Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to Normal!

Missin' you all! :o)

It's been really quiet around the Libyan blogs lately... hope every one is doing alright!

After Ramadan, Eid, my best friend's wedding.. every thing now is back to normal, same routine of wake up drive Meral to day care, go to work, pick Meral up, then go home have lunch and sleep.. even tho it's not a good idea I did it for the last week only and I couldn't do what I am supposed to do in the evening cuz the day ends more quickly if I sleep... and things needing to be done left without doing! so as of today no more napping in the afternoon :o)..

By now I was expecting to get the pictures of Meral's birthday party but I DIDN'T .. all that because my cam is down and we used my sister-in-law's camera so I have to take the memory card from her and load them to our computer...i am just being lazy eh..:o(

I know it's been a while now.. but I will share them.. I have to for my Sista and Mamma ;o).. the thing is I really enjoyed planning the b/day party, I took Meral out with me when preparing and buying every thing the kids loved the favors ... we had pizzas for dinner.. the kids had lots of fun and played games... duck duck goose (Libyan style), musical chairs.. and other games like dancing silly moves lol.. and I got to show my childish as I jumped along with them hehhe... so that was it about Meral's birthday!

I am proud of Meral who is coming home with a new Surah, a song or a new alphabet and word every day.. But seriously disciplining a child at 3 and teaching her respect is some work, I am afraid if I screw one time things will be ruined, and then can't fix them :o( but alhamdolilah.. so far every thing is under control... it's just a question of how my reaction should be towards certain behaviours ... I am trying to read as much as I can about parenting issues but still sometimes especially when stressed I don't respond the way I am supposed to.. :o( yallah may Allah help me with this!!!

Other than that we've been doing nothing just hanging there living our every day life... and inshallah try to improve it..


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
Napping is gooooooooooooooood. Keep telling yourself that. :-)

What a fun birthday party for Meral, and mabrook to you for allowing yourself to be a kid. I'm not exactly sure when it happens, but somehow we seem to lose that part of ourself. :-(

I know exactly how you feel about the struggles of knowing are you saying, doing, reacting the right way for everything they do. I struggle with that as well. I probably should actually start a counseling fund rather than a college fund.....LOL Anyway, for me, I try to always explain things to Amira, and if I get too upset or maybe overact with her then when things settle down I'll talk with her about it and tell her I'm sorry if I acted inappropriate. I also expect the same from her as well. Again, don't know if it's right or wrong, I just know there were times when I grew up and my mom was way out of line and for prideful reasons never apologized. Seeing other parents do so, made it seem like they were more human to me.

enlightened spirit said...

ok ... u gave another reason why I hate winter COZ I CAN'T HAVE A NAP lol..the afternoon is so sooo short ..
as I am surfing ur blog I become so curious to see Meral ,I am holding my breath to watch the birthday pcts, hurry up or I will be suffocated , rabi y7'alehaek ...

MaySoon said...

IBeeB lol i know napping is good but unfortunately don't have time for it :o(

There you go we can start a discussion group for parenting issues.. :o).. I too try to explain and it works.. even though she developed this thing of asking why for every if I say "No" to something she asks why.. and it's her right I guess! :o)

Enlightened, welcome to my blog :o) I loved your writing about was so funny.. :oD
Allah e7'aleek .. thanks :o)

Anglo-Libyan said...

good to know everything is back to normal.
look forward to the pictures :o)

dusk till dawn said...

its nice to see u posting a gain ,we can not wait to see Meral birthday pics,

Hibo said...

Napping is the good thing that you can do in the cold weather.loool

staying home is oky too..having free time for your family.oky too,but dont` stay at home all the week try to hang out with your littel girl.and have fun togthers.

Kids Party Emm..i love that.but..with no nosiey.loooooool

enjoy ur times sister.

and dont ` listten to enlightened
about Winter...LoooL

MaySoon said...

Anglo,, nice to see you here :o).. thanks and really I didn't get to work on the pics yet i'm such a lazy bum.. :o|

DTD, thanks :o) and yah again I'll do'em asap..

Hibo.. ahlan ahlan.. well.. where there are kids there are dawsha for i wish they come without it
Emm well whoever knows me will tell you that I don't stay it was only for couple of days when I napped and since it didn't suit my schedule I had to drop napping for going
but even though we go out we still have time for coloring, singing reciting some Surahs and writing home work.. so alhamdolilah.. :o)

Well I'd say I'm sorry but I TOTALLY agree with I hate winters.. I love summers :oD..
Take care and have fun..

Maya said...

MashaAllah I enjoyed with your post its nice to see that you're reading about it
its really hard to think about parenting issues Im always looking at momi wallahi its hard job
enshaAllah you'l see her 3arosa and look forward to the pictures
fe aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Maya, thank you for your sweet comment :o)