Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Typical Libyan Day!


My mother-in-law is back in Tripoli, and I am back to my normal routine, no more running around to drive Meral or pick her up, and no more thinking of what to cook for next day’s lunch.

Usually, I am the one responsible for dinner, before I start here is how the story of our typical Libyan lives goes… Our little apartment is right above my in-laws yes typical Libyan style (this temporary situation is 3 yrs & 1/2 old now!) so in the morning I drop Meral down stairs for me to leave to work this is really handy and really typical Libyan too :o), then since I am at work my mother-in-law does the cooking for lunch for the whole family, you know the typical Libyan lunch at 2.30 – 3.00 P.M., then I come back eat my share then go upstairs to continue with the house cleaning chores while Meral is napping , I think my little one has a typical Libyan in her too, after that, I manage to come up with a reason to go out, I hate staying home, yah I like to nassreff (go out a lot that is) so there is always something I need to buy, or some one I need to visit, I usually take my mom-in-law out with me, drop her at her sister’s or if she wants she can come along while doing my thing …don't want to say it's typical Libyan life style but IT IS!!

Anyway, what I prefer to have for dinner is something light, sandwiches & burgers are the best (I do that for me) but since hubby doesn’t come home for lunch and sandwiches are his lunh, he needs to eat what he calls “Real Food” and to him real food is “mbakbka” yah typical Libyan ;o) believe it or not he eats “bakboki” almost every night again typical Libyan shaboob I, I became an expert in making mbakbka so I am a typical Libyan woman. Well I say let him eat it while he can, that is before he gets diabetes, or cholesterol! b3eed elshar ;o)

One more thing, Meral has been potty trained by my Mom, yayyyy! I still have her in diapers for the night though; I am not ready for waking up in the middle of the night to take her to the bathroom, not yet :oS she has been potty trained but I am not yet trained for her potty training! However, for the day I just tell her she needs to keep the Barbie on her panties smiling because if she pees in it the Barbie will be crying, also Mom tells her if she wets herself then we're going to tell the seagull (she loves it) who's going to laugh at her… so she’s doing her best to keep it dry, I am proud of her, she's 2 years and almost 4 months now :o)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


After a rainy and windy weekend, today the weather is Masha'Allah, fresh and sunny. I am sitting here at my desk looking at the cars passing by and the sun rays reflecting on the buildings across the street, makes me feel like going out for a walk, which I can't, why? Tell you why..

Because some jerks driving by will start blowing their car horns and saying stuff that will make me angry and make me want to jump and chock them. As a matter of fact, I have always hated it when guys flirted or commented while walking by or even driving by, but just recently I learned it is actually considered harassment, and we are unaware of its emotional consequences.

So why they do it!!? Every time I try to find the reason why they act like that, I come to the same conclusion the fact that they are just irresponsible, and that is the best they have learned from hanging around the streets and occupying the corners. No matter how you are dressed, or how good-looking /unattractive you look if you are a female then you are going to get all that..... crap.

So anyway, I will just sit here do my work, and go for a walk later when I can find someone to accompany me.

A little bit about Meral, her passion is traffic lights now !! while we are driving around she'll be looking for them, saying repeatedly "Green go, Red stop" yah in English :o)

Hey Meral had a hair cut too, one thing off the long list ;o)

What do you think of my new look?

Getting ready to hit the roads, it's going to be a long ride home!

* The pictures are kind of blurry they were taken by DaMoon's cell phone cam.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Puppy

I want to get Meral a puppy. Yesterday we were checking with the physiotherapist for her new schedule at the Rehabilitation Center of Janzour, the weather was amazing, it was almost sunset, and there were four little puppies playing around on the green grass they looked so adorable and Meral loved them she was chasing them and calling them to come and play with her.

On the way there we stopped at every furniture store looking for bathroom cupboard, even looked at the kitchen & house ware stores, I can't find them any where, any suggestions? However, I stopped at this place in Siyahya where they costume make for you, and I guess that is going to be it!

What I hate the most about shopping is actually the prices are kind of high comparing to the "quality" of goods they are selling, that is not fair. I mean I can't get myself to buy any thing knowing that it didn't even cost half of the price they are offering, call me cheap, but it is just not right. Also you can find it with a different price if you went to more public areas.

And yeah the running around continues, my mom-in-law will be gone for another week. I got used to the routine though, and to be honest I am more organized now. I am always organized when I am busy and have no time to do any thing, it is the time I put my time management skills into action.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I finally had a hair cut yesterday afternoon and I LOVE IT! I didn't have a hair cut for four months now and I hate it when it gets to the point when I can have it as pony tail.

