Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Safety First!

Coupel of days ago, we were out as family which we miss since hubby is always busy. We stopped at the bakery, then a car parked near by sitting in it a father a mother and 2 daughters one looked around 6 years old, and the other not older than 3 years old, now when the father is there why would he let the girls get out of the car to get them bread. Well he could at least instructed them on how to get off the car to go out from the door that is on the pavement side not the one on the street at least! Also when they were getting into the car they came to the door on the street side AGAIN, when the girls were going into the car the older girl went in first, add to all that when the girls were getting in, the father has already started the engine and changed the gear to the reverse what if the younger girl fell down? what if the girl didn't get into the car completely when he moved? I seriously don't know if these people have common sense or any kind of sense for safety?!!

What is wrong with parents? This past Ramadan (you know how the craze for shopping goes in the last week) this mother left her baby sleeping in the car by himself!!!???? the poor baby was around 1 year old or so, when we parked the baby was so scared and crying his guts out, a minutes later the mother, the father, and their older child arrived and questioned what happened why is he crying, I was so frustrated, I know it's her child but that is not right, so I was screaming at her "WHAT HAPPENED?? AND YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO ASK WHAT HAPPENED, THE POOR BABY WOKE UP TO FIND HIMSELF IN THE DARK SLEEPING IN THE CAR ALONE??? WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?" If you have no place to leave the baby when you are shopping why don't you take him with you?! If you are tired and can't carry him all the way to the store!! Then STAY HOME!

Leave alone those who actually drive with their babies in their labs behind the steering wheel!!???!!! And those who are driving and want to change lanes, and they think the street is theirs, and can move from lane to another without even looking?!! or those who park and decide to get out of the car without looking if there is a car coming their way. Believe me to drive in Libya you have to have 10 eyes (as Mom says) O Insha'Allah!

There is alot of stuff that needs US parents to look out for and notice just for the safety of our children, I am really looking forward to the day when people start to think SAFETY FIRST!


AngloLibyan said...

Maysoon, being a father reading your post made me very angry, how can they do that? and then you hear some ignorant parents saying that they bring up their children properly unlike people in the west, of course things like that happen here but the parents get punished for leaving their children alone, this is a serious matter, children here have many laws protecting them, I think it is about time that people in Libya are made aware of their actions.
regarding road safety, Beacon (Tripoli Nights) has some good posts about this subject and links that are useful, one of them is in Arabic, you can find links for both in my blog (Salim & Salima) & Beacon.

MaySoon said...

Yes AngloLibyan, I know leaving a child alone is a serious matter, not only on the roads but also at home. It is hazardous and parents should be punished for such actions. Even the related authorities should do something about it, hand out booklets and information sheets for people to be aware of safety and do whatever it takes to enforce them, Ughh in Libya it is like we are living day by day with no rules / policies. Yeser Allah.
I’ve seen the posts about safety on Beacon’s blog masha'Allah very informative, but I was never able to open (Salim & Salima)!

A.Adam said...

education in everything that what people in Libyan need.

about Salim & Salima's blog for the first time I was unable to open it too but after using Tor which I talked about in my blog time ago and how you get ride of LTT restricted sites

Lebeeya said...

How could they leave their baby in the car??!!! Just thinking of the amount of things wrong with that gives me a headache.

Also, imposing a carseat law for babies in Libya is a must! As you said, so many people have their kids on their lap! There should be some sort of law implemented against that, and if not at least some sort of awareness program, even police involvement would help. Something that will scare people into acting.

Thank you for this post.

Highlander said...

Actually Lebeeya there are Laws , for ex seatbelt = 50 Libyan Dinars for not wearing it, but it is not enforced :( , what they do enforce though is the cellphone talking one = 500 LD that's more lucrative I guess ?

Thanks Maysoon for this post , driving in Libya is a matter of survival.

MaySoon said...

A.Adam, I agree education is needed in a lot of areas related to our wellbeing.
I will try to use the Tor.

Lebeeya, for baby car seats I don't know, but as Highlander mentioned there are laws but not enforced. Lately lots of drivers actually started to use their seatbelts, Alhamdolilah about time!

Highlander you are right about the cell phones law, do policemen get a reward for the tickets they give? I don't understand it!?
& U R Welcome :o) thanks for commenting.