

I know Maiuna it is me and you only? I think every body feels the same cuz they've been supportive so far

He's a good friend, isn't he?? I am tell you Cancer men mdal3een they always want the women in their lives to be their care givers....

maiuna said...

loool, i guess u r right! they need so much attention given to them!!but they're taibeen deep inside, well, i hope :S

MaySoon said...

lol Maiuna that's absolutely true.. especially the Taibeen part.. :oD

Happymoi said...

Happy be-lated b-day...this london trip of mine made me go so behind!!