Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I edited this post to say this:

When we were kids, my parents used to travel on every Eid, they took us with them couple of times when we were a little older, I don't know the reason, seriously, but I know for sure that my father is squeamish. They used to drop us at our grandparents house for the 4 days they are out of the country, it was not fun at all; we never got involved or I don't remember getting involved with slaughtering or cleaning or any thing that is related. After that when we were teenagers we used to stay home, watch TV and that is IT... any how when we moved out of Libya it was quite the same situation the only thing we did on Eid, as most Muslims did there, was to dine out... thinking about it... Alhamdolilah for my husband and my in-laws who understood that and did not make it hard for me and did not force me to do any thing... Alhamdolilah :o)

Having slept for 6 days at home made it really difficult to get to work today!

I struggled to wake up, I was thinking I wish if I were off today too :o(... I can use a vacation and take off to ummm Cairo or Dubai... (yah right STOP DREAMING)

So Eid was not really bad after all, Meral felt better on Eid day alhamdolilah, but she was afraid to death of the sheep I had to hold her up all day.

The weather was sunny and nice until 2 p.m. it started raining and my mom-in-law had to get the work done inside... uhh .. wallahi she's so kind, she was telling me to take care of my daughter and not to worry about any thing else, I felt bad because I was supposed to help... well I helped in other stuff like dishwashing and dishwashing and endless dishwashing..lol any way Alhamdolilah. The problem is...I have already started to think about the coming Eid!

Happy New Year


AngloLibyan said...

Happy New Year Maysoon and I hope your lovely girl is better now.

MaySoon said...

Thanks AngloLibyan, she is better today alhamdolilah :o)

Lebeeya said...

Happy New Year Maysoon! You are lucky you didnt get involved with all the mess :)

Glad Meral is feeling better now. By the way, her name is beautiful. What does it mean?

MaySoon said...

Thanks Lebeeya, Oh yah I am lucky..lol

Meral means "Gazelle" in Turkish language, I found it in a names book and I just loved it :o)