Thursday, July 10, 2008

28th Birthday

So yah last Tuesday was my birthday... I guess feeling like reaching # 30.. I wasn't really in the mood for a celebration :oS .. however a "Happy Birthday" wish coming out from Meral gave me a totally different feeling .. it filled me with heart with joy :oD

My DH got me this Nokia 5310 XpressMusic well it is ok.. I was in need for a new cell phone since my phone was throwing a blank screen at me, the only thing I didn't like about the new cell is the red color on it! Yalla 3adi I can live with that :o) .. so anyway.. adding the birthday and anniversary dates.. some notes and reminders to the calendar was my saviour last night at this very boring wedding I went to!!!

It's beach time, people should be at the beach enjoying themselves at this time of the year, but nop instead I'm stuck in my chair, it's depressing... well there is tomorrow, Friday, maybe I'll go some where with Mimi... we'll see!


a_akak said...

I wish you a very happy Birthday and 3ogbal 100 sham3a insha allah and may every year bring you more Happiness, Love & Joy for you and your family

"Everything I know I learned after I was thirty"

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Kul sana wa enti dtaibah, 3ogbal 100 sana!!

30 is the new 20....right??!lol

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

happy birthday and many happy returns inshaAllah.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Maysoon,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You sound so thrilled in your Blessings upon you always, dear one.

PH said...

Happy Birthday wa Ga9:bal 100 sana . Your husband got you a nice birthday present, my friend has one of those and they are really cool, I think you can change the cover color as well; but I can't remember the alternate color .


MaySoon said...

Thank you all for your wishes..

Yah Ahmed if that makes you feel better..:o)

Amira yes yes it's the new 20!

Anglo.. Thank you so very much

Did I? Sorry couldn't help it! Bless you too Dear :o)

Hey PH... the sound is way better than my old one, and so is the camera, I'll look for another cover!

Caught in the middle said...

A Late happy birthday to you Maysoon. May you see many more... 30 isn't that bad.... they say you are as old as you feel and I feel 18....sometimes I feel 80....but most times I feel 18.....

Crowded Mind said...

Happy Birthday Maysoon
you have been missed here
Im so happy to see you posting again
Hows Miral ?
BTW your Birthday with my Blog's Birthday
fe aman Allah

DaMoon said...

30 3enek, u r only 28, cuz i am 27

DaMoon said...

oh i just saw da title of da post, u r 28, u got me all

MaySoon said...

Caught in the Middle, yah I keep saying I feel 20.. not 18 but 20..:oD

Crowded mind, thanks girl, fine alhamdolilah.. I'll be posting some new photos of her later today.. and hey Happy birthday to your blog :o)

DaMoon.. yah 28 and I guess that is what I'm going to be from now one..28!

Benghazi Citizen said...

happy birth day..May Allah grant you serenity and good health

LoveLyH said...


MaySoon said...

Benghazi Citizen,

Thank you so much :o)..

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