Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trip # 1

Remember this post? Finally I got some pictures.

The Trip was to Arch of Marcos, Old City (Madina), and Gramanli's House

The Group at the Marcus Aurelius Arch

I like this one looks like a post card!

At "Ahmed Gorgi" Mosque

Gramanli's House

Afterwards, they went for a little cruise on a fisherman's boat!

A view for Bab Jedid Hotel and Fatah Tower

A view for Corinthia Hotel and Dat Al Imad

The children said that they have learnt new things about Tripoli, and they have enjoyed their time too. This Friday they are heading to "Sabratha" :oD


White rose said...

I really like the idea,we need like this activity for children to know the history of thier country..good luck:)

Lebeeya said...

The pictures are really nice!! Bless your mom & Aunt. I agree with white rose, more activities like this are needed for the children for them to know and appreciate our country's history.

I want to go on a histroy tour in Libya. Let's plan one for all bloggers??!! ;)

piccolina said...

heey haboba , old city is my fav place in tripoli even though it's becoming dirty and i don't mean the places when people usually go !!
when i go there " usually to the library " i go for a walk for like an hour or more , to the old church and i once talked to an old man about how i liked th city so he opened a house and let me go upstairs GUESS WHAT ?? i was on top of the whole city , he said " let this picture stick in you mind since you are young and knows that this city is a treasure "
i feel amazing and fresh when i go there , did u get that feeling ???

AngloLibyan said...

well done for giving the kids a wonderful educational day.
great pictures, thank you

ImmuneMania said...

Cool, that's really awesome, keep it up guys. BUT, couldn't mama take better quality pictures so I can zoom in and fiugure out who is who in the photos!! :-( I couldn't recognized the kids solely based on morphology [excuse my nerdiness]...mashalla they have gotten so much bigger!
I agree with lebeeya...we should all go on a history tour, I'd love to visit Ghdamis sometime.

Hannu said...

Nice pictures! I have to critique though, can't help it :) Who's that blond chick of a mannequin? Is she to represent one of the Calif's harem? what about the dude with the blond beard?

MaySoon said...

hem hem, B Esm Ellah :o)

White Rose, I know Mom and Aunt working on it, and you know what they get from other people "MAFDAKUM!" well it doesn't matter as long as the children are having learning and fun :o)

Lebeeya, Thanks 7aboba, no problem I will let them know, just tell me when all bloggers abroad coming for a visit so we can go ;o)

Piccolina, I didn't go with them on that trip, if you read my old post I had to work :op, anyway good for you, you get to go there frequently, I liked what the Old man did, you will remember that for the rest of your life :o)

AngloLibyan, thank you, hope your children will join some time for such tours in Libya :o)

Immunimania, it's been a long time Sister, well the pictures lol you know Mom's pictures are way better eh?! well I don’t know what went wrong, but do not worry about the children whom you did not recognize, most of them not family, there is only Jiji, Esraa, & Amr the rest are their friends and relatives.
Let us know when you are coming to visit and we will plan for Ghadamis.

Hannu LOL yah I think "the blond chick" represents the Calif's wife, maybe because they were Turks they thought they were blond? one of the boys said “the lady seems to be upset with her husband, he is talking to her and she’s not even looking at him!”

piccolina said...

maysoon sweetie ,, you got me lol
ok the story is ..i'm in the middle of my finals and i should not be on the net at all , and since i can't help it , i opened the blog and looked at the pictures !!! i'm sorry i didn't read !! and i knew there will something in the post so my comment will sound stupid DUH lol
well at least i'm still a good reader for you blog , so i'm sure you'll forgive me " big fake smile "

MaySoon said...

Piccolina, it's alright you have a good excuse :oD, so study/work hard and best of luck :o), and your comment didn't sound stupid all the best.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures and I bet it was a great trip too.

really, i admire your mother for the way she thinks and acts...big kiss for her plz....ok for you

MaySoon said...

lol Ema, thanks and welcome back, how did you do on your finals?

Anonymous said...

I did great al7amdulelah, thanx for asking.
I didn't finish all my tests yet, i still have few left.

MaySoon said...

Great Ema, inshallah belnaja7, and good luck with the rest of them :o)