Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Weather, Sweet Potato and Some Other Stuff!

Bloggers I missed you all..

Okay I am depressed, the weather has been really wintry for the last week, wind, rain and more rain.. and in such weather you can not do so much .. just stay home and ehhhh do NOTHING ... I hate TV, I had lots of time to write something new.. but really I didn't know what about and i wasn't in the mood to do so either..

then dang we bought some sweet potatoes and I said why not share my passion to this yummy yumm vegetable,.. I LOVE IT yup... well I love all kinds of potatoes.. all of its different colors and different types.. but I have a special passion for sweet potato so what I made with it.. well just the normal way of cutting it into halves wrapping it into aluminum sheet and have it cooked in the oven for about an hour then take it out unwrap it and put some butter on it.. YUMMO.. and if you watch me eat it... you'll be like.. what IS wrong with her.. I keep telling people that sweet potato is the most delicious food on earth.. even though I think I should try to make a real meal with it.. like roasted sweet potato salad or even sweet potato pasta, I found couple of recipes online I might try one soon ... well thanks for listening to my blah blah blah about sweet potatoes :oD

Anyhow, my sinuses are causing me a real bad headache.. today I had to leave early from work, I got to the point that I wasn't able to opne my eyes.. :o(.. inshallah the doctor's appt is gonna be on Saturday.. and hey guess what.. tomorrow is Friday.. yah my only day off work.. and I am supposed to do something different just so I can start fresh on Saturday.. but with this weather.. yah we're staying home.. I really don't want next week at work to start.. I need a break... a change of scenery.. will I ever get that? I don't think so.. at this point.. I have to say ALHAMDOLILLAH.. cuz the more I think about it.. the more things in my life seem unpleasant .. so ALHAMDOLILAAAH.. Alhamdolilah 3ala kul 7al..