My hairdresser is just amazing, this is not an advertising for her or any thing, but she's gooooood, I have always had short hair, and before I started going to her I used to go into the hairdresser's shop scared, and leave unsatisfied. But that has changed since I started going to Diana, 8 years now, I sit and tell her to do whatever she wants.

I just loved it and wanted to share :o)

I also, finally, got curtains for the kitchen! One thing off the to-buy-list.

Few things about my little Angle; Meral is master her speech skills now, I can notice how she's trying to say the words exactly how we say them, specially words with the letter "R". I am thankful for the smart girl she is, Alhamdolillah. At age of 2 years and 3 months, she knows the alphabetic (Thank you Immunemania for Elmo's easy ABC's book & CD). She knows how to count form 1 - 10 in Arabic, English, and French. She memorizes some short Surah's such as, Al Fate7a, Al E7'las, Al Falaq, Al Nas, & Al Kawthar.

I think Spring is great time for her to join day care, which I haven't decided on yet!

Have a nice weekend every one!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Un poco cansada!

Buenos Dias, como estas hoy?
Bien, gracias. Estoy trabajando, quieres hablar?
Those words a friend of mine texts me every morning, trying to teach me Spanish, couple of words a day! I love Spanish Language but no time for it now.
ANYWAY, yesterday morning I had this conversation with my best friend (White Rose),
Riha: Hey how come you didn't call back last night?
Maysoon: I was going to but things kept happening..
Riha: well I am asking, but I am expecting an answer... things always keep happening...
Maysoon: Why aren't you expecting me to answer?
Riha: Ever since you got married you always say "I'll call you back" but you never did!!
Maysoon: REALLY?!! seriously girl things were happening I had to feed the men (husband, father-in-law, and guard), and get every thing done before I go to bed.
Riha: yah yah I understand I told you I wasn't expecting you to call, your "I'll call you back" sounds like a "bye" to me!
That was a moment for me! I didn't realize it before but it is true! Sorry Riha, you had to say that for me to start counting how many things and how many times I said I will do but I don't!
for instance, I need to adopt a healthy life style, not that I need to lose weight I am already too thin, I don't eat breakfast, I know I should, but how can you force yourself to eat when you wake up? I can't!. I sit too much at work, I need to exercise, (I exercised for one month then membership expired, and I didn't want to renew it because I didn't like to walk on a treadmill that is facing the wall!) I need to look for another gym. Add to that I need to cut down on the amount of coffee I am drinking, instead drink more water.
Those were examples of things concerning my health (still not every thing too though), don't want to start on the house and work lists!
TIRED of every thing, I need a change, I need to travel, I need a break, I need a ..... KIT KAT! Ewwww
What am I doing? I better go home!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meral & Mamoshka!

Since my mother-in-law is traveling, visiting her daughter in Egypt, it is my Mom's turn to baby-sit Meral, and so far Meral seems to be having so much fun enjoying the new places she's exploring with her granny, Meral's favourite place is the beach (it is habar for her) , where she get to see the birds (she calls it nawnas), they go there every morning Mom likes to have her coffee at the beach, and Meral is enjoying her cup of milk too.

This is the face Meral is making now when she knows someone is taking a photo


This is in Hay Alandalus, behind Almuntda

Anyways, it was kind of tyring especially yesterday was physiotherapy day for Meral I was running, running and running all day long, I was here and there, from work to home, then to Hay Alandalus, to Zawia Street to Janzour. In addition to preparing dinner & the next day's lunch and house chores and every thing related, at the end of the day I was like how did I do it!?!! Every thing else is postponed for the moment, until my life gets back to normal.

I know DaMoon, and Piccolina have mentioned vacations in their posts, I just can't help but mention it I AM TIRED I NEED A VACATION :oS , but Father made it clear it is not going to happen until May, ughhh!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trip # 1

Remember this post? Finally I got some pictures.

The Trip was to Arch of Marcos, Old City (Madina), and Gramanli's House

The Group at the Marcus Aurelius Arch

I like this one looks like a post card!

At "Ahmed Gorgi" Mosque

Gramanli's House

Afterwards, they went for a little cruise on a fisherman's boat!

A view for Bab Jedid Hotel and Fatah Tower

A view for Corinthia Hotel and Dat Al Imad

The children said that they have learnt new things about Tripoli, and they have enjoyed their time too. This Friday they are heading to "Sabratha" :oD