Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Weather, Sweet Potato and Some Other Stuff!

Bloggers I missed you all..

Okay I am depressed, the weather has been really wintry for the last week, wind, rain and more rain.. and in such weather you can not do so much .. just stay home and ehhhh do NOTHING ... I hate TV, I had lots of time to write something new.. but really I didn't know what about and i wasn't in the mood to do so either..

then dang we bought some sweet potatoes and I said why not share my passion to this yummy yumm vegetable,.. I LOVE IT yup... well I love all kinds of potatoes.. all of its different colors and different types.. but I have a special passion for sweet potato so what I made with it.. well just the normal way of cutting it into halves wrapping it into aluminum sheet and have it cooked in the oven for about an hour then take it out unwrap it and put some butter on it.. YUMMO.. and if you watch me eat it... you'll be like.. what IS wrong with her.. I keep telling people that sweet potato is the most delicious food on earth.. even though I think I should try to make a real meal with it.. like roasted sweet potato salad or even sweet potato pasta, I found couple of recipes online I might try one soon ... well thanks for listening to my blah blah blah about sweet potatoes :oD

Anyhow, my sinuses are causing me a real bad headache.. today I had to leave early from work, I got to the point that I wasn't able to opne my eyes.. :o(.. inshallah the doctor's appt is gonna be on Saturday.. and hey guess what.. tomorrow is Friday.. yah my only day off work.. and I am supposed to do something different just so I can start fresh on Saturday.. but with this weather.. yah we're staying home.. I really don't want next week at work to start.. I need a break... a change of scenery.. will I ever get that? I don't think so.. at this point.. I have to say ALHAMDOLILLAH.. cuz the more I think about it.. the more things in my life seem unpleasant .. so ALHAMDOLILAAAH.. Alhamdolilah 3ala kul 7al..


mad said...

ha ha it was my diner to day

LoveLyH said...

اللطف باهي الي شفناك يابنتي
تي وين لابده تي شكلها اعصار الي شادك علينا مش كم غيمة مطر وكم نسمة صقع
شنو هذا...!؟
اني حتي شديتهالك رنات قلت نفيقها لو راقده
قلت خلي نوقضها في ناس حايرة وين اختفيتي

قرمت اني وخالتك من مده لــــــول
شتفي الصدف يابنتي

LoveLyH said...

نسيت سلامتك يابنتي
الف سلامه عليك
غير معادش تشدي الحوش لانه هو الي يمرض النفسيات

اول فبراير بنولي للشغل :( القديم ماحصلتشش شغل:(

نبكيلك ولا تبكيلي

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
I got the winter blues too. Is there a song about winter blues? I'm sure if there is MusicLover will bless us with a link. :-)

Uhhhhhhh I share so many of your interests and likes, but nooooooot with the sweet tator. Just can't do it. You'd LOVE the ones in Georgia. They are like the size of a small watermelon. ;-)

a_akak said...

finally you are back!!!!!

I hope you and meral and all your family have been doing well?

Sweet Potatos? well thats a good passion :P to have, especially on a cold winter night

Salamat salamat, I hope you will get better soon and try to de-stress yourself (i.e. boxing or punching something :P) oh yes, try to get out more as staying in sometimes makes you feel worst and i know its raining but sometimes sitting outside in the rain is good (not getting wet) but setting in a cfe and watching the rain with coffee and i blueberry muffin (oh sorry i got carried away)

Its always good to see you back sis

Fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

nice to see u up dated, hope the pain will go away soon, and ur back to ur self, wish u speed recovery soon.
abt ur feeling low and work is exhusted u, try to have a break and chill.
why poeples always not happy abt the weather, if its hot woooooooow, if its rain and nippy woooooooooow, snowing very woooooow. spring yes smile. i hope Meral did share ur sweet potato to, or was it Maysoon only,

MaySoon said...

Hey all.. thanksssss okayy I can eat it every day!

Hibo, Thanks girl.. what can I say.. I received all of your sweet messages thanks :o).. also I haven't charged my cell in a month I only charge it on and I am left with 250 dirhams for emergency for the rest of the time hehhe.. I know staying home is what makes me feel

IBeeB ,I know.. winter blues it is.. see today is sunny and I am all happy this morning.. alhamdolilah :oD com'onnnnnnnn it is sweeet potato, I just don't think there is any thing more delicious or is there? my mother-in-law never liked them before.. but watching me eat'em she just couldn't help but have some hehhehe :oD and YUP I'd definitely go for Georgia's..

Ahmed, brother, as always your visits are my pleasure :oD ..Alhamdolilah we're fine.. after I read your comment.. and gave the sofa some punches lol.. I went out drove around (from Janzour to treeg elmella7a) taking the sea route in the rain.. it was great thanks for the advice ;o)

DTD, Ahlain brother, well guess what.. I never complain from hot long as there is but winter ast'3fr Allah.. I just can't help but feel down.. but hey all is over today is a sunny day :oD..
I shared my sweet potatoes yes.. BTW Meral loved them how couldn't I ate them every night when I was pregnant with her.. and they say your child loves what you eat when pregnant so! :o)

piccolina said...

hey i can share the pasion for the sweet potatos too lol , did u try fring it as the normal potato and i mean the red sweet one not the normal look one !! if u know what i'm talking about coz most ppl here tell me there is only one kind i'm like NOOOO i know at least 2 !!! just try it as fried with salt and some red peper :D YUMOO lol

for the weather OMG my whole time in Zurich was like that !! i can't live in it by the time i love it from time to time lol , i know i'm talking like NONE sense here !!

yalla just say alhamdulilah , i just came back 2 weeks ago and thinking i need time off already lol !!

MusicLover said...

Here are the links

Winter time is the best time to watch movie

Here are recommendations

Salaam Bombay

The Namesake

Excellent movies by Mira Nair

Another excellent French Movie I saw last week was The Diving Bell and The Butterfly


Lebanese Film "Caramel"

The Bands Visit

UT said...

Depression has hit many bloggers dear myself included!
We blame it on our personal situations and weather, which is the norm...
You know what I do ? I try to imagine myself on an island with a beautiful sandy beach, lying under a palm tree on a hammock as I look at the inviting ,silent, crystal clear water... Ahhhhhh..but then I go back and think what if the Tsunami strikes ,yikes lol ???

May Allah bless you .

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Maysoon, hope all is well

root vegetables roast is fantastic, mixed strips of potatos, carrots, turnips, swedes mixed with garlic, onion, olive oil, salt & pepper and rosemary, try it, so nice and takes depression away :o)